WWASP History

WWASP(S) – World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (and Schools) or as it is known as today, Youth Foundation Inc, is an umbrella corporation of associated teen behavior modification programs, boot camps and therapeutic boarding schools. Created by Robert Lichfield, in partnership with Resource Realizations aka Premier Education Seminars, in the early 90’s WWASP quickly became one of the largest troubled teen industry corporations with dozens of facilities located in both the US and in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Samoa. Because of investigations into many allegations of child abuse and unhealthy conditions at WWASP’s various facilities since 2002, over 20 WWASP affiliated programs have been shut down. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against the company alleging abuse and fraud, the most notable being a joint action lawsuit on behalf of over 350 plaintiffs alleging physical and sexual child abuse as well as various acts of fraud and racketeering.

It may seem that WWASP is nearly defunct as an organization, however they are certainly not out of business. Most former WWASP schools took careful action to make it seem as though they were no longer affiliated with WWASP despite the fact that they still utlize the very same program model and continue to use referral services by WWASP affiliated marketing arms. Most programs have obfuscated ownerships, but the property titles still lead back to the owners of WWASP. Even WWASP attempted to escape it’s own reputation by changing it’s name to Teen Revitalization. Their main program component, the TASKS Seminars which operated under a separate entity named Resource Realizations also changed their name to Premier Educational Seminars.

Please read more about “What is a WWASP Program” here…

Many former owners of closed WWASP programs still work at the open programs, like Cross Creek Manor/ Center (for boys) and Horizon Academy. Many of these staff members have a long history of abuse, sexual abuse and wrongful death allegations against them and several are named defendants in the lawsuit against WWASP. Employing these violent offenders is the reason that WWASP failed in the past, and the reason why so many of their programs were investigated for abuse and closed down before, yet they refuse to fire these people and clean up their act… Instead they only lie and cover up the truth about their past.


• Cross Creek Programmes, UT (Cross Creek Center for Boys and Cross Creek Manor)

• Horizon Academy, NV (Opened by former Administrator of Casa By the Sea, Jade Robinson now located on Cross Creek Property)

• Youth Foundation Inc, UT (Formerly known as Horizon Academy/ Cross Creek Programs)

• Midwest Academy, IA (Originally opened by Brian Viafanua, former Director of Paradise Cove)

• New Beginnings Maternity Home, Utah

• Pine View Christian Academy (Borders FL, AL, MS)

• Reality Trek, UT

• Canyon View Park, MT

• Ashcreek Ranch Academy UT (Located on the former Lichfield estate)

• RiverView Academy, MT


Known Marketing Arms of WWASP

• Teen Revitalization  (Believed to promote and market WWASP/WWASPS/Robert Lichfield-affiliated programs)

• Help My Teen, UT (Believed to promote and market WWASP/WWASPS/Robert Lichfield-affiliated programs)

• Lifelines Family Services, UT (Believed to promote and market WWASP/WWASPS/Robert Lichfield-affiliated programs)

• Teens In Crisis, LLC (Believed to promote and market WWASP/WWASPS/Robert Lichfield-affiliated programs)

• Teen Help, LLC (Believed to promote and market WWASP/WWASPS/Robert Lichfield-affiliated programs)


The Following WWASP Facilities Have Been Closed:

• Horizon Academy, NV – Closed after CPS investigation/ Moved to Cross Creek property in La Verkin Utah

• RiverView Camp, UT – Only opened for a few months

• Sky View Academy, NV – After investigation into sexual abuse

• Tranquility Bay, Jamaica

• Darrington Academy, GA – After investigation into the assault of a student by the school’s director Rich Darrington

• Majestic Ranch, UT

• Spring Creek Lodge, MT – Complaint filed by MT Department of Human Services citing child abuse and neglect, Wrongful death lawsuit

• Camas Ranch, MT – Spin-off of Spring Creek Lodge on same property

• Carolina Springs Academy, SC – After investigations into child endangerment and sexual abuse were reported by SCDHS

• High Impact, Mexico – closed on the heels of an investigation into abuse

• Casa by the Sea – Raided and closed, officially for unlicensed use of a pharmacy and evidence of child endangerment.

• Dundee Ranch Adademy, Costa Rica – raided and closed on May 22, 2003 after authorities confirmed child abuse

• Academy of Ivy Ridge, NY (Recently withdrew their affiliation with WWASPS)

• Bethel Girls Academy, Mississippi

• Eagle Point Christian Academy; Mississippi – (fka Bethel Boys Academy)

• Brightway Hospital, Utah – closed by authorities in 2002 for providing inadequate care and abuse of teenagers

• Morava Academy, Czech Republic – closed in 1998 after authorities confirmed abuse and arrested the directors Glenda (aka Glenn) and Steve Roach

• Sunrise Beach, Cancun Mexico – closed in 1996 after authorities alleged abuse Glenda (aka Glenn) and Steve Roach were directors.

