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Horizon Academy

Just before Casa By The Sea closed in 2004, Administrator Jade Robinson headed back Stateside, taking a group of kids from Casa with him, to open Bell Academy in Terra Bella, California. When California officials refused to allow the school to operate without proper licensing, Robinson then moved the school over the border and reopened under than name Horizon Academy in Amargosa Valley, Nevada. Durring their short years in Nevada they were closely intertwined in the politics of the region and were reported to have taken as many as 20 court ordered kids, and state funding to house them. In 2011, Horizon Academy was investigated by CPS, and closed with pending investigations. In March, 2011, Jade Robinson fled the Nevada compound with over 80 students leaving the court ordered kids behind with WWASP’s (only) psychologist, Dr. Marcel Chappuis. Horizon Academy re-opened in LaVerkin, Utah, on the same property as the Cross Creek Programs.

Horizon Academy’s business license in Nevada has been revoked and do not appear to have any licensing in Utah.

In typical WWASP fashion, a new identity for the combination of Cross Creek and Horizon has been developed, they are now calling their program Youth Foundation Inc. (youthfoundationinc.org) or Youth Foundation Success Academy.

Also opened on the same campus by Chaffin Pullan of the former Spring Creek Lodge, was a similar program named Riverview Camp. All three programs appear to share physical plant. What separates a student in the Cross Creek, Riverview and Horizon Academy programs is unclear, as is the level of interaction between students at the programs.

Currently the property in NV is being used by Dr. Marcel Chappuis to run a program called NorthWest Academy. Typically students are court ordered by the state/ county and serve time there instead of local juvenile detention centers. If the contract that was previously reached with Horizon Academy stands for the new NorthWest Academy, each child earns this facility about $120,000 a year.

NorthWest Academy to Take Juvenile Offenders


Bell Academy Shuts Down: Licensing Issues

Bell Academy License Suspended

Horizon Academy Opens in Amargosa Valley, Nevada

Student flees Horizon Academy with no food, water or identification

Horizon Academy to accept local juvenile offenders

State protests Horizon Academy’s water rights, attempts to shut down

Horizon Academy Stats: Homeschooling, Grades 7-12, 1 – 25 Student Teacher Ratio

Horizon Academy LLC, License goes into default

Horizon Academy, A Nonprofit Corporation – License Revoked


Jade Robinson started his career in behavior modification as a staff member of WWASP’s Spring Creek Lodge in Montana. He also worked for a time at the notorious Tranquility Bay in Jamaica until he left to help start Casa By the Sea in Ensenada, Mexico. As Administrator of both the girls and boys side of  Casa By the Sea, Robinson was in charge during the time period of several reported cases of  abuse and maltreatment of the students of CBS including violent restraints, rape and other forms of sexual abuse. He ran a system that regularly refused proper medical care and denyed students access to school by forcing them to endure 8 hour stretches of detention for days, weeks, and even months in a row.  Jade Robinson was part of a staff team directly responsible for transferring kids from CBS to High Impact, a brutal boot camp co-owned by Dace Goulding. Around 2003 he attempted to open a program called Bell Academy in California which was swiftly shut down due to licensing issues. Casa by the Sea was also shut down in 2004 citing issues with CBS operating an illegitimate pharmacy. Robinson is the current owner and director of Horizon Academy, which was originally opened in the Amargosa Valley Nevada however is now re-opened on the Cross Creek Manor/ Cross Creek Center property, in La Verkin Utah (Owned by WWASP head, Robert Lichfield) and currently renamed Youth Foundation Inc./ Youth Foundation Success Academy

Chaffin Pullan

Chaffin Pullan first worked for WWASP at Cross Creek in 1991 and 1992. In 1996, he moved to Montana to open Spring Creek Lodge along with his twin brother Cameron Pullan and Robert Lichfield’s brother-in-law, Dan Peart. Many allegations of abuse, as well as Social Services complaints and lawsuits have been leveled at Chaffin Pullan and his brother Cameron Pullan. The Pullan’s served as owners and administrators of the SCL facility until 2009, when the school was closed. The Pullan’s were also involved in Camas Ranch, an apparent attempt to remake a portion of the facility into an 18+ program, which failed. Currently, Chaffin serves as administrator of Horizon Academy in La Verkin Utah


Jason Finlinson

Jason Finlinson first became involved with WWASP when he served as Director of Casa By The Sea. During his tenures at both Casa and Ivy Ridge, Jason was known for his harsh, strict, disciplinarian style. As Administrator of the boys side of CBS, Finlinson was responsible for running a brutal program that systematically abused, deprived and tormented children. He has been accused of rape of a teenage girl on and countless incidents of assault and battery. In 2001, he left CBS in order to move to New York and open the Academy at Ivy Ridge. Ivy Ridge was closed in 2009. Currently Finlinson works as a day staff at Horizon Academy in La Verkin Utah. He also worked for the RiverView Camp located on the same property, however reports indicate that RiverView was only open for a few months.

