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  1. destiny smith Says:

    dont send your kids here


    • kay szweda Says:

      my son attended one of these boarding schools. I am greatly interested in becoming part of a lawsuit.

      We need to stand together in love for our children.

      It is so terrible that there are ‘companies’ that abuse terribly hurting parents and take thousands and thousands of dollars from us in the name of helping.


    • ChildWorrior Says:

      I recently had a brief relationship with someone who attended a WWASP program. He had no clue about WWASP. I learned this on my own. He told me about some of the things that he had to endure at the “boarding school” that he attended. He talked it up and said that his Aunt paid “thousands of dollars” to have him attend this prestigious school. I think that there is a too much propaganda about these schools. I never even thought to research these schools until I met him and learned that he could relate to my child who behaves just like him.
      I was a little skeptical about all of the positive things he told me about the “academy” but didn’t know better otherwise.
      I have since ended the relationship for various reasons that I won’t disclose. He deserves to remain anonymous.I still worry and care about him even though I broke off the relationship with him but I am curious about the treatment he received at the “boarding school.”
      I started to research the academy that he talked about frequently and found that it was a WWASP program. I had never heard about WWASP until I researched it and to be honest, it made me cry. And I’m not a crier.
      I can’t even believe that people send their kids to these programs these days. I mean, in the 70’s, people didn’t know what to do with “behavioral problems” in kids. But I read articles about kids in the 2000’s that were sent to these WWASP “schools” and I am appalled at the shear ignorance of parents of kids with “behavioral issues.” There is so much more that can be done for these kids. There are endless libraries of information on the internet about how to address and treat various “behavioral issues.”
      I have a 5yr old with similar symptoms and I fight for his rights daily. Logic needs to be placed above all else. Parents know better than specialists. People need to use their maternal/paternal instincts instead of passing the buck on somebody else who claims to be a specialist. Parents have that innate instinct to really know what will work unless the parents are checked out. Yes it’s hard but nobody MADE them have children. They chose it on their own. Abuse and Fear tactics are not the way to treat children.
      I truly believe that no matter what ability or disability a child has, the parent(s) can make a profound effect on the child. Interactive play with parent and child is KEY.
      You see, most serial killers and most psychopaths have very LITTLE interaction or imaginary play with their parents or siblings. It is my opinion that parents who ignore their children are most at risk for major issues with their kids. I’m not saying that 100% of the time this is true but I believe it to be true about 95% of the time.
      While I don’t talk to the person I dated anymore who attended the WWASP academy, I feel so strongly that ignorant parents need to be made aware that there are alternatives to abusing their kids to get them to behave.
      I’m in total disbelief that today’s parents still believe in “tough love.” That doesn’t work. I have a brother who went through that and I can tell you by experience that it’s WRONG.
      For all of you who have had to endure “tough love” and abuse at the hands of people who are just trying to make money off of your “different” abilities, I feel for you. You will succeed! You are the brilliant ones – just like Albert Einstein. Nobody will understand you but EVERYBPDY will appreciate your ideas, inventions, and innovations! Don’t give up! You are our future!!!


  2. Blake Says:

    I too was at Dundee when it was shut down, was there for a little less than 1 year. I was also in SCL for a little under a year before then. The “riots” were, well like the other people that were there have said, they were something we had never seen before, and likely have never seen since either – not even read about in books or movies even…

    I have a confession to make… I was 1 of 3 or 4 kids the staff took away from the main area when the PANI corralled us into the cafeteria, I was sent to Costa Rica in the first place for manipulating the system, I knew they couldn’t technically restrain me if I wasn’t causing harm to myself, others or damaging property, so I simply refused to participate and sat on the hillside all day, watching the ice melt off the mountain tops (this was in Spring Creek Lodge). Once the twins (identical twin owners) got wind of what I was doing, they immediately shipped me out to Dundee. I was forcing them to make me a special case from day one, it’s what I do.

    This was my MO in Costa Rica. I was full of so much resentment that I would actually induce asthma attacks on myself in order to get out of the responsibilities they would force us to do.

    Let me explain asthma real quick in case you don’t know. It’s what happens when the throat swells up almost completely shut, that wheezing you hear from people is coming from the small amounts of air, barely passing in and out of your throat. Almost like making your throat pipes become a whistle. But it’s not like what happens to normal people without asthma that can “wheeze” a little after running long distances. Once this starts, it can be VERY VERY difficult to turn around, and has been known to send full grown adults, more so children into death if medicine is not readily available.

