One Survivor Sums Up Paradise Cove in a Few Short Words

January 15, 2014

PC, Troubled Teen Industry


About Bill Boyles

Bill Boyles is from Orlando, FL. At 14, he was forcibly escorted to WWASP's Brightway Adolescent Hospital in St. George, UT, where he stayed briefly before being sent to another WWASP facility, Paradise Cove in Western Samoa. After spending 22 months in Paradise Cove, he was transferred to yet another WWASP program, Casa By The Sea in Ensenada, Mexico. He spent 8 more months in Casa By The Sea before graduating days before his 17th birthday. He firmly believes all WWASP programs are abusive and that they all need to be shut down.

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8 Responses to “One Survivor Sums Up Paradise Cove in a Few Short Words”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Wow. I discovered WWASPSurvivors through and an article that was just released. I had no idea this was even happening! I found myself reading Notes from Tha Cove and I ventured off into other Programs. I am shocked beyond belief. My heart goes out to these poor children. How can the owner/operators get shut down in one state / country (Mexico) and then open up a whole new facility in another? People need to do background checks on the facilities before just trusting your kid will be safe. I feel so much sympathy for the children. How can this continue to happen? How can I help? I want this practice abolished and the owners jailed.


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      Thanks for your support! The best way to help is to keep spreading the word.


      • David johnsob Says:

        What’s up Billi remember you from paradise cove I was there Oct 98 to Oct 99 and it fucked my head up never been the same after allthe shot I end up homeless with PTSD and hardly making it thru some days with out paranoid or anxiety or panic attacks and I have been offers no help from wasp 1


  2. ruben Says:

    Hey Bill this is an awesome sight, brings up a lot of old memories, i was also at Paradise Cove and Casa by the Sea in 98-2000.


  3. paul morrison Says:

    I can tell all of u this stuff does happen I wSthere im still have flashbacks of beatings I was only 14 and im 27 now and I want to say that place gave me deeper issues to all who survived f#:-) em!!!!!!


    • Corey Hardisty Says:

      Same for me! I’m 25 now and was there at age 15 for 11 months and I still have nightmares. Blessed love to all who have survived


  4. Mary Says:

    I would like to hear someone say that they wish they had not done the behaviors at home that earned them a spot at these places. Most parents see this as a last resort, you know not a babysitting service. Kids who don’t respond to challenge and rewards go, right?


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      Kids go at the whim of their parents. There are no laws in place, no regulations, no safeguards of any kind to ensure kids getting sent “deserve” it…and frankly, I don’t think ANY behavior justifies child abuse, beatings, rape, starvation, and the other atrocities that went on at these programs (and apparently continue to go on). There’s nothing therapeutic about being beaten, there’s no “personal growth” to be found in being sexually abused, no “breakthroughs” occur because a child is starving and desperate and scared and alone. But who knows, maybe you’re the kind of parent who thinks that kind of stuff is okay. Do you also go on rape survivor forums and wonder if the victims were asking for it or what they were wearing? Blaming the victim is a sick ploy abusers use to silence and intimidate the ones they abuse and justify their crimes.
      So you tell me…what “behaviors at home” do kids engage in that “earn” them beatings, abuse, rape, starvation, etc?


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