Brian Vaifanua

As owner, this man ran one of the most notorious WWASP programs, Paradise Cove in Samoa, a facility where children were subject to miserable conditions, denied proper food and medical care and systematically tortured, assaulted, neglected and broken.  Vaifanua started his career with WWASP at Cross Creek, La Verkin Utah, Then in 1994 he opened Paradise Cove. After Paradise Cove was shut down he moved back to Cross Creek and then went on to become director of Midwest Academy, in Keokuk Iowa. In 2012 Vaifanua was reported to the St. George school district superintendent with a long list of alleged human rights abuses commiteed by him and urging the Board to have Mr. Vaifanua banned from working with young children. Currently works as night staff at Horizon Academy in La Verkin Utah.


Survivor Testimony

Testimony of horizon Academy Survivor  Former students of Horizon Academy share their experience with Reddit

Redditor/ Horizon Academy Survivor – Raped, Bullied, Isolated and in Fear of Being Sent Back

Youth Foundation Success Academy – Concerned Parents



53 Responses to “Horizon Academy”

  1. Jade Robinson Says:

    If this site does not change the false accusations with in the week you will be dealing with a lawsuit! Horizon Academy is still licensed in Nevada and there was no rape of any student!


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      Hi Jade. Do you remember me?
      Obviously, we aren’t really concerned with your little lawsuit. In fact, I’d personally love a chance to go into a courtroom and testify under oath about what happened to me under your care at Casa, and I’m sure there are plenty of other kids who feel the same. Of course, you’d also have to take the stand and testify, under oath, and we’d get to ask you all sorts of fun questions that would forever be a matter of public record…oh what fun THAT would be, eh?
      I guess it’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to pay tons of money to a lawyer in order to try and win an unwinnable lawsuit against people that really have nothing to take even if you DID somehow win. Mostly I just published this comment since you were so kind as to leave your email address… it’s jaderobinson89020@yahoo.com, yes? Is your IP still
      Fun times. Say hello to that sexy fine mother of yours and ask if she remembers me either…She’ll know what I mean. 😉 I bet she does, women don’t usually forget good times like that.
      Sorry (lol, yeah right) that all your programs shut down. We’re watching you. Just remember that.


    • Mike Says:

      You’re a little fuck jade. brainwashing these kids and doing all this shit. by the way im living with my parents still, smoking weed every mothafuckin day all day. and guess what? i still make tons of money and im successful. this place is bullshit. i dont carry any beliefs or morals this place tried to “teach me” and am still successful. people need to stop acting like this place changed your fucking life. it didnt get over it. Horizon is its own world. i got friends that have been locked up in COUNTY AND STATE PRISON that tell me this place was worse than prison just by the way i explained how things worked at Horizon. I WOULD RATHER BE IN FEDERAL PRISON THAN TO GO THROUGH THE HELL I WENT TRHOUGH AT HORIZON. But, why would you rather go to prison michael? Great Question! in prison you can walk freely, aka dont have to use a fucking magnet key on every goddamn door there is, you can eat better food at prison, you dont have to endure the STUPID FUCKING ‘DISCOVERY AND FOCUS SEMINARS THAT ARE TOTAL BULLSHIT. you can still have a mind of your own at prison. in fact, people that go to jail usually get smarter because they are able to reflect on their life. here? nope, at horizon you have to conform to what THEY think your life should be. not what YOU want your life to be. i rode my mind on autopilot for a year and a half till i got out that bitch and now, nigga i made it. im back to being myself after being out of that facility for about 2 and a half years now. please parents if you are thinking about sending your kid here DONT DO IT. MY PARENTS REGRETTED SPENDING 55,000 TO HAVE ME PUNISHED AND FUCKING FED SHITTY ASS FOOD AND WEAR SOME RAGGEDY ASS UNIFORM. Parents, LOVE YOUR KIDS. dont send them away. EMBRACE YOUR KIDS. dont turn them away further leading them to believe that you dont care about them. this place IS THE REASON I DONT HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH MY PARENTS. i am a very positive person but i cant seem to love my parents after them sending me here. i have countless fucking stories of inequality and unfairness that they treated me with but my fingers would get arthritis before i could finish haha. anyway, FUCK YOU JADE. To this day i havent made contact with anyone from horizon since graduating. i put it as a part of my life i never wanted to relive again. kind of like a black spot in my memory i created so i never have to think about the place again. So, if you have questions email me ill be happy to answer. Peace out, One love and shut this mothafucka down!!!


      • Conner James Says:

        Hi there my name is Conner I recently attended three points center which currently inhabits he old campus of Cross Creek and Horizon. My friend and I decided to break into the old half of the building where the two programs where primary held we were able to recover photos and I was interested if any past survivors would be willing to help us piece what we found together. I’ve only heard of the horrific things done to the past students and hope I can help find some closure for any past students if so please email me at coopc@outlook.com


    • anon Says:

      fuck you jade your a bitch


    • anon Says:

      Glad your torture compound got shut down, you rapist sack of shit.


  2. Anon Says:

    These places exist IN AMERICA, they’re completely legal, and they’re only growing. It’s the new solution for parents who have kids that don’t conform blindly to their religious and political views, let me explain: After the initial shock of what I thought was a kidnapping, it was explained to me that my parents had arranged for me to attend Horizon Academy (http://www.horizonacademy.us/) because I admitted to them that I was atheist and didn’t agree with a lot of their hateful views. Let me give you a detailed run-down of my experience here: To start off it’s a boarding school where there is literally no communication with the outside world, the people who work here can do anything they want, and the students can do absolutely nothing about it. The basic idea is that you’re not allowed to leave until you believably adopt their viewpoints and push them off on others. The minimum stay at these places is a year, an ENTIRE YEAR, that means no birthday, no christmas, no thanksgiving etc.; my stay lasted 2 years. The day to day functioning of this facility is based on a very strict set of rules and regulations: you eat what they give you, do what they tell you (often just pointless things just to brand mindless submission in your brain), and believe what they tell you to believe. Consequences for not adhering to these regulations include not eating for that day, being locked in small rooms for extended periods of time and the long term consequence of an extended stay. There’s a lot more detail and intricacies I could get into, but my main purpose was to spread awareness to the only group of people I feel like could do something about this.


