Survivor Testimony

This is a page where survivors are welcomed to share their experience, read other stories from WWASP programs and provide parents with a reference to how WWASP/ Teen Revitalization has a long history of abuse and maltreatment.

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Survivor Testimony

Cross Creek Programs – CC Manor & CC Center

Torment and Torture at Cross Creek Manor – By Angelique

Anti-Queer Brainwashing at Cross Creek Manor – Xandir’s Story

Xandir O’Cando tells Cross Creek anti-queer brainwashing and abuse story at Bawdy Storytelling

Psychological Torture – Lifeboat process in WWASP Seminars – Meyla A.

Anonymous, 2007

Stephanie’s story, 2004

“Female student mistreated at Utah & Jamaica” – Lyndsay, 1999

Elizabeth’s story, 1995

“A story of teen sex abuse & mind control in teen prisons” – Anon, 1993

Survivor Testimony – Tia Foster

One Survivor’s Report – Kelly Adams

Cross Creek Manor – Brianna D.

Tranquility Bay – Jamaica 

Trapped in Paradise – A memoir

I Am a Captive – Chelsea M.

“Tranquility Bay Survivor” – C. Kapela, 2001

Shuyler’s story, 2001

Kevin’s story, 2000

“Female student mistreated at Utah & Jamiaca – Lyndsay, 2000

Philipe’s story, 2006

Bekah’s story, 2003

“Legal Testimonies” – Aaron & Lindsey, 2003

Blair’s story, 2001

Trickery in Tranquility Bay – Ryan Pink

Josh P.’s Story, 1997

Eric’s story, 1997

Paradise Cove – Samoa

Survivor Testimony of Bill Boyles (PC/Casa)

Dundee Ranch/ Pillars of Hope – Costa Rica

Survivor Testimony – Cody Crawford

Brightway Youth Hospital – Utah

Survivor Testimony of Bill Boyles (Brightway)

Elizabeth’s story, 1995

Spring Creek Lodge – Montana

Ashley’s story, 2004

Sean’s story, 2003

Anonymous, 2001

Eric’s story, 1997

Anon, Undated

Josh’s story, Undated

Academy at Ivy Ridge – New York

Welcome To Ivy Ridge by Allison Chee

Survivor Testimony – AIR

Philipe’s story, 2005

Aaron’s story, 2009

“Testimony of an Academy at Ivy Ridge graduate”, Anon, 2007

Carolina Springs Academy – North Carolina

Survivor Testimony – Anonymous CSA Survivor

“A Story of a Graduate” – Danny Prior, 2004

“Seven days I will never forget” – Taylor Kirkpatrick, 2006

“My experience at Carolina Springs Academy” – Anon, 2007

Bryant’s story, undated

Ryan’s story, 1999

Tour of Carolina Springs

Royal George Academy / Red River Academy – Louisiana

Royal George/ Red River Academy – Hannah Lantzy

Casa By the Sea- Ensenada, Mexico

Captivity By The Sea – Chelsea F.

Survivor Testimony of Charlotte Holt

Carl’s story  – CBS & High Impact

Why I hate Rasin Bran – James Z.

