New Petition to End Teen Escort Services

handcuffedteenYours truly has started a new petition on to end the practice of using teen escorts (aka legal kidnapping) to get kids to residential treatment centers. This practice is widely considered one of the most traumatic, harmful, and damaging in the industry and stopping is not only good for children, it also stands a good chance of stemming the flow of kids and money into these places, cutting the industry off at the knees.
Our friends at Shutdown Logan River Academy are behind us!  Will you please help too?

Want to see what the escort process is like? Nick Gaglia’s excellent movie Aaron Bacon shows it in stunningly accurate detail (trigger warning.) The escort scene starts at 1:20.

You can sign the petition here.

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Bill Boyles is from Orlando, FL. At 14, he was forcibly escorted to WWASP's Brightway Adolescent Hospital in St. George, UT, where he stayed briefly before being sent to another WWASP facility, Paradise Cove in Western Samoa. After spending 22 months in Paradise Cove, he was transferred to yet another WWASP program, Casa By The Sea in Ensenada, Mexico. He spent 8 more months in Casa By The Sea before graduating days before his 17th birthday. He firmly believes all WWASP programs are abusive and that they all need to be shut down.

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13 Responses to “New Petition to End Teen Escort Services”

  1. Amanda Lynn Garrett Johnson Says:

    I will never forget when these two large people I never met before broke into my room while I was sleeping, packed a bag and dragged me crying at from my grandmother’s house onto a plane and across the country. I was horrified, and still have anxiety when trying to go to sleep at night. I sometimes check my house and door locks up to 5 times to make sure no one can get in. If parents are going to place their kids in these terrible places they should take them themselves. Then they may be able to see what kind of he’ll they are sending their kids to.


    • Shannon Crowley Says:

      I totally agree Amanda, I hate to remember my escorts.. couple of reject police officers.

      They did the routine kidnap on me in the morning as well and told me we’re going to Mexico. I knew I couldn’t stand a 10 hour drive with these douches so I requested we fly there–which we did, thanks heavens for that. Upon arriving at SanDiego for the remainder of the drive these police rejects bought me smokes at 16 years old..(I was thankful at the time but still…) And you know theyget off on this sort of torment because they promised me 1 cigarette before entering the compound, which they delightfully didn’t follow through..they gave me one to take inside and be confiscated…cruel right?

      I saw one of them a few months later too when they brought in another victim…He wasnted to talk to me like we we’re friends. Whats a joke.

      Love this website though so I can find some empathy finally. 14 years it took me before I even googled that forsaken place. Hope you’re doing well Amanda.

      And Jade/Jason if you’re reading this–Fuck off, with my college tuition-I hope someone wins it in a lawsuit.


    • Nick Says:

      Yet you never thought of actually respecting your parents. If you would have acted like a responsible member of society then it wouldn’t have ever happened. It’s not kidnapping and it’s the child choice to act like a punk.

      If parent weren’t trapped by a respectfulness because they can’t legally kick you on the curb until your 18. If CPS would stay out of it and let parent actually use corporal punishment you would never be here.

      But all in all if you are acting respectfully you would never have gone, but I can see you still haven’t accepted responsibility since you use adjectives like kid nap and I still have nightmares. Grow up and stop blaming people for your problems created by you.


      • WWASP Survivors Says:

        No matter what any of us did to end up in these places that does not excuse the programs for committing such heinous crimes against the children in their care. Murderers in prison are afforded more rights and protection than these children, most with no criminal history to speak of. Being “disrespectful” does not give any parent the right to unlawfully incarcerate their children nor is it legal to forcibly commit a child into “treatment” without their consent. This is quite simply a major violation of our basic human rights, and the consent laws of most states. When we refer to being kidnapped, that’s because that is exactly what it felt like. If 2 people woke you up in the middle of the night and forcibly removed you from your house, refused to tell you where you were going and treated you like a prisoner, despite the fact that you were not under arrest… I think you would feel the same in that situation… It’s rather traumatic. Not to mention the nightmares… those are all too real, and most of us still have them. It’s one of the symptoms of PTSD and many survivors have been professionally diagnosed with PTSD stemming from their experiences in the program. These are not excuses, blame or immaturity… These are the verifiable negative psychological effects of such a traumatic experience.