    • Brandon Zimmerman Says:

      They would never starve you… in fact they will take you to a hospital and force a feeding tube in you if you refuse to eat. Everything else you said was fairly true but don’t sully that info by lying to make them out to be so monstrous as to starve their students. I graduated from the school in 09 after staying there for 22 months and i agree that the system is significantly flawed and even more so because of the students ability to grow substantially in such an unfair and cruel environment. It allows for the school show only the pros and not the cons.


      • WWASP Survivors Says:

        I believe she was referring to food restriction when in isolation, this is a common tactic by WWASP programs to break the student’s will. Also please note that there may be a difference in years, what may have been going on in the earlier years may have been changed before 2009. Something I have learned by hearing so many survivor stories is that many people will say they didn’t see these things happening, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to someone behind closed doors. Horizon/ Youth Foundation Inc goes out of their way to hide the abuse they inflict on these children because they don’t want to get caught. They pick and choose who they (severely) abuse because they want to be able to discredit anyone speaking out against them, usually by putting one of their supporters up (who probably wasn’t significantly abused) to call them liars. Don’t fall into that trap, You said it yourself, They hide the truth to con people… Nothing new there, they’ve been at this for decades.


      • Sarah Says:

        I was there in 92. They absolutely did withhold food.when my kidneys were acting up, I got them to take me to the hospital, and got in trouble for telling the nurse I was hungry because I didn’t get meals that day. I got dropped a phase for telling, and dropped another for needing to go to the hospital in the middle of the night.from what I understand though, the 90s were way worse than 2000s.


  3. Myles Says:

    Man, I’m starting to get the feeling like the Lichfield Shill Squadron is starting to invade this place. If anyone says anything positive about anything that has to do with these assholes, be suspicious.


  4. Linda Thomas Says:

    Recently, Youth Foundation Success Academy was forced to remove their false claims of licensing from the Utah Department of Education and both accreditation agencies by the proper authorities.

    The picture of the license they provide on their Cross Creek website also is suspect because it 1) cannot be found on the Utah Human Services website and 2) it has an address that can’t be located i.e., 180 N Main Street, La Verkin, Utah. They still claim to be accredited by AdvancEd but, are not located on their list of schools.

    Also, the building at 180 N. State Street is owned by Londamerican, a company that resides in the United Kingdom. The River View building is also owned by this same foreign entity. Obviously, these con artist child abusers clearly intend to shield their assets from lawsuits.

    Youth Foundation Inc. is only licensed by the Utah Secretary of State for Doing Business As(DBA) River View Academy. This address is currently for sale with Coldwell Banker and the pictures on the internet clearly show the “facility” is empty.

    This network of licenses, corporations, and claims of non-profit are their pattern. Most reputable business entities are easily searchable and verifiable. These guys are the teen-help mafia and, just like any other organized crime, the money trail goes cold as soon as “tuition” is paid.

    The Internal Revenue Service may be checking into their false claims of tax deductibility of “tuition” soon. Since their contract states that they are NOT a treatment or behavior modification program, they are violating the law with their false claims.

    Hopefully, the powers that be in Utah and elsewhere, will shut this place down and force them to release their teen prisoners!


  5. nicholas lema Says:

    I post this on Youth Foundation Inc facebook page I was told to post it here hope it helps I was at cross creek for 15 months June 2 07 to September 3 08 what I talk about happen to me two to three times a week for as little as not sitting when asked not hurting myself or anyone else just not sitting down and mind you this went down in fount of two higher level kids watch by the way I tried to get all that paperwork that was written down by the two staff and the upper level which they would not let me see than or get now which I called them asking for them which they said they would not let me see them

    you want to hear about my story of this place back when they was called cross creek programs must of had to change name’s for the fact torture to children got out.what happen to me i was restrained by three big 250- 350 + pounds guys and they would take me down hard then lay a cross my back one on my upper back one on the lower part of my back and one a cross my legs and they would lay on me intell i was choking and more then not they would wait intell i passed out.one time i passed out i woke up from passing out with them still on top of me.i still have back issues to this day . don’t take my post down this time like really have some accountability for what you did….I don’t know how many time you had big guys toss me on the floor as staff was yelling at me telling me to have accountability as they lay across my back as I am just trying to get air which is really hard to do with three guys laying on your back with all of them putting all there weight on me they made me pass out more time’s then I can count in there S.N room which was smaller then a jail cell with no bed just enough room for them to lay you out and crush you it your turn to have some accountability


  6. Katie Hanks Says:

    I don’t recommend anyone sending their child to Horizon. I was a kid attended there, I am now 19 and I have a wonderful life, job, college, and so much more because I MADE my life that way…not because this program helped. In fact the only problem I had is, I was disrespectful aka being a bratty teen. These programs and especially Horizon manipulate you to keep your child there , just so they can get thousands of dollars from you, that its good for them. In fact the kid might come out perfect but as soon as they hit the real world, its back down to where they started. Jade Robinson does not give a shit about the kids at his program and this isn’t just coming from myself and other students…this is what he told one of the therapists. Try harder with your kid before you ship them off…they’re just stupid teens…once its a dependency problem..thats a different story. Horizon is piece of shit..don’t get sucked into their bs.