Ashley’s story, 2004

Christina’s story, 2004

Philipe’s story, 2004

“Poems about WWASPS” – Anon, 2004

Ben’s story, 2003

Alix’s story, 2003

“American Child, Mexican Prisoner – Casa by the Sea”, Carly, 2002

Sarah’s story, 2001

Jennifer’s story, 2001

“The worse experience of my life” – Melanie, 1999

Ramey’s story, 1999

“The lessons I learned at CBS” – Sarah, 1999

“WWASPS Experiences” – Anon, undated

Eric’s story, undated

Myles’s story, undated

Allison’s story, undated

Troy’s story, undated

Jennifer’s story, undated

High Impact – Mexico

High Impact – Hell is a Place in Mexico –  By Chelsea Filer 

A Long Time Gone – My Journey to High Impact – By Amy Teichman

Jennifer’s story, undated

Caroline’s story, 2001

High Impact Testimony – By Elizabeth Weaver

Elizabeth’s High Impact Video


Carolina Springs Academy, “Experience at CSA”, Sherri Weems, 2006

Carolina Springs Academy, “A Mother’s Story”, Cindi Kirkpatrick, 2006

Carolina Springs Academy – Susan Oldham, 2004

Carolina Springs Academy – Christine & Jim Rosenborough, undated

Tranquility Bay – Terry Cameron, 2003

Cross Creek Manor, Blanche Hardy, 2002

Seminars / Tranquility bay – “Breaking the vow of secrecy”, Karen E. Lile, 1998

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The WWASP Diaries

AntiWWASP Forums

H.E.A.L – Human Earth Animal Liberation

Tales From the Black School

Cross Creek Survivors

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8 Responses to “Survivor Testimony”

  1. kyle r Says:

    I was 12 when i went to cross creek. I went to cross creek and I asked my mom to take me home after 3 weeks because they tackled me for walking out of our classroom line up when I went to the water fountain. The 6 foot 4inches tall 245 lbs. staff sounded serious but not that serious and then I learned that he was abusively serious after my body was pressed onto the ground only to find out my jawline was then scrape


  2. Matt mathern Says:

    I was beat in both Costa Rica and Jamaica hate them for it


  3. Ron H Says:

    All I can tell you is my experience. It was the toughest thing I have ever been through. I learned things that I use everyday of my life. One of the omissions I see in the history of all these good and bad experiences I am reading about is the Parents. I was among 90 other adults during the TASKS seminars who all had their kids in the program. Be honest…there was some messed up adults. The TASKS was phenomenal, if you could handle it and make the changes necessary. My ex left after one day! She couldn’t handle it because it requires inner strength. I saw a commercial airplane pilot during the “photo album exercise” punch his chair with inner anger from his abusive parents. He punch until his hands bleed and he fell on the floor from exhaustion. When I quizzed my son recently as to why are all these bad reports coming out…he said “Dad, think about how messed up these kids and parents are going in”. A kid will tell their parents anything to get them out of the program. Then if the parents already have issues themselves…go figure Dad. All I know is I was amongst a bunch of hurting adults. The whole situation is geared to fail. I commend whoever is still involved for continuing the fight to help. There is a tremendous need for some type of program like this. Everyone could use a dose of what the TASKS program was all about. Maybe my son and I are the exceptions for what we gained from the program, but somehow I think it boils down to what the parent and kid put into it…like most things in life. Some of these situations with the kids and the family were extreme going in. It costs a lot of money. The odds for failure are extremely high. I’m sure some of the horrible testimonials were real, but I don’t believe it was because the program wasn’t trying to do the right things. The TASKS program was awesome….if you could open up and honestly look at yourself. Most could not. I did and I learned things I will never forget and apply to life everyday….all positive. Anyways, when you look at the persistence this company has gone through to prevail….I find it quite remarkable. Who does this?


  4. John Rose Says:

    I was at Midwest academy from 2003 to 2004. It was a nightmare. WHY IN THE HELL IS IT STILL OPERATING?


  5. Dizzy Delver Says:

    I am not a survivor of one of these camps,but it does disgust me that this happens. I ways back I came up with a LEGAL way to help shut these places down without having to go through the legislature. Is there a place I can go to tell someone about this idea(its a good one)? I cant unmake the fact that this happened but maybe we can stop its continued happening. so if you know of a place in this site were such ideas are elucidated please show me to it.


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      if you’d like, you can email and we can discuss it. we’d love to hear it.


      • Julie Greene Says:

        Please look into McLean Hospital’s incarceration of children, and the treatment of psychiatric prisoners at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Also, please look into the incarceration of children all around the country for eating disorders as the funding is increasing. These are not luxury horse farms. Who is funding the ED “nonprofits”? The for-profit treatment centers themselves, which in turn “recommend” the prisons to families that come begging for help. $$$$$

        The United Nations has specific anti-torture laws that apply here.

        Source: I was incarcerated multiple times myself, now an activist.



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