About WWASP Survivors

WWASP Survivors is run by a dedicated group of concerned alumni of WWASP-affiliated programs. Our mission is threefold: to advocate for those still being held and abused in WWASP programs, to support those who have previously been held in a WWASP program, and to raise awareness of the true nature of WWASP to save children and their families from being abused and scammed.

 WWASP Survivors Advocacy Positions

  • No child deserves to be abused. Especially in the name of treatment. As advocates we strive to designate the difference between “Tough Love” and clinically approved mental health treatment. We encourage parents to seek ethical and professional help for their children and avoid at all costs, coercive and abusive behavior modification programs.


  • Parents should be educated about the dangers of illegitimate residential treatment programs and be equipped with the tools to see through the clever marketing techniques. Parents should utilize the Red Flags List to determine what constitutes an abusive program.


  • Each and every abusive policy employed by the Troubled Teen Industry should be eradicated. Many laws already exist prohibiting the polices of which are commonplace in “Tough Love” programs and should these laws be broken, victims should seek to press charges immediately.




  • Minor citizens deserve all the same human rights as any other citizen. Parental rights DO NOT trump the child’s right to consent, safety, and decency in treatment.




  • Should a minor be held against their will, sans due process and without having given informed consent without coercion, they are being unlawfully detained. In most states age of consent to treatment is 13 years of age and false imprisonment is illegal at ANY age. Any person who may be concerned for the welfare of a child in a lock down facility is encouraged to call the authorities and hire a lawyer to petition for a writ of habeas corpus as soon as possible.




  • Denial of a minor’s rights to an attorney, access to the local authorities and advocates is unlawful. Every citizen regardless of age should be allowed to call for help if they feel they are being abused or are fearful of being abused. Denying this right only proves the existence of abuse in “Tough Love” programs. If the program you are considering does not allow your child full access to advocates, DO NOT enroll them. If the program your child is currently attending does not allow this right, PULL THEM immediately.




  • Hiring of unqualified staff is dangerous. When staff members are not properly trained to handle situations in a safe and ethical manner more than often abuse and maltreatment becomes commonplace. If the Director and “Case Managers” do not have adequate degrees, certifications and experience to be mental health practitioners, you should avoid placing your child into their care.


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  1. Chelsea Nicol Says:

    Awesome site… excellent job!!! So proud of and thankful for the work you are doing. I cant help but smile when I think of all the kids whose lives you are truly helping and changing for the better!


  2. Laura Says:

    I think there should be a group perhaps once a year where former “students” of these places can meet together and tell our stories, or just get together with people who have been through similar things. (PREFERABLY NOT HELD IN UTAH)


    • Amber Says:

      I attended casa by the sea. Please let me know if u know of any group that does get together. Id like to attend.


      • WWASP Survivors Says:

        Hey Amber, Welcome!

        Have you checked out the different Casa groups on Facebook? There was a reunion last year in San Diego and I think they are doing another one this year in the Bay Area… Also there have been some reunions in Vegas… Check out the groups reconnect, and encourage people to get out and meet up in your area :)


    • Justin Tigrett Says:

      We need more support groups on this matter. I didn’t graduate but was in tranquility bay I left on my 18th birthday that was nearly 9 yrs ago and still I am haunted by the memories of that hell hole if you ever get a group started for us in GA please let me know I’ll do everything I can to help those who were hurt and share my experience that I went through it’ll be great to meet anyone who knows how I feel and knows what truly happened to us


      • Laila Bakhtiari Says:

        I went to Tranquility Bay about 9-10 years ago. I’m trying to go back to college, but I need my highschool transcripts and have no clue how or where to start looking to receive them since TB has shut down. I’m also located in georgia, and try my best to stay in contact with a few people from my time there. If you could let me know anything, that would be awesome!!


  3. Erica( EJ) Debenon Says:

    I attended Cross Creek Manor in LaVerkin from October 2001-May2004. Not many of the girls and boys there where physically abused, but I was. I was sat on by a 360lb man on several occasions to restrain me. I was thrown down stairs, thrown into walls, pulled off the top bunk bed due to me screaming becuase, I had a bad dream and then hauled off to ISO for it. I had my face smashed into the floor by a staff 3x’s mt size for back talking. I had broken ribs, bloody noses, and bruises and my therapist at the time Brian Hanson even told my mom that, but it was for my own good and that I had started it. When I went into CCm I was 5′,4″ 109lbs. I had staff2 to 2 ot 4 on my a$$ 2-3 times my sizes. I also had an underlying mental illness, which I am now on SSDI for and the staff and Brian knew my history but still, they beat me. CCM may have not abused most of it’s tenants, but as for someone like me, yes, I was abused. CCM was not equipped to deal with someone of my nature and should have transferred me to a psychiatric ward.