  7. Mike Says:


    Pictures of Youth Foundation Director Chaffin Pullan and his Wife that they posted to FACEBOOK showing their complete disregard for domestic violence, marital issues and very troubling his racist views. It is worth seeing. I am amazed a man that is so trashy and insensitive is working with struggling teens.

    Mickey (Michele) Manning President of the Board of Youth Foundations should fire him! Considering their past (worked together at Spring Creek Lodge) ; Mickey also apparently works at http://www.clearviewhorizon.com/


  8. Kathy Lowe Says:

    This is all a load of crap! our son just returned and loves all of the people that have been mentioned. He was helped immensely and has changed his life!


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      that is typical in kids that have just gotten out and have the threats of a home contract and the potential to be sent back hanging over their heads. once he turns 18, cannot be controlled by you anymore, and no longer relies on you for support, be prepared for him to tell you the truth. for some, it takes years to snap out of it. took me about 4-5 nyears, personally. unfortunately it took my dad years to believe me, but once he did he was horrified and looks at the decision to send me as one of the worst he has ever made. my mother has never acknowledged the abuse, and admits she can’t even bear to think about what happened and simply can’t afford to listen to or believe me for the sake of her own psyche, because the guilt would destroy her. hopefully your family ends up with a better outcome, but based on your apparent attitude you are headed for the same disaster so many families are subjected to by wwasp.


    • Anonymous Says:

      I believe I know your son. I went to the program with him. If I am right, he made the right choice in staying past 18 and I completely agree with you.


  9. Chaffin Pullan of Youth Foundations is Racist Says:

    The flickr Page here is the active one. The pictures are very troubling!


  10. youtube Says:

    the real problem is Jason he threatens people and is way too aggressive and just beats on people he restrains kids for no reason and is racist and is always hitting on the girls chaffin is a nice guy and jade is never really there and doesn’t really care


  11. Anon Says:

    Horizon Academy is currently operating as Northwest Academy in Amargosa Valley, NV. It is owned by Marcel Chappuis (of WWASP infamy) and takes court ordered kids. Jody Harris (a LSAC who forfeited her license in 2002 for “engaging in an inappropriate dual relationship with a client”) claims to work there. She got her license back in 2011 partly due to a letter written by Chappuis. These people keep working the same circuit.


  12. mom Says:

    I just want to give my experience as a parent. I felt bullied into paying for services that were not rendered. I feel frustrated at the inequality that existed within the program. The kids were expected to adhere to standard that were not adhered to by the adults/staff. Here is my frustration-not popular on this website but needs to be said. I am frustrated that I was pushed into the decision to send my child. That things were sooo out of control that I needed to send my child into the unknown for their safety and my families. Please-don’t forget your part. It sucks to be the parent. I wish this was not a thing that I had to contend with. It would have been better if I could have spent the money on a better house/education blah… blah… blah…


  13. Anon Says:

    It is horrible that you were bullied this way. That’s how these predators operate, they bully hurt and confused parents with their deceptive marketing practices (Brande Ridd are you listening?) to place their teens in these abusive programs with car salesmen-like promises.

    Just the fact that their contract states that the “sponsor” (parent) agrees to “hold them harmless” for anything that may happen to their kid is a red flag that is missed by a desperate and fearful parent. Their contract also states that they will not be held legally liable for any sales pitch proffered by their paid-per-enrollment sales staff. Did you notice that once you signed on the dotted line, you never spoke to the sales person again?

    All you can probably do at this point is love your teen and apologize if you felt it was a mistake to place him/her in this facility. Your teen will forgive you and both of you will be better for it.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    SO I would like everyone to know that everything being said is a bunch of crap. I went to Youth Foundations and I got everything I needed. I was helped far more than any hospital could help. If I had not been sent away, I would have been dead for sure. I was saved and I am so grateful for Youth Foundations. I have personal relationships with all of the staff members mentioned above and I would like to say that you guys know absolutely NOTHING about them. The comments you are making make you look uneducated. Stop being ridiculous and think about the kids that were helped. If kids come out of the program even more messed up, it is because they refuse the help offered.


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      I’m glad you had an positive experience at Youth Foundations… However the information about these people are FACTS. They are from years, now decades of reports from survivors who have been abused at their hands. I myself was one of them, I can tell you I know this to be true first hand. Perhaps you were spared, but please know that just because you weren’t abused does not mean that everyone else is lying. These men have a long history working at these programs, which means they have come in contact with thousands of kids. Let’s just say, We don’t get very many positive comments about them.

      I do sincerely hope that in the last few years they have cleaned up their act and decided to stop using the same cruel methods they have been using since the 80’s but in my opinion that is a bit of a pipe dream. Especially when they think what they are doing is “saving” kids like you.

