High Impact Testimony – Elizabeth Weaver

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  1. Meyla Atkinson Says:

    I remember you spending a lot of time in iso at CCM, and when I worked in the kitchen, I prepared the pb&j sandwitches for the girls in iso. That really was all the food they got 3 meals a day. Ron Garrot once explained that the monotony of food was designed to make being in iso more unbearable. Thanks for sharing stories about what happened to you in wwasp programs, I know it isn’t easy to do.


  2. Jasmine Says:

    Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s one thing to write a story (incredibly hard) and then it’s quite another to tell your story facing a video camera (can’t imagine how hard it must be – I get crazy adrenalin shakiness just from writing about it!)… anyway, your story is invaluable in raising awareness so thanks again and I hope there is another video from you one day and that talking about it helps you as much as I know it will help all the other fellow survivors and the parents who are thinking about these schools as an option for their child.


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