  4. WWASP Survivors Says:

    Erica, Thank you for sharing your experience, If you would like to be included in our survivor testimony section please post your story here: http://wwaspsurvivors.com/survivor-testimony/

    You are welcome to leave your story in full length in the testimony section…

    Or you can submit as a comment in the “Leave a Reply” section.


  5. s338 Says:

    Great Job keep up the good work.


  6. Evan Says:

    So happy that someone is doing something about this. I was at Majestic Ranch in Randolph, Utah when i was 12 to 13 years old. That place changed me forever, and I ended up in prison by the time i was 18. It was the worst thing that could have possibly happened to me at that age. It makes me sad that it is still in operation and kids are still going to “Old West Academy” now. Stop WWASP! Stop child abuse!


    • BillBoyles Says:

      Evan: We really need survivor testimony from Majestic Ranch. It has remained somewhat mysterious. Would you condsiering writing your story down for us? Thanks.


      • Jeanie Says:

        I have a neighbor who sent their young son to Majestic Ranch/Old West Academy. I’m so horrified about this decision. Please respond about the care of this place. Is there a lawyer who can help extended families get custody of this child, and get him free?
        Thank you,


  7. Kayla Says:

    I went to CASA 98-99 they did have a reunion in Vegas like two years ago….it’s good to see others stories here…CASA wasn’t the best time of my life…..


  8. Meghan Black-Baldwin Says:

    For all of the WWASP talk of caring about the future of the students, the only thing they really care about is money!

    I have been trying to get my high school transcript for over a month to no avail. I have filled out the proper forms and paid the money but received nothing.


  9. Cody seth Crawford Says:

    I went to Dundee Ranch academy in Costa Ricca in 2003, I was there when it was shut down…I was placed in Observation placement and forced to stay on my knees all day…nose on the wall..was denied water.and food. I think his name was Mr.conley or conrad and the other locksley…My fammily father was daniel. We had forced excercises in the hot tropical sun…washed our own clothes by hand in the showers(with dirty water) and food was used as punishment…I was not allowed to have a meal untill I completed a 15,ooo word essay once….I am On SSDI for Dissability and was diagnosed as Autistic at the time.I was speacial education .since the guidlines have changed in pychology since then I am currently diagnosed with Asbergers …


    • jessica dibb Says:

      cody, i dont know if you remember me but you and i were always in ob. My name is jessica. the black guys that would restrain us were bailey…he was tall and skinny, claude, conrad…..conradd was sleeping with that sarah girl…she was a student….do you remember me..how are you


  10. Cody seth Crawford Says:

    The prosecuter in Yamhillcounty claimed I had started the riots at Dundee ranch when I finally was allowed to leave costa ricca a month later….(they y are wrong) She was fired for something…hiding something..it was in the news register or oregonian……I left with the police, and the PANI….I would like to say thankyou to the country of Costa Ricca….The prosecutor tried,,,iremember that…the cards were stacked against her…..TOO much threats , lies , and MONEY………In yamhill county beforew judge collins they simply stated some news article as evidence that i was somee master mind of destroying the Ranch….They claimed i lit fires!!!!!1 IDID nothing of the sort and ran to help faster thabn most…I remember how the other kids acted like it was party day…I was scared to death …i clung to the Panni lady,,,,,,,,,,C.j was there with me……never heard or saw from him again…said his mother was a judge….from washington i reccolect. Their was a boy at the Panni shelter in sanjose that spoke english…he was from jamaica and told me his parents brought him there from jaimaica and that they were there illegal…he told me he had been there for 3 years…w/out his parents…no contact…so off i went to find the embassy.no passport…no money..no map…no spanish…all alone!