      If you think our comments are uneducated, I encourage you to do some research yourself… Clinical methods of treatment do not include Aversion Therapy, corporal punishment, face down restraint and long term seclusion as adequate treatment. The kinds of restraints used in these programs are dangerous and more importantly illegal… Because kids have died. The “therapy” is NOT therapy, it’s brainwashing. There are multiple laws against the way these programs run in many other states, but Utah still sanctions child abuse.

      I can tell you must have just gotten out, so I won’t bombard you with all the relevant info… but I strongly encourage you to do your own research. There is a lot of information available about the abuses of the Troubled Teen Industry and WWASP. You may be lucky enough to have escaped abuse… but many many people before you were not. Those people stood up for you and have been speaking out for years rallying for your rights and safety. Maybe by 2013, things had actually changed and Youth Foundation stopped abusing kids so regularly, if so, it’s because we came before you and held them accountable.


  15. Aoko Nyagwgee Says:

    Its been a whole year since iv been at Youth foundations and honestly it help me become the woman I am today. I only stayed for two months and when I came back home everything thing was great for one month then I started doing bad until I almost died then I thought I have my whole life ahead of me and now I am driving, working, and dong good in school.


  16. michael Says:

    I went to Youth Foundations and there really was not all of this abuse that are in most of these replies. But there was a lot of inequality and racism in the school and the staff did not have to follow the same rules as the students! If a student got “P.C.S’ed” they were restrained with their arms twisted behind their backs and then forced to lay on the floor with two to three 250+ lbs pound staff on top of them. This caused about 50% of the injuries in the school. In my stay there five staff were fired and three of them are in jail now for charges of abuse, showing a minor pornography, assault, domestic violence, and disorderly conduct.


  17. kelli Says:

    Its interesting that in this all not once in anything or any site does it mention the progràm that they had in cancun mexico that shut down in 1995 by mexican federalies. And the girls who stayed there were locked up in a discusting mexican hostel and question one by one by federalies with machine guns. We were only allowed one five min phone call to our parents once again not being able to speak the reality of it all and we were all transfered to cross creek manor in utah. Thats when ccm started uniforms because we already had uniforms in mexico. The director of the cancun facitity went to a mexican prison for some time. Is there any record anywhere of that?


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      We were not aware of a school in Cancun, or of the hardships you all faced, but we can certainly relate… I am so sorry this happened to you! Would you be willing to assist us in investigating this program and submit your testimony to us? You can submit here: http://wwaspsurvivors.com/submit-testimony/
      Please provide any info you have on the owners and executive staff (admins) as well as the abuses you witnessed and endured. We will post a new profile on this school and start looking for more survivors. Thank you for speaking out!


  18. survivor's sibling Says:

    My older brother was in horizon around 2006…since I was very young at the time he was at this “school”, I don’t know much but I do remember some stories he told my family and I, like how students have tried to escape. Until this day after coming back home my brother hasn’t really changed his bad ways(reason he was sent there) but is improving a little and my mom is still paying left over tuition/debt. And since my mom is still paying these a$$holes i realized that this can affect my own schooling because I am not in college yet so i really have to study hard in school.My mother still often has problems with my brother like when they fight my brother brings up horizon but doesn’t mention anything about abuse but now I can see why because he is possibly traumatized from this place. I always knew there was something suspicious with Horizon and I am glad I was able to find great info which was this website. Thanks to everyone on this website i have some good evidence that I should show and talk about with my parents. I highly respect the creators of this website and all the hard work that was put into this website!
    -good luck and continue on with this website!


  19. AN Says:

    Fuck that place I didn’t need to be there, but Sara jones if your out their look me up on Instagram you know who I am. (Lean with it rock with it was our hand shake) and fuck miss Shelly she’s a fat ugly bitch and if I ever see your bitch ass we rumbling Ctfu


  20. Socal Says:

    Horizon Academy was abusive, Raul Perez, Jason Finlinson, Jade Robinson, and various staff. I have witnessed all of them take completely unnecessary actions to restrain kids who were doing nothing that’s harmful to themselves, property, and other students or staff.

    None of the staff are highly trained in fact a good majority of them were highly inadequate to even preform responsibilities for and overseer “behaviorally unsuitable” teens. This job is entry level the same uneducated, unskilled, and unsuitable people you would see working at a McDonald’s or grocery store. Were working at Horizon Academy.

    I was there from 09-10, and was bailed out from my parents who got real information on this horrible place. You may ask why not file a lawsuit? Take action, because in reality there is nothing a former student can do. There is no evidence, no credibility among staff. There were no cameras in the closed doors of the facility, only in the hallways of the dorms and breezeway. If i remember clearly they were nonfunctional too.

    The abuse from the staff is bad, but from other students is even worse. The staff who gives little care and is more interested in kicking back and having an easy shift will believe whatever fellow juvenile kids who’ve been there longer and are popular to gain votes word. There word affects how long you stay there, whether you level up or not, and get access to the minimal events that horizon would provide. Anyone who knows anything about teens especially ones deprived of basically all freedom as an individual, would understand entitlement was a huge issue and power was very abused among peers. Your word as a lower level or offender has no credibility and higher levels often used this to just ruin someones day and make people they don’t like lives a lot harder.