    Well Mr. Bailey would say “He’s faking, don’t let him get the medicine” numerous times, this only enabled me to push myself even further and further. I truly believe I am the reason this school and operation started to unravel in the first place. I later learned there was a nurse that had been working undercover for sometime and finally had enough evidence to shut the school down.
    There were less than 200 kids at the school.
    I had severe asthma
    I induced asthma attacks on myself in the hopes of them not wanting me there as a liability anymore so I could maybe go back home to be with my family.
    Mr. Bailey did not let me get my asthmatic medications
    I vaguely (remember, I was experiencing severe asthma attacks at the time) recall in full detail what happened when this was going on, but I do believe I remember the nurse and Bailey fighting very aggressively about it. She wanted me to be treated, he did not. This back and forth happened every time. Most of the time she won, but it only meant a more severe punishment for me in OP once I recovered.

    I remember one time they starved me for an entire day, made me sleep standing up. I had a breakdown the next morning. I didn’t try and run, I knew that wouldn’t end well. So I just started yelling, begging, crying for someone, anyone to come help me, to feed me. That’s when Bailey violently shoved me against the wall and dislocated my shoulder (this happened 3 separate times). I must have immediately blacked out because the only other thing I remember is waking up to seeing the biggest black jamaican they had on staff that day literally sitting on top of me, eating a bag of M&M’s. It wasn’t a little bag either. He actually made/forced me to watch him eat every single one. One at a time. It drove me into such further frustration that I apparently blacked out again.

    That’s just one of my stories…

    So, back to my confession… They took me aside with 1 or 2 other lower levels and 1 upper level, they convinced us that there would be hell to pay for the Costa Rican government sticking their noses in the schools business and that none of it mattered in the long run because our parents were forced to sign over 51% parental guardianship of us anyways in order for us to be there in the first place. That even if the governments’ claims were true, the “school had other schools round the world” – implying Jamaica – “where those governments didn’t care about child protective laws as much”. So, they told the 4 of us that if we listened to their instructions exactly as they told us to, that we would be 4 of less than 12 out of all the kids that WOULD NOT GET SENT JAMAICA OR ANOTHER WWASP PROGRAM. That if we obeyed their exact commands, we would get to eat fast food that day (you have no idea, that’s like telling a 5 year old they’re about to meet Santa Clause) and that they guaranteed our return back to our families (most of us still had at least 5-6 months left in the program if we were to stay in and not make any mistakes at all until our graduation (which in and of itself is an almost impossible feat).

    You have to put things in perspective – I was almost 17 years of age at the time, had been in this schooling system for almost 2 years (majority of my high school). We weren’t allowed to look at anyone, ESPECIALLY females. I read stories of kids saying they had to “kneel down and have their nose on the wall in OP.”… Yeah, I vividly recall Locksley always yelling at me and slapping me in the back of my head for nodding off and yelling “NOSE AND TOES BUOY – NOSE AND TOES BUOY”. This meant I had to have my nose and toes touching the same wall. All day. Standing up. Albeit most of the time I made mistakes I suppose I knew might get me sent into OP, they were still not justified punishments. These “mistakes” I made were as trivial as accidentally stepping out of cadence more than once in the morning or afternoon, or not showing up for roll call 45 seconds after they said wake up (mind you, roll call was 1/4-1/2 football field away from our bunks, in the front entrance/circular driveway), or not finishing my food in the time slotted for me to eat. It’s not like I was spitting on staffs faces, or writing on walls or anything. The stories I have are seemingly endless, reading these other stories seems to have opened the lids of some things I’ve had compartmentalized for over a decade – just wild…

    I’m digressing…

    My confession.

    The staff and Narvin Linchfield’s WIFE, (I think her name was Rosa) told the 4 of us that if we did EXACTLY as they said, that Narvin would personally write a letter of recommendation to have us be sent back home with our families.

    I did what pretty much any kid in my shoes would have done. I complied.

    Here’s where my 10+ year guilt-trip finally rings its bell.

    She commanded us to unplug and load up all of the staffs computers into 2 different staff cars that were backed up against the family fathers office door. It kind of felt like we were helping keep state secrets from falling into enemy hands (at least, that’s what I told myself for so many years). But, in reality, I know exactly what we were doing.

    We were essentially preventing the prosecution from being able to ever get the evidence needed to prove the school was as manipulative and corrupt as all of its students claimed.