  11. Cody seth Crawford Says:

    Prosecutor of bottom-swatting boys is arrested in alleged … http://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2008/12/prosecutor_of_buttswa... – Similarto Prosecutor of bottom-swatting boys is arrested in alleged …
    Dec 18, 2008 … Debra Markham, a Yamhill County deputy district attorney who made national news in 2007 for prosecuting two McMinnville seventh-graders


  12. Cody seth Crawford Says:

    #1 Lee S
    View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message


    Join Date:Nov 2007
    Location:Oregon City
    Posts:1,573Karma can be a cruel bitch
    Debra Markham is a Yamhill County, Oregon Assistant District Attorney. She is best known for prosecuting three 13 year old boys for going down the hallways of their school and swatting girls on their butts for sexual assault. Although crude, immature, and ill-mannered, let me say that swatting girls on their butts is hardly a sexual assault. It was pointed out in trial that girls also swatted boys in the butt and it was just something stupid that junior high children are apt to do every now and again.

    After dragging these three boys through court, the charges were dismissed, because junior high students are at best mildly retarded and the charges just didn’t pass the sniff test.

    Two years later, Debra Markham was arrested for punching her husband in the face hard enough to draw blood. Aparently the couple had some sort of argument and she just lost it. Yesterday, because of the arrest, Debra Markham was fired. The karmic scales of justice have been leveled a bit, but wouldn’t it be appropriate if she was also charged with sexual assault. Not that I get displeasure from the misfortune of others, but damn that was nice!


  13. Cody seth crawford Says:

    Missing Dundee Student Found
    By Tim Rogers

    SAFE AND SOUND: Cody, with his sister and mother, visit yesterday with Isaac, the Costa Rican man who took the Dundee student off the streets.
    TT/Julio Lainez

    Former Dundee Ranch Academy student Cody Crawford, a 16-year-old from Oregon, is back in the care of his mother this week, following an incredible 10-day adventure that began when he escaped from the now-closed behavior modification program May 20.

    Crawford left Dundee Ranch under the care Child Welfare (PANI) authorities during the May 20 government intervention, which sparked rioting, vandalism and the escape of 35 students (TT, May 23, 30).

    Although the U.S. Embassy said all the students were accounted for two days after the breakout, Crawford — unbeknownst to either U.S. or Costa Rican authorities — was lost on the streets of Costa Rica with no clothes, money, food or Spanish. The PANI informed the the Judicial Investigative Police (OIJ) that Crawford was missing May 21, and police issued a missing-persons notice last Friday — nine days later.

    But Crawford did not want to
    be found. And if it had not been for the goodwill of a Costa Rican family who took him in off the streets, he might have been killed, his relieved mother told The Tico Times during an exclusive interview yesterday.

    Don’t Miss Friday’s TT print edition for complete story.


  14. Cody seth crawford Says:

    I have all the rest of the events on my face book and on ANtiWWasp/us
    I am voting For Mr OBAMA TODAY!!!! PLease do not send your kids into any programm…It is a teenagers nature to rebel..they will grow out of it….I suffer from post traumatic stress and Also am Autistic with a duel diagnosis of Asbergers syndrome….NOT BI- POLAR AS many court systems paint any young person that has raging hormones these days>>>>>>IF THE COURTS CAN”T BE TRUSTED would you trust your child to strangers? REad the testimonial of over 500 ex-students at Antiwwasp……..I have links on my FACE BOOK.


  15. Lorin W Stewart Says:

    The amount of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and menrtal abuse that occured… Seing kids made to eat there own vomit, sleeping on a piece of carpet with a thin blanket on concrete at 18* F as a “privlage” how can people get away with this. Pappa “louise” etc…. Chase mckinney VS WWASP out of dallas TX through turley law firm.. Class action….


  16. Lorie M. Says:

    My nephew graduated from Darrington Academy and is now trying to obtain his high school transcript from Darrington. He just served 4 years in the Marines and wants to go to college. Does anybody know who to contact to get his transcripts? Already tried Dept. of Ed. Any help would be appreciated


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      I’m pretty sure the Browning Academy company is the one to reach out to, They offered the “academics” for all WWASP schools. I havent personally had any success with them, but you might be able to reach them through calling Cross Creek Programs and asking them to give you contact info. I’m sure they get this question all the time.