    The food was not healthy. The amount of frozen artificial, low quality, and probably expired, food they fed us was close to healthy. Nothing on the schedule of repeated meals are anything worth the tuition you are paying for that school. Similar to prison food its a ton of low cost meals pasta, salad, soups, minimal meat portions of low quality ground beef, fish (if you can call it that), and meatballs. All fatty canned low quality meat. Frozen soggy vegetables, one cup of milk if you’re lucky. Any student who was there would know how fat you would get from drowning your food in ranch to mask the horrible taste of the majority of meals.

    Cleanliness of the facility was disgusting. It smelled, they took no care of the hygiene of students who were obviously incapable, refusing, or didn’t care. We had to deal with bed bugs while i was there, i woke up with tons of bugs in my sheets and bitten in several spots. Took them way too long to take care of the problem too. Shower lengths were short and unhygienic, evidence of that is if you went barefoot in there you were guaranteed the most traumatic case of athletes foot and various fungal infections. People pee in the showers, defecate, and whatever else trapped teens do in a shower floated around there. People were always sick because we are forced to be neck to neck with your peers in a line formation. You are forced to share cramped bedrooms i believe its 8 to a small room, and they didn’t allow us enough time to do laundry which is just more evidence of the reason for infections, bed bugs, and sickness that roamed the facility. Also a lack of supplies for a school you pay 100k+ a year to they should at least have a surplus of laundry detergent and hygiene supplies. All of which are bought at Family dollar by the way. You pay 100k+ for them to supply your kid with dollar store hygiene products, and a very apparent lack of cleaning supplies.

    Everything you child will say is monitored by staff, if they tell you any of the realities of this place staff claim as “manipulation or false information” your kid will be disciplined severely. Guaranteed your child is biting there tongue and going through the motions. An example is if you were held at gunpoint and will be shot if you say there is someone holding you at gunpoint. Would you say you were being held at gunpoint? Obviously not, and that metaphor is the exact situation your child will be in but with 3-4 months of their life at stake. Letters also, everything is heavily filtered at your family managers consent.

    The schooling is an absolute joke, if you plan on your kid going for a university transfer without having to take remedial classes to catch up on all the schoolwork there “a credited” school does not cover. What also is irritating is they would often take away schooling privileges to deal with behavioral essays. The one thing that meant anything in that stupid place was the school and they would rather you write an essay on how you turned your head in line structure, and how you are sorry and how it will be prevented. Absolutely ridiculous.

    The seminars are of little real therapeutic value to me. I say this because that is an opinion of mine. My opinion is of someone who had drug issues, and was forced by these people to slap a towel on the ground and fake cry about my addiction to get my level up so i can get out . None of the therapy tools are centered about real addiction. Some stupid story or exercise of you dressing up as butterfly or whatever that stupid stuff was will help your kid when his/her friend hands them a pipe or needle and has real addiction. They offer no other types of addiction treatment such as 12 steps, addiction sharing groups (they did offer there groups where you are targeted by other students who give criticizing unhelpful feedback of your issue to earn their next level, or anything else. Those seminars didn’t help me at all i did discovery and focus, and started my packets of keys and success where i was pulled from the program thankfully. Some children claim it helped, by the looks of my facebook page of the majority of other students i went in seminar and attended horizon with. Very little actually follow any of it and many still have the same issues.

    Reality is in my situation and I’m sure many others. You cannot learn how to succeed in the real world without being in the real world. It took me living on my own, paying my own bills, and realizing the heavy impact drugs will do to a person for me to drop the pipe and pills.

    I look back at this place and get nothing but a sour distaste. I am sober, i drive a nice car, am going to college, have a decent job, and have money to support myself. Do i thank horizon? No, not at all. My progress was slowed down because parents fail to realize when you lock someone away it takes time to fully adapt back into society. Horizon continues to loom over my thoughts as wasted time, and guilt for the substantial amount of money this place charged my parents for minimal services.

    I write this because my sister came across a blog like this while i was sent away. Maybe even this one, of someone who expressed what happens at this place and confronted my parents realistically and was able to shake the manipulative thoughts these WWASP programs instill in the consumer parent’s heads. Their word helped me get out and i hope mine will help someone else. IT IS A SCAM, IF YOUR KID HAS REAL PROBLEMS GET REAL HELP, SEEK OTHER FORMS OF TREATMENT.


  21. Danny Says:

    I got sent away to horizon academy. Before getting sent away there was no warning, I had no idea what was going on and I was wondering if I was being kidnapped. After transitioning from an active lifestyle to a sedimentary one overnight the uncomfortable mattress that I layed upon was the first spot I went to as my hair was buzzed for the first time ever. I was told when I woke up by the people who took me out of my house that I was going to a campus. It was a very small school containing false high school diplomas. The mattresses were so bad that after 4 months of laying on them that my back has a serious illness according to the state of California because of that


  22. Mustang Mike Says:

    I worked at this place in Nevada from Feb 2010 to June 2010. This place was a joke. Jade and Raul were idiots, the children care was horrible and even worse then inmates in a prison. i was called into jades office one day because i had voiced my concern for some of the treatments these children received and when i arrived in his office he had his wife and my supervisor at the time in there, he told me that i needed to shut my mouth because i am here to work not voice concerns, when i replied he placed me on suspension and told me to leave and come back in two weeks. i came back in two weeks not knowing of the secretive things jade did/does. I agree with previous posts the way some staff treated the students was horrible and i apologize for their actions upon you guys. I resigned due to their bs tactics!!!!!!!