        • Bill Boyles Says:

          Of course, why would we expect someone who talks like that, who calls us punks and liars and says it was our choice to be sent to a program and abused (aka, a program supporter, probably either staff or a brainwashed parent, or maybe a kid suffering from Stockholm Syndrome), to be concerned with facts? We see it every day on this site…people come on here every single day who just want to attack us, shut us down or shut us up, and continue perpetrating the same kind of emotional violence on us that they did when we were teenagers (since they can’t physically abuse us anymore). Nothing scares abusers more than when their victims find a voice, and when they get scared, they lash out like this, because they are abusive and that’s how they try to control the big, scary world around them.


      • Adam Says:

        You appear to be forgetting that when children act out, it’s because the family dynamic as a whole is sick. Doesn’t matter how “normal” or “loving” it appears on the outside.

        Growing up, my brothers had a lot of behavioral issues – the kinds that would’ve gotten them sent to one of the WWASP programs had my family had any money. As an adult, I now understand our mother was incredibly emotionally unstable and that was how they dealt with being in that traumatic environment.

        If a child is being “disrespectful”, think about why they would be motivated to behave in that way. If you stop writing kids off as “bad” and look a little deeper, you’ll be more likely to see that they’re expressing pain in the only ways their not-fully-developed brains have sorted out how to express it.


      • Dez Gusted Says:

        It’s the parents’ responsibility to raise the children. If the child turns out to not be respectful, it’s ultimately the fault of the parents or some other factors outside of the child’s control. Sure each individual has “personal responsibility” but doing this kind of shit to the kids and justifying it as “it’s the child’s fault” is just sick on so many levels


  2. Nick Says:

    By the way that act has nothing to do with this. Its for child pornography. This site is just abusing your mind. You forget when parent sign you up they sing power of attorney and a few other clauses. They are your parents until you get released and power is traded back over to the parents.

    This HR 1981 act won’t help you because the center has to be related to a child pornographer, so if there’s never been a charge for it it does you no good.


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      I believe you are mistaking the bill that was introduced in 2011 and died in committee… HR 1981 is a CURRENT bill, a revision of the former H.R. 3126 (112th): Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2011. You can read about it here:


      • Bill Boyles Says:

        What a braying jackass this guy is. Keep coming back and commenting and visiting though, sir, since every visit and every comment just makes us rank higher on Google and makes our message even more likely to get out and be heard by those who need to hear it.


  3. Melissa Says:

    Hello, Where can I find their phone# ?

    Many Thanks!!!


  4. david Says:

    I was escorted multiple times from wilderness program to Treatment to wilderness again to Treatment the last time in mexico, at a “lovely” place called PI. That doesn’t exist anymore. I remember the last time from wilderness program I was taken to mexico on a plane by 3 black escorts. One was small and one was medium sized and one was huge. I guess one for running to catch me if I ran, one who was fast and big and a huge one that I guess could handle me once the other two caught me. I ran into one of my friends from the last wilderness program years later after I finally made it out of treatments back into the real world. He was also escorted by these same 3 black escorts and he told me he was sexually abused during his over night excursion waiting for his flight to his next program. Who is gonna believe a kid who is getting escorted to these places. He never told anyone what happened till years later when I happened to end up in a regular boarding school with him. He was 18 than, I was 17. I mean who would have believed him anyway? I remember those guys threatened physical harm to me if I tried to run. Im lucky nothing happened to me like my friend though. I mean what is there to do. Parents are lied to about what happens and told that the kids being escorted will say these things, granted Im sure some would try in order to get out of these places. But even at these places there nothing a kid can do to report abuse. To who? When? We had n0 rights. Especially being in a foreign country or being on blackout with the world including your parents for 6 months to a year, and how they prepare all the parents that all of us are liars that will say anything to manipulate our way home. Now I am 29, drug addict multiple adult rehabs because I was never able to overcome what happened with these reform type disciplinary “THERAPY” schools. My teenage years where stolen, my friend was abused, I know many that have committed suicide because they couldn’t endure the trauma and here I am. Still trying to collect the pieces of my shattered life 12 years later.


  5. Ben Says:

    I’m a special education teacher at a notoriously troubled school, and I deal with rudeness (and worse) regularly. I advocate ending the practice of forcibly escorting kids to these schools because:
    1. It violates the 13th amendment, because nobody shall be enslaved except as punishment for a crime. If the teen hasn’t been convicted and sentenced by a judge, then the transportation is illegal.
    2. It teaches kids that “might makes right.”
    3. What the parents are really doing is having their child jailed for being rude.
    4. It allows parents to pawn unwanted kids off on someone else.
    5. If the parents ship the kid off to a boot camp 1000 miles away, then stop paying the fees, the kid will be out on the streets with no means of support.


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