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WWASP Survivors provides detailed reports on the various WWASP(S) Programs that have either closed and left behind a history of abuse or are currently in operation and accepting kids today. Due to the multiple closures and legal troubles surrounding the WWASP name, WWASP has dissolved their corporation and many schools which were opened and owned by former WWASP staff are now denying affiliation with WWASP. WWASP Survivors determines the WWASP affiliation of currently operating schools to be evident in the relationship between ownership/employment of former WWASP employees, similar program structure and policies, utilization of the Resource Realizations Seminars (or in-house spin offs), and contracting the use of the same marketing agencies that refer to confirmed WWASP affiliated schools. Today WWASP has morphed into Youth Foundation Inc. For more information on what constitutes a WWASP Program read more here.

Open WWASP Programs

3 Points Center – La Verkin UT (Formerly Cross Creek/ Youth Foundations)

Second Chances – La Verkin UT (Formerly Cross Creek Manor)

NorthWest Academy – Amargosa Valley, NV (Formerly Horizon Academy)

Seneca Ranch – Donalds, SC (Formerly Carolina Springs Academy)

Midwest Academy – Keokuk, Iowa

Ashcreek Ranch Academy – Toquerville, UT

Red River Academy – LeCompte, LA

Old West Academy / Majestic Ranch Academy – Randolph, Utah

RiverView Camp – Toquerville, UT (Open for summer)

RiverView Academy – Thompson Falls, MT

Woodland Hills Maternal Home


Previously Affiliated WWASP and WWASP Spin-off Programs

Sunset Bay Academy – Rosarito, Mexico

Diamond Ranch Academy – Hurricane, UT

Eagle Ranch Academy – St. George, UT (Formerly Brightway Adolescent Hospital)

Liahona Academy – Virgin, UT and Hurricane UT


Closed WWASP Programs

Youth Foundation Success Academy/ Youth Foundation Inc – La Verkin, Utah (Formerly known as Cross Creek/ Horizon Academy)

Cross Creek Programs – La Verkin, Utah (Currently 3 Points Center/ Second Chances)

Horizon Academy – Amargosa Valley, NV (Currently NorthWest Academy)

Spring Creek Lodge – Thompson Falls, Montana

Casa By the Sea – Ensenada, Mexico

High Impact – Ensenada, Mexico

Paradise Cove – Samoa

Tranquility Bay – Jamaica

Morava Academy – Jelenice, Czech Republic

Teen Mentor School – Costa Rica

Academy at Ivy Ridge – Ogdensville, New York

Darrington Academy – Blue Ridge, Georgia

Brightway Adolescent Hospital – St. George, Utah

Carolina Springs Academy – Donalds, South Carolina

Gulf Coast Academy

Royal George Academy

Sky View Christian Academy

Red River Academy

Bethel Boys Academy –  Lucedale, MS

Bethel Girls Academy – Petal, MS

  • Camp Respect – Lucedale, MS.
  • Eagle Point Christian Academy – Lucedale, MS
  • Pine View Academy – Lucedale, MS.

Transport Companies used by WWASP

First Response Transports, Gene McMahan

Rick Strawn Security Services, Rick and Susan Strawn

Steadfast Security, LeRoy DeVore

Teen Escort, Ann & Kay Atwood

Teen Intervention Services, Glenda and James Paulus

Spring Creek Lodge Second Chance Transport.

Trusting Hands Adolescent Services, for California students only.

Majestic Ranch Intercept Transport Services.

Help Our Teen Adolescent Services: Cross Creek or Majestic Ranch.

*Last updated: 3/14/2015

15 Responses to “WWASP Programs”

  1. Linda Says:

    Riverview Academy (utahriverview.com)at 591 N. State Street is now claiming to have a “ranch” on Shangri-La Road in Toquerville, Utah. They have recently renewed their Human Services license under Youth Foundation, Inc. The building at this address is for sale by Coldwell Banker and the listing was just renewed (http://www.utahhomes.com/property/details/153117/MLS-1010511/591-N-State-St-La-Verkin-UT-84745.aspx).

    They are currently sending Youth Foundation Success Academy kids there.

    Even though Cross Creek Programs website is using outdated (2012) licensing and accreditation, some of the phone numbers for Youth Foundation, Inc. are now routed to Cross Creek’s answering machine (435-635-6060 or 435-635-6000) which is a different number than is listed on their website.

    Horizon Academy is closed but was replaced by Youth Foundation Success Academy. All of the information is the same, just the name was changed.

    Cross Creek Programs, Youth Foundation Success Academy, and Riverview Academy are currently operating under the Youth Foundation, Inc. umbrella and Jade Robinson has replaced Karr Farnsworth as the director.

    All of these “programs” use the WWASP paradigm and Resource Realizations brainwashing seminars, Discovery and Focus.


  2. Dan Maurer Says:

    I was at Midwest Academy in Keokuk, Iowa in ’08 and ’09. During that time I apparently learned much of the program jargon used by those who were at many of the schools listed above. Also, up until part way through my stay, MWA did indeed use Discovery and Focus, though the company (at least as far as the tags we go said) was called Premier. You might want to confirm MWA’s past affiliation status and add it to the list if it is indeed confirmed.


