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Teen Mentor School

Teen mentor was a co-ed facility opened in 2010 by Robert W. Litchfield, Robert B. Litchfield’s son. He was the owner and apparently functioned as Director as well. Teen Mentor School was located in a converted hotel in Tarcoles, Costa Rica. It accepted children from 13-18. Teen Mentor was closed in March 2011, less than one year after opening, by Costa Rican child welfare authorities. They were acting on numerous complaints of abuse and neglect, as well as the fact that children were being held against their will, a crime in Costa Rica. One offical has been quoted as saying that “physical, psychological and verbal mistreatment” were “apparent.”


Robert Walter Litchfield

Robert Walter Litchfield is Robert Browning Litchfield’s son. Daddy gave him a plum job in 2010 as the owner and Administrator of the Teen Mentor facility in Costa Rica.  Teen Mentor was shut down in March 2011 by Costa Rican authorities after they recieved numerous complaints from children and parents regarding abuse at the school.  Officials who visited the facility said that “physical, psychological and verbal mistreatment” were “apparent.”

Survivor Testimony



Some parents revile Teen Mentor, while others claim program’s value.

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  1. david johnson Says:

    i was a student here at mentor and i was there when it closed down. i would have to say that robert was a very kind man as well as a lot of the staff members. i disagree on the fact that they were “Abusive” the only downside to this program was the food ironicly enough. if i had a voice in any of this i would give them another chance.


  2. Poly Says:

    I’d say the worst part of this school was that it was a WWASPS program.


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