• Paradise Cove, Samoa – closed on the heels of an investigation into abuse

• Red River Academy, LA (Borders TX)

• Royal Gorge Academy, previously Royal Peak Academy, CO (It is believed that Randall Hinton – who admitted using pepper spray on teens – is employed at this facility)

• Pillars of Hope, Costa Rica (it is believed the program was set up for 18-22 year olds and that a new program has opened in Costa Rica for pre-teens and teens)

• Teen Mentor, Costa Rica – Closed by the Child Welfare Office (PANI) after investigations into reports of child abuse.


7 Responses to “WWASP History”

  1. Robert Ballinger Says:

    I find it very hard to believe that bob litchfeild, karr farnsworth and many others, especially from the early PCS days , have been indicted and felt with. Steve Ganzell who works with veteans in California is another. These people robbed our family’s of high tuitions just to treat children poorly. I hope they rot. Pcs member 1978 #109


  2. Ron H Says:

    All I can tell you is my experience. It was the toughest thing I have ever been through. I learned things that I use everyday of my life. One of the omissions I see in the history of all these good and bad experiences I am reading about is the Parents. I was among 90 other adults during the TASKS seminars who all had their kids in the program. Be honest…there was some messed up adults. The TASKS was phenomenal, if you could handle it and make the changes necessary. My ex left after one day! She couldn’t handle it because it requires inner strength. I saw a commercial airplane pilot during the “photo album exercise” punch his chair with inner anger from his abusive parents. He punch until his hands bleed and he fell on the floor from exhaustion. When I quizzed my son recently as to why are all these bad reports coming out…he said “Dad, think about how messed up these kids and parents are going in”. A kid will tell their parents anything to get them out of the program. Then if the parents already have issues themselves…go figure Dad. All I know is I was amongst a bunch of hurting adults. The whole situation is geared to fail. I commend whoever is still involved for continuing the fight to help. There is a tremendous need for some type of program like this. Everyone could use a dose of what the TASKS program was all about. Maybe my son and I are the exceptions for what we gained from the program, but somehow I think it boils down to what the parent and kid put into it…like most things in life. Some of these situations with the kids and the family were extreme going in. It costs a lot of money. The odds for failure are extremely high. I’m sure some of the horrible testimonials were real, but I don’t believe it was because the program wasn’t trying to do the right things. The TASKS program was awesome….if you could open up and honestly look at yourself. Most could not. I did and I learned things I will never forget and apply to life everyday….all positive. Anyways, when you look at the persistence this company has gone through to prevail….I find it quite remarkable. Who does this?


    • Lisa Says:

      If I’m understanding you correctly, are you say I ng that because parents have their own issues, we should compromise the emotional and physical safety of our children in “theraputic” board in schools when we are told that staff is pushing kids into walls and breaking wrists etc.?Your attention to the parental dynamic is not a thought provoking new revelation to any of us. WE KNOW we have issues…THAT’S WHY WE DESPERATELY SOUGHT HELP! Why not leave the attention to our self examination to us and pay more attention to the issue at hand, which is the physical and emotional abuse that DOES occur (is occuring as we speak with my own son in Utah at…..let’s just call it “Bob’s old school of help for troubled teens” ) and the obvious danger of such treatment becoming a catalyst for the recipients to regress and return home angrier, sadder, and more rebellious than when we placed them. Any teen who comes out changed and thrives despite being mistreated and seeing their peers mistreated physically and emotionally IS an exception. Therapy is designed to UNDO faulty upbringing, NOT add a whole new dimension of fault to it! Here’s a concept for you…perhaps if these abuse- tolerant cultures amongst the staff at these schools didn’t put their hands on the kids so freely, they wouldn’t have the stories to tell when they are trying to manipulate their parents to get them out. This is all NOT rocket science! ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse…..no brainer…..we can give them that at home…and it’s Free!


  3. Rita Swan Says:

    Is WWASPS grounded in a religion or philosophy? Where did WWASPS get its ideas on behavior management? Do the founders have advanced degrees in a relevant field?

    We work to stop child abuse and neglect related to religious beliefs and cultural traditions. Thank you for maintaining this very informative site.


    • Eric V Says:

      It’s all based on the Syanon cult, very disturbing to look into. Very disturbing to know how my parents were brainwashed… They failed at using google. I found this site the day I got out of my for profit prison MWA. Thank God the authorities shut it down.



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