  3. Alex Wilcox Says:

    I came from Red River Academy, LA, a year and a half ago. I was there for three years, and ten months. I had been through so much, I had given up, but when I was ready to die, my mom and dad sent me there. I’m not saying that Red River was bad, because it was hell on earth. But, I do admit, it taught me things I never would have learned any other way. I went through the seminars, and they helped me, but not as much as they could have, if they were better. I’m living alone, and my dad has kicked me out, for being gay, and it’s hard enough to live without my family. When I was in there, I lost so many friends, and my family has forgotten about me. So in a way, RRA helped me, but it also hurt me worse than people know. I was hurt, but I started the healing process there. I will never forget the people who DID help me. Mr. Dustin, Mr. Justin, and the few chaperones who actually cared, Mr. Don, Mrs. Glenna, Mrs. Lynn, and the teachers, who all helped us. I thank them, and them only. Those who actually cared, thank you for helping us through the hardest times of our lives. But, that doesn’t mean what the people are doing is right. I’ve seen and experienced first hand, the chaperones who pissed us off on purpose, and didn’t get fired for it, and those who yelled at us, for asking a question. I was insulted by them, and nothing happened. But when we yelled back, cursed back, and hit them, we got in trouble. Why is it that some places, that are seen as good, can have such a disguise to cover up the worse parts of it? The Family Reps knew some of it, and they never agreed with most of them, but I admit, some things were our fault, but not everything. Again, I thank you Mr. Ben, who helped and cared enough to help us through the hardest days. Thank you.


    • Justin Says:

      When you say Mr. Ben…do you mean Benjamin Osteen?


      • Layne Says:

        I went to Red River Academy as well, and yes – Benjamin Osteen is the referred to Mr. Ben.
        As for how I felt about Red River, I was there 1 year and 12 days. It was hell on earth. Didn’t help me mucn, though I will say it did save my life, only for the fact of I was suicidal. When I got out, I was still cutting, doing drugs, and having sex. RRA was absolutely horrid.


  4. Rachael Kassinger Says:


    Are these programs connected to wwasp? or not connected, but still abusive troubled teen program?


  5. nEALY Says:

    My daughter was a graduate from SCINSU. She went from a trainwreck throwing her life away to AMAZING! It was all because of the love and therapy she experienced. She loved it there. She said it was the hardest year of her life, but she wouldn’t change a thing. She still stays in contact with the therapist and some others there that she misses and they have a beautiful relationship. Adam, the owner is experienced and understands the program. I was skeptical at first. But the proof is living in my house and she is a whole new human that is going to have a happy life now.


  6. Kara Says:

    Second Chances in Southern Utah is not a WWASP program. My daughter spent 5 months there last year and went from being suicidal, in and out of inpatient care, to the joyful kid with a purpose in life. She’s home now, has matured tremendously and makes straight A’s, holds a job and is involved in various school activities.. Second Chances has high standards for their employees, many of whom we are still in contact with. The girls that have completed their time there will tell you it made a huge difference in their lives. Please don’t assume what you haven’t seen for yourself. They are in the former Cross Creek building but are a totally different model of care.


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      Sounds like the typical program party live. What we have here is a wonderful example of what the program actually does. You see, the program is NOT designed to help kids. It’s designed to produce happy “success stories” exactly like the one you just made. Ironically, you “testimonial” is an almost word perfect copy of the same kind of garbage every other “happy” parent and kid spouts. While I sincerely hope your kid does great in life, I’d bet a lot of money that in 5 to 10 years she’ll, unfortunately, be singing a different tune- one you just aren’t ready to hear right now. Let me ask you this: are you still her only or major source of financial support? Bet you are. Just wait until that changes.


    • Maria Says:

      Hi Kara do you mind me asking how your daughter is currently doing after attending Second chances? I’m considering this place for mine and want to know if there is any positive or negative feed back from her now that it been a while. I really appreciate the info. Thanks.


      • Sceptic Says:

        FYI search owner Adam AhQuin / Maximum Life Skills Academy and you won’t send your child there. Also search AhQuin and Ah Quin along with abuse, lawsuit, neglect , death , teen treatment facility. Also, run a criminal background check on the staff and verify the said credentials!Two of the brothers opened Olympus Academy in Utah and have recently shut down. I’m assuming they sent there “students” home to avoid the insurance fraud they have been under investigation for. Residential Treatment Centers are not the solution for troubled teens. Call the State of Utah licensing and ask what the requirements are to have a facility. If they are providing therapeutic treatment why aren’t they licenses as a medical facility or more than a school? Why do the locations of these facilities continually move and often change names? Why are there so many facilities in Utah? Because…it’s about the money and they have extremely lax licensing requirements. There’s a reason these facilities are in Utah. Don’t be a victim of a savvy salesperson! Hope this helps.


  7. Lorraine Elerby Says:

    Working on my due diligence here. SCISU is being recommended to me for my 17 year old. Her goal in life right now is to have a baby so she is constantly checking her ovulation and basal temperature. She has only has much older boyfriends and wants to live away from home, She is a pot smoker and cigarette smoker and has no interest in school. I recently noticed some black capsules in her possession. She has also admitted to taking Valium. She use to be a cutter but now is just tattooing her body.I believe she is severely depressed and self medicating herself. She is a runaway and so far has not gone too far and has always returned or been returned by the police. For the past 5 years since divorce weve been through hospitalizations and therapy, things are just escalating. What is a mother to do with so little parental right left?


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