  23. Alayna Says:

    Hmmmmm, where to even start.. I was sent away to horizon academy in March 2008 and graduated in October 2010.. 32 months.. No this place is not somewhere id ever want to experience again but there was never any actual abuse.. The rules were ridiculous and defiantly do not relate to the outside world at all but I guess I could say I understand the wanting to provide structure.. None of us were there for vacation so of course we weren’t going to be treated as if we were.. A lot of issues that came up involved staff and having the upper hand, power and control to take advantage of the students instead of actually doing their job as a dorm parent.. But not everyone there was out to get you.. I actually had some wonderful times and had made some amazing relationships with people I still keep in contact with.. It is an emotional and sometimes traumatizing adventure for a child to be put in but I did receive an extreme amount of therpy with this program.. I left with a new appeciaton for things.. It was part of my life and something I will never forget.. I am an adult now and do not dwell in bitterness or hate for this place because for a long time, this was my home.. This is where I grew up from 13-16 and it is what it is.. Bashing the program will not change anything.. It was a hard situation we all went through but we survived and are now living own lives..


    • david gray Says:

      I worked there for about a year tell I moved on. the kids loved me and I was on there side helping them get through there tuff times. I never new that any abuse was going on there. I am sorry to hear that to all that had to experience any of that. the kids and I were close. Never did any of them get into trouble. well when to escaped and we searched all night for them. and Chafin found them the next morning hiding at the church. and the gay thing. Alex was very out there. and no one ever gave him trouble. there was no brain washing. well I hope all you are doing good.


  24. kevin Says:

    Im pretty neutral but Horizon definetly helped. I was a meth addicted stoner who drank almost everyday. I would steal from my family to pay for drugs and definetly said “fuck it to school”. I was there from march 2006 to august 2007. Yes its a business so its trying to make money. I agree with the manipulation of parents to keep kids there even when families are running out of money. On the other hand the program worked. I showed up addicted with no self confidence and no drive. I actually chose by myself after completing the program to go back for a few weeks and finish high school. I never saw anything even remotely violent besides kids just getting there being restrained after freaking out and put into intervention. It was a life experience that sucked at the time but was worth it. Most of the staff genuinely cared and some guy up here was talking about bad food? They employed the people that were running the restaurant that was there before the school. I never ate a salad in my life before going. It seems like a bunch of people are whining about their parents trying to help them. It hurt your parents wallet worse than your emotions being dragged there. Im not saying its for everyone, like the twelve year old that was there at the time for playing too much video games.
    All of this being said im not a saint. Since horizon academy i had my house raided when i was nineteen for growing and being a weed supplier in las vegas. At this time i was the youngest person on best buys corporate team for the las vegas, st george and hawaii district. Since then ive had a career change to being a tattoo artist on the las vegas strip. Ill still smoke every once in a while but i dont feel the need to like when i was a kid. I have my own house, my own cars, and an amazing family with two of the greatest kids in the world. I have all of that because my parents sent me to horizon academy. The problem with graduates fucking up is from being fake while they were there. I talked almost everyday i was there about how one of my life goals is to open a marijuana cafe and i was an upper status trainer for the last six months i was there. The seminars were akward and weird but take what you can out of it. I can stand infront of any people or group of people with confidence and thats from getting out of my “comfort zone” during these seminars. Thats not program jargon its life jargon minus a few of them like “what you fear you create”. That doesnt really apply. I cant talk about the other schools or when i wasnt there but the kid lying about being raped at the time i was there your full of shit but lets be honest when i was there i would have done anything to go home. Take what you want from “the program” it can give you tools. I didnt really use my life contract despite the staff telling me i wouldnt be successful withoutit but i used gained maturity to take what i needed from it.


  25. Bobby D'Agostino Says:

    I spent 22 months in Horizon Academy between 2008 and 2010.

    I am going to speak for this time frame only because I can’t speak of other times.

    There was not abuse, the entire place was immaculate and clean constantly. The staff were some of the most caring, compassionate people I had ever met, and honestly it was a blessing of an experience that I cannot even imagine being achieved without the organization of such a facility.

    With that said, it was a business. They wanted to drag you in there to make money, but once you were there, they took great care of you. Raul was a huge asshole, but fuck him no one ever learned from him. Some of the other staff were literally the most selfless people I have ever come across and I am eternally grateful for this experience. They took me to California to run a half marathon, taught me how to take care of livestock, brought me to town events and exposed me to some of the most awesome experiences of my life.

    For anyone who bashes on this place, at least in the time frame that I am referring to, (and honestly probably before this, but I can’t testify)… if you really believe that this place was shitty and abusive then you’re a weak pussy. Own up to your emotions, realize what we had. I cried to grown ass men about my life and learned how to open up my soul.

    Say what you will be this will forever be in my heart. Thanks for everything.

    And whoever made this site… you’re probably correct about other situations but you can’t group it all together and make all these people and places sound bad. A lot of info on this site is bogus and manipulative. Don’t be ridiculous.