    We weren’t allowed to speak to our parents, only write letters (at least, as long as you were a lower level – I made it to level 3, 1X time. It lasted for a whole 3 hours before I got “dropped”).

    So, instead of calling our parents, we were instructed to sit on the family father’s computer and type a letter.

    It was those computers that we were removing from the campus!
    We also loaded up numerous plastic bins with god knows what inside in the back of an SUV they had.

    And then that’s when we started to see the light…

    They took us into “town” to a McDonalds first (drive thru), I’ll never forget them handing me rice and beans (from the local Mc Donalds) and thinking – “I’ve been eating this exact thing for almost a year now, but I’m really going to enjoy this one because it’s not in the confines of the school.”

    After that they met some people in a parking lot and had us unload all of the evidence into their vehicles.

    Here’s where the bigger guilt-trip comes in…

    They convinced us to speak out to the local media. They (local news channel) brought out a big video camera with microphone and all and started asking us questions about what was going on.

    I remember this like it was yesterday… Mrs. Linchfield told us to tell the media that “The government came in with big guns and started scaring the staff – they got all the kids together and told them (us) that the rules of the school did not apply and that them holding us there against our will was against the law”. That’s when I knew what I was doing wasn’t right, but I didn’t know what else to do… I had to tell the media that the kids were doing things that wasn’t entirely true, things that were drastically exaggerated. Mrs. Linchfields motives were to help convince the public that the school was righteous in its practices and that the kids that were there, needed to be there.

    While that’s half-true, it’s still wrong. Yes. Many of the children that were there NEEDED some sort of assistance they weren’t able to get in their original environment, but that doesn’t EVER justify the means to the end. What the staff did to us on a regular basis would be considered inhumane, and unlawful, if done to a prisoner of war in one country from another, let alone a relatively innocent minor.

    Now, to focus on today. There was a class-action lawsuit against WWASP. I feel like it’s a joke. Online reviews lead me to believe (more than one report of same behavior at this Turley Law Firm) that there are ignored sexual harassment allegations in the firm. Really? Seriously??? A Law Firm claiming to be representing HUNDREDS of children whom many have fallen victim to SEXUAL PREDATORS, and THEY THEMSELVES MIGHT HAVE SOME WORKING THERE!?!? Talk about irony. I tried to get on it, but it was difficult they said because I was a minor at the time and some other sort of yadda yadda, but my father was able to get our names on the list. Be that as it may, I don’t believe I heard from a single person or representative at the Turley Law Firm since day one of them signing my Dad on, and this was in the early phases of the lawsuit. I never asked him if he got a settlement out of it because he was out so much money from paying to send me there, and quite frankly, I didn’t want money from them anyways. The last thing I wanted or needed was a reason to reflect on that tarnished part of my life. I didn’t want anything at all. The stories I’ve mentioned here make Dundee look like the Ritz compared to what I still have locked up on the top shelves in my head. No amount of money could reverse what I was forced to endure at that school, and likely many/most of the other children that were there with me as well, not to take away from all the other WWASP affiliated schools globally. In-fact, I think these guys should be punished with punitive damages and that that money be contributed towards a or multiple new movements that help prevent these things from happening. My life is halfway behind me, and unfortunately I will always have to drive with my rearview mirror tilted at an angle to which I don’t have to see part of what’s behind me. Forever. Why not try and prevent future children from potentially being exposed to such inhumane treatment/conditions???

    This Dundee Academy was staffed by mostly all Jamaicans, from Tranquility Bay. They brought them there for a reason. They know how to scare the crap of kids, they did a pretty good job at it. I guess they just never realized some of us (I) would be willing to cut their nose off despite their face in order to get some normal treatment from time to time.

    For what it’s worth to those of you that didn’t seem to make it back into society after your departure at a WWASP school, I went into a black hole myself when I got out. Tried to go to college, didn’t work out. I was too conflicted with what happened to me before I returned to the States. It’s not like any of us were taught how to flip a switch and accept the old reality. Not to compare to soldiers of war, but I’m sure there are similarities.

