WWASP Survivors is a community organization that supports survivors of institutional child abuse and raises public awareness about the issues of the WWASP programs and the Troubled Teen Industry. Please consider supporting our mission by donating to WWASPSurvivors. All donations are used to keep this site running and fund our outreach and rescue efforts. We often hold fundraisers for specific individuals or causes within the survivor community like reunions and therapeutic retreats. We also use this money to send care packages to sick or disadvantaged survivors and our soldiers deployed overseas. With your help we can make a difference where so much damage has been done and help prevent this from ever happening again. With the proper resources, we can save lives.

Please consider donating to WWASPSurvivors, or any one of these specific fundraisers

Support – CODE: WS

Help for the Homeless – CODE: H4H

Funds allotted to help homeless survivors to feed themselves and stay off the streets. If funds are available we provide first months rent and deposit to help employed survivors to get on their feet. If relocation is necessary we will provide travel funds and financial assistance to anyone willing to provide shelter to a transitional survivor.

Donations for Moms in Need – CODE: MOMS

Looking for both financial and gift donations for new mothers with disadvantaged incomes or families in transitional situations. We take any brand of infant formulas, bottles, clothing, toys, blankets and diapers.

WWASP Survivors Therapeutic Retreat Date: TBA – CODE: WSTR

Hosted by WWASP Survivors, featuring therapeutic processes and consultation by licensed therapists and trauma specialists.

Screening of: Aaron Bacon, Kidnapped for Christ and Boot Camp

Memorial service for: Jenna Curtiss, Randi Koetz, Corey Murphy, Valerie Heron, Karlye Newman and Michael Perry

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  1. Daniel Says:

    I need help. I don’t have very good tech skills. I was in Academy at Dundee Ranch, a WWASP program (1/02-8/02). Someone please contact me so that I may join groups and get involved. There is no address, phone number, or email address listed on this webpage to contact this organization. Someone please contact me. My email address is


  2. Jimmy Wade Says:

    I spent some time in these places. :-/
    Are there any lawsuits still going?
    I have a testimony.



    I would love to donate. How can I get a hold of this facility?


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