Robert Lichfield Is Lying

April 5, 2014


Robert Lichfield, owner of WWASP

Robert Lichfield, owner of WWASP

Robert Lichfield is the founder and owner of WWASP. As such, Lichfield built and then oversaw a large network  of abusive programs that literally spanned the entire world as well as  shady marketing department designed to drive fear deep into the hearts of naive and loving parents in order to bilk them out of every penny quickly and efficiently as possible. For years, Lichfield has been backpedaling. He will do anything and say anything to divorce himself from WWASP and WWASP from the programs. He and the owners of the programs have claimed repeatedly to be completely independent. Don’t  let them pull the wool over your eyes.

The programs ran on a franchise system similar to many fast food restaurants. They were independently owned, and each owner presumably had some small say over what went on, but most  of the blueprints and decisions came straight from the godfather himself, Lichfield. The same  seminars were offered, they used the same  level system, and had the same exact rules.
They used the same marketing techniques and the same jargon. And as that very jargon holds,  “If it walks like a duck, quacks  like a duck, and has webbed feet, it’s  probably a duck.” In this case, if it smells like a vast and evil corporate  empire predicated on greed and child abuse, and it’s slimy like one…yeah, definitely is  one.

Want proof? Here it is:


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Bill Boyles is from Orlando, FL. At 14, he was forcibly escorted to WWASP's Brightway Adolescent Hospital in St. George, UT, where he stayed briefly before being sent to another WWASP facility, Paradise Cove in Western Samoa. After spending 22 months in Paradise Cove, he was transferred to yet another WWASP program, Casa By The Sea in Ensenada, Mexico. He spent 8 more months in Casa By The Sea before graduating days before his 17th birthday. He firmly believes all WWASP programs are abusive and that they all need to be shut down.

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5 Responses to “Robert Lichfield Is Lying”

  1. puppyfan Says:

    woah woah woah! now Seneca! you mean wwasp still operates! I feel physically sick


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      Yes. WWASP, the company may be dissolved but there are quite a few WWASP programs still operating and still owned by Lichfield. More specifically, He owns the land and he provides billing and client management via Optimum Billing LLC. They are all still running on the old WWASP program model, the levels, the rules, the dangerous policies… but they pretend that they are no longer affiliated with WWASP in name. It’s unknown how many programs still utilize the Resource Realizations Seminars, some do and some do them in house. After the closure of Youth Foundation Success Academy (Formerly Cross Creek) It seems that WWASP is grabbing at straws to stay relevant… They are now running a new program called Seneca Ranch, out of Narvin Lichfield’s property in Donalds South Carolina, as well, they are sending kids from Seneca to the former property of Dundee Ranch/ Pillars of Hope in Costa Rica. Narvin Lichfield has admitted to using fake names for him and his staff citing that his affiliation with WWASP has ruined his reputation.


  2. puppyfan Says:

    Holy shit thats horrible! How long before people sign the un declaration of the rights of the child and end this madness


  3. Scott Says:

    I hope lit field has a slow slow painful death. Eye for an eye . Tb survivor.


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