    I lost a solid 4-5 years of my life. Not much recollection as to what I did over those years. At least nothing of significance. The good news is I finally found light, I had an unexpected child, am engaged to a beautiful woman (inside and out), own my own (successful) company and have an even closer relationship with my Father than I ever did before. I have to credit my fiance and child to saving the rest of my life. I’m not sure everybody had the same relationship with their parents as I did mine, but I was always close to my Father. And when I landed back in my home state, after not seeing them for what seemed to be a lifetime, he looked me in the eyes and broke down crying. This is a very intellectual, 260 pound, fully grown man that’s almost solid muscle. He cried like a baby. He couldn’t stop apologizing to me. I guess he somehow heard some of the horror stories as I was in transit and felt guilty. I realized immediately it wasn’t his fault, our parents were just as much victims as us, but in their own ways. Be that as it may, this realization didn’t take away any of the horrid memories I still have permanently embedded into my memory. For that reason, I decided to leave the State I was born and grew up in and moved halfway across the country. I did this right after I turned 19. There was no family in the state I moved to, no friends. Just what I wanted (at least, so I thought). I left an absolutely beautiful life and beautiful relationships because I just couldn’t bare the thought of having to be reminded about Costa Rica any more. it was there (my new state) that I realized 5+/- years later that there was no such thing as running away from your problems – they’ll catch up with you even on Mars if you manage to make it up there. You have to address them head on, or else. I did, and it’s working out now, finally. I still have my quirks from what all happened to me, but nobody would ever guess I’ve actually been through what I have if I didn’t tell them.

    This Narvin Lichfield, his wife and all their henchmen are the epitome of professionals with this shit. And I’m not talking about professional children rehabilitators either. They prey on parents that love their children unconditionally and are willing to do virtually anything to retain them as a client/money maker. This is what they do for a living.

    If you’re a parent that’s considering having your kid(s) sent to a WWASP school, don’t. For the sake of you and your child(ren), just don’t do it.

    If anyone would like to speak with me further, I would be happy to consider it, please leave a reply to my comment with contact information so that I may reach out to you once time permits.

    Thanks to anyone who was willing to read this, and I wish the best for every child that’s ever been subjected to the kind of treatment many of us were.

    With Taste,

    “It’s not what happens to an individual, but HOW THEY HANDLE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM that defines their character.”

    P.S. – Apologies for any grammatical, or punctuation errors. I’ve already spent more time on this than I originally intended on.


  3. Aaron Turnbull Says:

    I was in Cross Creek in Montana and in Samoa. Samoa was the worst. Slept on cement floors. Spent time in the hot box. for those of you that dont know what that is, it is a tiny tin box that you cant stand up in. In a Samoan summer you will burn you elbows if you touch the sides. They got scared when a news crew came to do a story on the place and they took all of our books away and forced use to build a library.I got a hernia from heavy lifting and hauling stuff down slippery rock faces. Its the only thing that got me out of there. I have seen counselors stand on a kids heads. Scabies was rapt, Poor education,and the seminars are gustalt therapy. The way they have the system built, you have to wait in line to get out. You have to become an assistant family leader before you become a family leader and thats before you get to level 4. It is designed to drain money from worried parents. They should be ashamed of themselves.


  4. Aaron Turnbull Says:

    Please contact me if if I can be part of this lawsuit.


  5. Chelsea Says:

    I attended Darrington in 2005. I was 14. I came from a background that was rough and abusive. Darrington was by far the worst place I could have ever been. Along with some of the other girls who attended with me and myself, we still have nightmares. Many of the staff member were uneducated, abusive, and even sleeping with some of the students there.
    Being that I come from an abusive background it made it much more difficult for me to obey them. They would slam you into walls, into the ground and into a boxed room. It made me rebel more because I knew it was wrong. They forced you to eat, or they would threaten to shove a tube down your throat and make you. They told me my mother did not love me and that is why I was there. A well over 200lb man sat ontop of me. They would punish you for not talking about your feelings and ridicule you if or when you actually did. Telling you that you are everything to blame for anything and everything that has happened in your life. If you were raped, it was your fault. If you were beaten, it was your fault.
    The program did not teach anyone to be a better person, but how to manipulate better and hurt others in order to gain. I refused to let them. Many people got worse after the program.
    You were not allowed to speak to others around you, or family unless you had enough points and levels. We were numbers, not people. Given short showers causing many people to lack good hygiene.
    They also monitored our letters to our family so we could not tell them about what we were experiencing. I could go on and on for hours, but it’ll never recover the terrible memories this place left.
    I will say, we had a small handful of staff memeber who genuinely cared, and many of us will agree on the exact same ones. Besides that, it was the worst experience of my life.
    I later left there and went to a program in Utah Called RedRock that actually helped me and had an incredible therapist and staff. They helped me through my challenges and grow to be the person that I am now. Darrington only made things worse!


  6. M S Says:

    Bill, is there any way you could send me details on what the requirements are to join the lawsuit?



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