WWASP – Owners & Staff

These are the owners, directors, staff and employees of the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (and Schools) also known as Teen Revitalization, and marketed by TeenHelp LLC. On every count of abuse against the students in their care, each one of these people should be held accountable for the crimes they have committed and facilitated on a grand scale.

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Robert Lichfield

Owner of WWASP, and most WWASP program facilities. Owner of Cross Creek Programs (Cross Creek Manor/ Cross Creek Center) and Owner of Teen Help, the marketing arm of WWASP. Lichfield has no background in Child Psychology, his former job being a staff member at Provo Canyon Boys school which was shut down due to abuse, neglect and mistreatment of children. He then went on to start his own program, which with the help of former LifeSpring cultist David Gilcrease, and his marketing seminars Resource Realizations, WWASP quickly spanned into an umbrella corporation of specialty programs with programs located all over the world including countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Jamaica. To date more than 17 WWASP Schools have been shut down citing investigations into allegations of child abuse and medical neglect.

Ken Kay

President and the public voice of WWASP, started as a night staff at Brightway Adolescent Hospital, in St. George Utah. He served as Director of Brightway until it was shut down in 1998. Kay currently serves as superintendent of Browning Distance Learning Academy, a homeschooling curriculum company owned by Robert Litchfield. He eventually quit, but rejoined WWASP as Vice-President in March 2000. Before he rejoined, though, he made this statement:

“These people are basically a bunch of untrained people who work for this organization. So they don’t have credentials of any kind. We could be leading these kids to long-term problems that we don’t have a clue about because we’re not going about it in the proper way. How in the hell can you call yourself a behavior modification program — and that’s one of the ways it’s marketed — when nobody has the expertise to determine: Is this good, is this bad?”

Kay also said in August 2004 during his testimony in the WWASP vs. PURE case, that in his opinion, sexual activity between staff members and students is “not necessarily” abuse.

Jay Kay

Jay Kay got his start in WWASP working for his father as a security guard at Brightway Adolescent Hospital. Before WWASP he ran a gas station convenience store after dropping out of college. Jay Kay was eventually given the job as Director at Tranquility Bay, where he served until the facility closed in January 2009. He has admitted to pepper spraying students repeatedly.

Karr Farnsworth

Karr Farnsworth have served many roles for WWASP in the many years he has been involved in WWASP.  Farnsworth met Litchfield when both worked at Provo Canyon Schools. He served as WWASP president until 1998, when he was replaced by Ken Kay. He apparently served as a Trustee for the company. Then, in 1999, he took an ownership interest in the Cross Creek Programs, where he still serves as Administrator.



Ron Garrott

Serving as Administrator, directly under Ken Kay, Ron Garrott was the face of cruelty in Cross Creek Manor/ Center. He oversaw and participated in the torture and deliberate emotional distress of all of the students at CCM/CCC. He ordered their restraints, food and sleep deprivation and bragged about keeping students in isolation for more than 6 months at a time. Ron took great pride in creating and administering his own cruel and sadistic punishments such as putting students on “Staff-Buddy” complete social isolation and silence for months at a time, “BFO Tapes” a system of endless mind-numbing hours (aprox. 5+ days) sitting in structure and brutal attack therapy sessions that he appropriately named after himself. Ron’s personal perversion of therapy often included inappropriate sexual conversations and telling girls who were rape victims that they need to take responsibility for what happened to them as well as forcing victims of child abuse to admit they deserved the abuse they suffered. He took it upon himself to personally harass each new student in what he called “Ron-Meetings” where he would mock them and scream in their faces until they “broke down” and burst into tears. Ron Garrot was fired from Cross Creek in 2008 and now works in Real Estate.


Narvin Lichfield

Narvin has had a long and checkered history with WWASP.  The brother of Robert Litchfield, Narvin appears to have gotten his start with WWASP in 1998 when he opened Carolina Springs Academy, functioning as both owner and Administrator.  He then went on to open, concurrently with CSA, The Academy at Dundee Ranch in Costa Rica in (year) . In 2003, Dundee Ranch was shut down by Costa Rican Child welfare authorities due to allegations that children were being held against their will (illegal in Costa Rica) and were being abused. Officials also found 100 of 193 students did not have the required immigration papers. Litchfield was arrested  and charged with abuse and violations of international law. He was then ordered by the state of South Carolina to stay away from CSA until the case resolved, which wasn’t completed until 2007. But Narvin kept busy, re-opening Dundee Ranch under the new name Pillars of Hope (or “Pilares de Esparanza”.) POH was billed as facility for 18-22 year-olds, but there are mulitple reports of children under 18 being held there.  In 2010, CSA was closed. Narvin vowed to reopen, but backed off that claim when he was arrested by authorities in South Carolina in 2011 after he was pulled over and determined to have been driving on a suspended license and without insurance. He was also served with 3 summonses regarding bad checks written on CSA’s closed checking account totalling about $2,000. Narvin was also named as a defendant in two other lawsuits, namely Lexington Insurance Company vs. Carolina Springs et al., a personal injury suit, and the Turley class action suit.