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      ATTENTION: to request your high school diploma or transcripts, contact Jay

      Academic Expediter/Registrar

      The Browning Schools

      Office 435-275-7305

      Cell 435-272-2244 (this might be an old registrar’s #, try the office first)



  17. Rachel Says:

    I went to Home Depot today and saw a wheel barrow. I was trying to
    Explain to my bf that grown men used to “burrito” me for days
    In 30 below weather at ascent in northern Idaho to when I was able to
    Bathe off my urine and fecal matter after that time my feet were black not frost bite
    But “frost burn” as the doctor off sure would proclaim after
    We were allowed medical attn this being able to be transported in a wheel barrow


  18. Christian Says:

    Carolina springs academy appears to have reopened as “Seneca Ranch”…also I joined the forum and am waiting on activation. I am a high impact survivor and am just now learning about this community.


  19. Suzanne Says:

    Spring creek was were my brother was for 5 years. I was not aware of any of this going on. He was there in around 2000. They saved my brothers life, no questions asked. The staff was amazing in handeling a case like his. I hate that they turned to what they did years later. There program saved so many lives.My brother in fact still talks to his “room mates” if you call them. Im so dissapointed to see it went to shambles. It was once a great program. My heart goes out to all ofyou that were neglected and abused. NO ONE deserves that.


  20. Sherisha Says:

    I was at TB from 97-98 and finished off with 4 months in SCLA. I personally never witnessed at the time I was there any abuse or neglect. But the stories I heard of illicit sex and drugs provided by and had with staff members after my return home were appalling. I did most definitely did not enjoy my time there but I learned that sometimes shutting my big mouth and listening gets me in way less trouble. I graduated the program after my 18th bday, my parents having told me finish or there is no place at home for you. So……I finished.

    I have a great life now, a wonderful family, and my Mom and Dad are my best friends. Not all of the kids there have horror stories , some of us just followed the rules and never put ourselves in the position to be sat on, hit, raped etc. Do I believe these things happened to kids YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they did not deserve it. honestly it sounds like the whole program went to shit after I had left. Am I perfect, HELL NO!!!!!!!! But I’m happy, a damn good wife and Mom, and I am grateful for the slap in t he face I received that told me I was acting like an asshole.

    Sherisha- Foundation Family TB


  21. Darren Prince Says:

    Please update your information on Ashcreek Ranch Academy. We have no affliation with the Litchfields. Our school is two miles north of their property. Our school is an open facility and does not use any tactics you are describing on this site.


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      If there is any unsubstantiated claims on this website about Ashcreek Ranch Academy we would be happy to make changes, however we can not validate that there is indeed no connection to the lichfield’s when all evidence points to confirmed affiliation. We are aware that at least a few staff members including the Executive Director, Clinical Director and Academic Director are former WWASP employees.


      • Whitney Saunders Says:

        Typical WWASP.. Always claiming they’re not affiliated with this or that. I suppose they’re not Mormon either


    • d Says:

      shut thew hell up


    • Anonymous Says:

      The owner of Ashcreek Academy, your sister, Tammy Prince, did admissions for Cross Creek for years. So perhaps the information could be edited to say, “After working for the Litchfields for years via Teen Help and Cross Creek Manor, Tammy Prince opened Ashcreek Academy. She cringes at the thought of losing business if her employment history comes to light.”


  22. Robert Carpenter Says:

    I was in Tranquility Bay in 97-98. I was in the original Honors Family, though I first started in Dignity Family, I was #128. I’m just trying to figure out if there is a way I can reach out to the other people in Honors Family. I have my own accounts of that place, such as: When I was put in OP there were no mats, no towels, no pillows. You were made to lay there NAKED, and you had to stay there until they decided otherwise. I was hit in the head with a walkie talkie by an employee named, ‘Shaggy’, during Mr. Bailey’s shift. There was a one good man named ‘Mr. Mari’. He taught us the Jamaican philosophy of ‘One love’. There were plenty of both good and bad things. I wasn’t a bad kid, I just needed some guidance. But make no mistake, the point of this place is to break your spirit and make you respect authority. Definitely learned a lot, it made me a very sharp individual. When everyone gets in trouble for one person’s mistake, you learn to pay damn good attention to your surroundings. I was a level 1 through the entire program.


  23. Joe A Says:

    I got there in February 2004. I was also there when they were raided and shut down. Thank God it was my pc-1. and my parents where there to see it for themselves and finally believed that I was not “manipulating” or lieing. They saw that every letter I wrote to them about how this.place was a scam and how poorly treated we were. they finally believed me and took me.home!