  26. Steve Terraszas Says:

    I was at Youth Foundations/ Horizon Academy, and though it was tough sometimes to be there, because the conditions were so different from the life I was used to, I didn’t witness very much wrong doings by Jade, Chaffin, Jason, or anyone. I mean the staff got fed up sometimes, and maybe restrained someone a little hard, but I am not going to sit here and lie and say it didn’t help me at all. I was on a bad path, maybe would have led to jail or something else, who knows, but with the support of the staff, and other students here with me, I learned how to talk and open up about my problems, with my parents, and anyone else I have a relationship with. I found a whole new sort of self confidence that I never knew before, and my whole self esteem was raised. This place has made me the man I am today, and without it I wouldn’t be where I am today.


  27. Devin B Says:

    this place was a hell hole, they didn’t give a fuck about the kids not one bit. all they cared about was their money, you only talked to your family once a fuckin month like wtf prison talks to their families more. I swear I wish this place never even opened. an not only did I hate the place but when I got back home I was 10x worse because of it.


  28. Austin W. Says:

    I was at Horizon Academy at the Nevada facility from December 2010 until around March of 2011 when Jade Robinson took off with all of the non-state kids, myself included, to merge with Cross Creek. I was transported in the middle of the night by two guys and carried down three flights of stairs to their car, then driven to somewhere near San Diego to pick up another kid, then driven to Nevada. I entered the Nevada facility a month away from 17 but my parents hard balled me about leaving at 18 and it was easy to realize that I wanted the fuck out as quickly as possible, so I tried my best to put my head down and move through the motions without getting programmed out. I was in Courage family the entire time. I went through Discovery within my first week there, just a couple of days after detoxing off prescription pills while laying in a corner on the floor of the MPR while the entire boys side of the facility was watching movies because it was Christmas and they didn’t want to spare a staff or upper level for a sickbed. Somehow I made it through Discovery, despite not knowing any of their jargon yet and really pissing off Gilcrease, but was instantly alerted to how insane the program was. It was bullshit, so I did my best to fake it. I bullshitted the seminars, wrote bullshit daily reflections and bullshit letters to my parents and I bullshitted every group I had to go to. By bullshitting the staff and dumb luck somehow I managed to only drop once from level 3, for moving icons on a computer’s desktop back and forth with a girl who sat at the same seat during the their school block. I ended up graduating high school and the program by December 2011. After being home for a couple of months and being forced to follow a contract I dropped for having gotten drunk at Horizon almost an entire year earlier while I was down at level 2, then again a month later for smoking cigarettes, and again a month later for backing into a car when I shouldn’t have been driving. In every instance I lied about it because I had been ingrained with a massive fear of consequences because of the arbitrary punitive system at Horizon. The potential to drop levels for any infraction was always looming over us, and it instilled a sense of impending doom in me through the program and once I got home that totally influenced the way I interacted with people. I was guarded and defensive to a fault.

    I have only recently begun dealing with the trauma from my time there. I’m grateful but also apologetic for the fact that my generation, especially at the Horizon Nevada facility, got off extremely light in terms of physical abuse. I cringe and feel so much for those of you from previous generations at places like Tranquility Bay or Paradise Cove that were forced to endure much, much worse. I witnessed Raul, Jason, and Jade, and dorm parents all use excessive physical force with kids, and had Jason push me around on multiple occasions. My trauma was mostly emotional. The seminars did a number on me going through them, but staffing them was much, much worse. I hated Jan and Gilcrease for the tactics they used on me while I was a forced participant, but being forced to inflict those same cruelties onto other kids is what I consider to be one of the worst crimes committed by these people and one of my biggest regrets. I wish I would have stayed a level 1 pile for that year instead of contributing to the emotional distress of others, but I had to do my best to get myself out too. I occasionally have nightmares still but just about two things, being transported in the middle of the night and staffing seminars. If you remember me and I staffed your communities or seminars, I’m sincerely sorry, because I know I was ruthless. It’s hard not to behave like an animal when we were treated like animals.

    I do not know how anyone can defend Horizon or the administration that ran it. All of them have a twisted, decade and a half long history with WWASP. Psychological and physical abuse were present at all of their facilities, including Horizon. For those who deny that, just because you didn’t see it or it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to others. Everyone deserves the chance to heal at their own pace, so I won’t hold it against you for attacking those who are speaking out against Horizon. I wasn’t ready to accept what happened there for the first couple of years after leaving either.

    I am 21 now and this December marks 5 years since being sent there and 4 since leaving. I still feel the negative effects of Horizon on a daily basis. I struggle with sleeplessness, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, and an instinct to tear people apart emotionally and psychologically for any wrongdoing due to a year of forced participation in the seminars and our daily family Review, which was really just daily group attack therapy. I was typical for a Horizon kid – I fought with my family, smoked weed and experimented with other substances, and didn’t really care about school, although I wasn’t dropping out or truant. I had a volatile temper and was prone to anxiety attacks. I definitely needed SOMETHING – some form of help or guidance to ease me through the turmoils of adolescence. But I was denied that, and instead spent a year wasting away emotionally at the hands of practiced con artists looking to profit from our pain.


  29. Ryan Lubag Says:

    I feel my mom was conned into paying for this school. They made me give consequences to people. This resulted in me getting punched in the nose and having my nose disfigured. I said I would like to be compensated in money for having this done to me. All I was given was panda express. I still have nightmares about how evil it was to be a kid there. I’m definitely worse off because of being there.


  30. david gray Says:

    I worked there for awhile and the kids and I got along great. I hope you all have a good life.


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