  24. Andrew M Says:

    I’m glad to see there was action taken on this rtc. There are a lot more of them out there I myself went to a couple in Salt Lake City. they need to be shut down. Even some wilderness camps, in my eyes the people running these places are worse than child molesters, scum of the earth. On that I will spend my life in helping adolescent kids who end up in the places because no one else will, not even their parents. I will give them hope trying to show them you can change your life around.


  25. Maricarmen Says:

    Sorry for intruding, but I am horrified at the stories. I personally relate to Chris Sutton’s life story. From adoption to being sent away by parents with “perfect kid” expectations rather than finding out the root of why we acted out the way we did. Luckily, my experience was not as brutal as these camps. Close. But not quite. And mine was in Mexico. I would never even think about sending my son anywhere. He is MY responsibility. Not some torture camp’s. I am sorry for what so many of you have gone through. Hugs to all of you. And if anyone has contact with Sutton, tell him he has a supporter out here.


  26. Joseph Vincent Says:

    Hi. My name is Joe I went to spring creek lodge in montana from 2003-2004 and I am trying to get a hold of m transcripts. Has anyone been successful in this? Please help thanks.


  27. Wilson Says:

    I hope they close these camps down permanently and jail the staff who harmed the inmates. I am lucky to have had moderately permissive parents who didn’t try to turn me into a “Stepford kid,” (partly because it was harder to do in the early 70s) and I feel deeply for those who have been forced to suffer through this.

    I suspect the average inmate in these institutions is/was of above average intelligence and sensitivity and, like all intelligent beings, curious. This curiosity led them to explore things their parents disapproved, so the parents sought out ways of controlling them, and the WWASPs provided such a thing, at a price. The “schools” then used violence to try to amputate the source of the inmates’ intelligence, that is, their curiosity, a crime made all the more horrendous because it was perpetrated on such sensitive people, not hardened criminals. This is an outrageous thing.

    Like many of these victims, in high school I dabbled in drugs and sex, started failing in school (because it was so boring) and got in minor trouble with the law, ending up dropping out of high school with my best friend. I worked for a few years, did a enlistment in the Army, and went to college when I got out, earning a BA in history with honors, got married and raised a family, working several public service jobs, now getting close to retirement age. My friend went to college and then a major law school, representing cases as high as the US Supreme Court, and he is a partner in a large law firm from which he is semi-retired (works about half the year). My point in this story is that being curious as a teenager does not condemn one to a life of crime or addiction, or a bad end.

    Having been a parent, I know the teen years can be scary, all that exploring they do. But I oppose on practical and moral grounds using psych drugs and violence to turn people into “Stepford children.” I hope these sorts of places are banned permanently here and abroad. I will follow this website and hope I can help in some way to put an end to this outrage.

    Keep up the good work.


    • MB Says:

      @ Wilson…I agree 100%. There is a difference between kids who are curious/rebellious and kids who are truly deviant or “bad”.

      Sometimes parents and guardians have unrealistic views of how kids should act; this causes them to see little things as symptoms of severe behavioral problems. In my opinion, shipping kids off to these places does more harm than good. Discipline is about guidance but these institutions are often about brainwashing and stripping kids of all freedom/individuality.
      Not to mention some of the terrible, disgusting things I’ve read about on this site…like the kids who had to live in filthy conditions and eat rotten food and were treated worse than anything I can imagine.

      There is no excuse for this at all and like you said, I hope these places are shut down completely.
      I’m not against the concept of reform schools entirely because some kids ARE out of control. But there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to basic human rights.
      I saw a documentary where one lady sent her daughter to Tranquility Bay or one of those places just because the girl was into body piercing and listened to Nine Inch Nails…I mean, really? What do these parents expect from their kids?
      Perfect robot-like behavior at all times? Teenagers will screw up and do stupid things but the parents need to find better ways of handling certain issues instead of sending their children to these institutions.


  28. cassandra Says:

    My name is Cassandra Caravella I attended Carolina Springs academy while I waited for a transfer to Dundee Ranch I was sent to the programs when I was about 13 and a half years old I was at Dundee Ranch during the riot and was one of the people who fled while in the process I had my head smashed into a cement railing by Mr. Conrad once I ws captured and brought back to the facility I was there a few weeks being told I was going back home to Florida. However, once I reached Miami airport I was immediately detained by transporters who brought me to Tranquility Bay, between the 3 programs I was there for a total of almost two years 2 months of which were spent at Carolina Springs Academy. Once I reached Dundee and Tranquilty I was placed in O.P almost the whole time I remained in the program. I was abused every day. When my father finally got my out of the programs he had to lie and say he could not afford them any more, since they were trying to get me court ordered there. When I arrived home at, well at the airport my dad was standing there looking around and waiting for me, he couldnt even recoginize me at fisrt due to the swelling and bruising on my face. All of those programs are horriable places and I am so grateful to see something being done about these places. I am currently 25 and still am in contact with journalist from the Washington Post and undergoing different lawsuits.


    • MB Says:

      Wow, Cassandra…I am so sorry that happened to you. What an ordeal that must have been!
      It makes me angry that anyone could smash a kid’s head into a railing and hold them against their will and treat them the way you were treated.
      I am of Jamaican heritage and trust me, we are not all like the abusers at Tranquility Bay. Abuse of any kind makes me sick.

      My heart goes out to you and everyone who has shared their stories.


  29. cassandra Says:

    Cody seth crawford,

    I remember the names and exactly what the 3 Jamicans looked liked to this day… It was Mr. Conrad he was the bigger of the two, Mr. Loxley and Mr. Bailey. I got beatings and punishments from one or sometimes all of them everyday


    • Cody Seth Crawford Says:

      Cassandra! You were the one that went with me and C.J. in the back of the P.A.N.N.I. truck, then we got to the police station, traded skittles for cigs from the cop? Then in San Jose we were taken to an orphanage/shelter place..given happy meals then me an C.J. traded skittles for a joint and smoked it right in front of the Costariccan welfare worker and were then separated from the others and taken to a total lockdown ghetto place…..Good luck and glad to know you survived!


      • Matt mathern Says:

        I was also Ina an orphanage when it shut down this is crazy nobody’s ever believed my stories


    • Matt mathern Says:

      Mr Conrad knocked me out once w a closed fist him and Mr bennet


  30. lee Says:

    Does anyone know how to get highschool transcripts from CSA? I’m so screwed if I don’t get my hands on them :( I tried the board of education and I emailed Browning schools but I have nothing.


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      I have heard Browning has been willing to provide some of them for people…for a fee. It may take some persistent emailing and calling though. That’s the only method I’ve heard of working, and only for a few. Sorry.


    • Edwin420firstoneouttapillarsofhopefawk Says:

      I was at casa by the sea wen it got shut down thought I was going home but nah went to Carolina springs academy got up to level five went to costa Rica aka pillars of hope wen it reopened I was about to graduate wen some weasel named troy Rupert screwed me its all good tho I got dropped send back to c.s.a until I bounced wen I turned 18 three days before I turned 18 lee bk all day


  31. Adam Says:

    Hi. TB here. 99-2001 have been trying to get a hold of Joan Davis for long time. Anyone know how. Just want to talk to her. I liked her.


  32. dustin freeman Says:

    Hey… I was ther when cross creek programs shut down… I had spent two years there… During those two years i was abused… On may 15, 2013 i fell off a sixty foot cliff while under their watch.. The whole group had one staff watchong us… If you would like to interview me i would gladly accept.. Just let me know


  33. leonard j schwartz Says:

    I am an attorney in Austin, Texas. One of our charter school clients has been sued by the parent of an ex-student on the grounds of interring with parental rights and religious freedom because staff tried to prevent the parent from sending the child to Youth Foundation Success Academy (YFSA) in Utah. We are looking for potential witnesses and information on the possible harms that YFSA may have caused with its so-called conversion therapy. You may write me at Schulman, Lopez, Hoffer & Adlestein, LLP, P.O. Box 30170, Austin, Texas 78755. I have established a special email account for responses to this inquiry. It is lschwartz.slha.law@gmail.com.

    I would also like any records or documents that are directly or indirectly on point about conversion therapy, YFSA or any of its staff, directors, owners, etc.

    Please, in addition, help me get in touch with one or more persons who maintain this website. I would like to determine if they can give us advice that might help our client successfully defend itself (and its staff that has been individually sued).



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