Randall Hinton

Randall Hinton was something of a jack-of-all-trades for WWASP. He first staed working for WWASP as a tech at Brightway in 1992. After two years at Brightway he moved to the Cross Creek in 1995, working there for one year. He then served as Assitant Director for Spring Creek in 1996, then took a job in the same role for Tranquility Bayi 1997. After Tranquility Bay, in 1998 he again served as Assistant Director, this time for Carolina Springs, working under Narvin Litchfield. In 2001 Litchfield gave him the job as Director at Academy at Dundee Ranch. Hinton also appears to have spent 3 years working for Teen Help, the marketing arm of WWASP.  In 2002, Hinton left WWASP to work in another school, but came back in 2006 in order to serve as Director of Royal Peak/Royal Gorge Academy in Colorado.  Ginton was arrested on chrages of child abuse by authorities in 2007 and the school was shut down in 2008. Hinton was convicted in 2007 of one count each of third-degree assault and false imprisonment. He served 25 days in jail and one year of probation. Hinton appears to have left WWASP.


Robert Walter Litchfield

Robert Walter Litchfield is Robert Browning Litchfield’s son. Daddy gave him a plum job in 2010 as the owner and Administrator of the Teen Mentor facility in Costa Rica.  Teen Mentor was shut down in March 2011 by Costa Rican authorities after they recieved numerous complaints from children and parents regarding abuse at the school.  Officials who visited the facility said that “physical, psychological and verbal mistreatment” were “apparent.”



Dace Goulding

Owner of Casa By The Sea and co-owner of High Impact. First worked for Paradise Cove in Samoa. After CBS was closed in 2004 Goulding along with an old High School buddy Rich Darrington, opened another program called Darrington Academy in Blue Ridge Georgia. Darrington Academy was closed and criminal charges were pressed against Rich Darrington, for assault and battery of a minor. At some point he was working in a public school, but currently Goulding reports to be coaching Little League in St. George Utah.



Jason Finlinson

Jason Finlinson first became involved with WWASP when he served as Director of Casa By The Sea. During his tenures at both Casa and Ivy Ridge, Jason was known for his harsh, strict, disciplinarian style. As Administrator of the boys side of CBS, Finlinson was responsible for running a brutal program that systematically abused, deprived and tormented children. He has been accused of rape of a teenage girl on and countless incidents of assault and battery. In 2001, he left CBS in order to move to New York and open the Academy at Ivy Ridge. Ivy Ridge was closed in 2009.



(Darwin) Jade Robinson

Jade Robinson started his career in behavior modification as a staff member of WWASP’s Cross Creek Manor in Utah. and later Spring Creek Lodge in Montana  He also worked for a time at the notorious Tranquility Bay in Jamaica until he left to help start Casa By the Sea in Ensenada, Mexico. As Administrator of both the girls and boys side of  Casa By the Sea, Robinson was in charge during the time period of several reported cases of  abuse and maltreatment of the students of CBS including violent restraints, rape and other forms of sexual abuse. He ran a system that regularly refused proper medical care and denyed students access to school by forcing them to endure 8 hour stretches of detention for days, weeks, and even months in a row.  Jade Robinson was part of a staff team directly responsible for transferring kids from CBS to High Impact, a brutal boot camp co-owned by Dace Goulding. Around 2003 he attempted to open a program called Bell Academy in California which was swiftly shut down due to licensing issues. Casa by the Sea was also shut down in 2004 citing issues with CBS operating an illegitimate pharmacy. Robinson is the current owner and director of Horizon Academy, which was originally opened in the Amargosa Valley Nevada however is now re-opened on the Cross Creek Manor/ Cross Creek Center property, in La Verkin Utah (Owned by WWASP head, Robert Lichfield) and currently renamed Youth Foundation Inc./ Youth Foundation Success Academy


Luke Hallows

As Administrator at Casa by the Sea, Hallows has been reported to have participated in, ordered, endorsed, excused and covered up multiple incidents of abuse. Usually pitting upper levels against lower levels, he not only encouraged the violent ways of the program but he was also responsible for the abuse placed upon the whole facility in enacting “code red”, forcing all students to sit in stress positions, walk in circles and remain on complete code silence for weeks at a time. He is also responsible for overseeing a facility in violation of many health codes and maintaining a lack of ethical standards of care for the students of CBS. He currently lives in Sahaurita, Arizona and works at a Arivaca Boys Ranch , an equine program for teen boys.


Miguel Rodriguez

Co-Owner and Director of High Impact. Originally worked at Casa by The Sea with his wife, Allie Hernandez. This man is a pedophile and a very violent individual, He is also the mastermind behind the infamous dog cages and the man who would sit on top of kids as they were being restrained in painful arm/ leg locks and stress positions. He has been accused of several major crimes against children at High Impact including assault, rape and attempted murder. Conditions at High Impact were said to be “deplorable” by the Mexican and American authorities that raided and shut down the compound in 2002. Survivors describe High Impact as a boot camp incorporating a  multitude of unreasonable restrictions, excessive exercise and a constant barrage of verbal, and physical attacks. After the closing both Miguel and his wife Ali Hernandez were invited to come back to work for Casa By the Sea, where Miguel was responsible for more assaults on students and Ali assisted in the admissions department. Miguel Rodriguez and Ali Hernandez currently live in Ensenada Mexico.


Brian Vaifanua

As owner, this man ran one of the most notorious WWASP programs, Paradise Cove in Samoa, a facility where children were subject to miserable conditions, denied proper food and medical care and systematically tortured, assaulted, neglected and broken.  Vaifanua started his career with WWASP at Cross Creek, La Verkin Utah, Then in 1994 he opened Paradise Cove. After Paradise Cove was shut down he moved back to Cross Creek and then went on to become director of Midwest Academy, in Keokuk Iowa. In 2012 Vaifanua was reported to the St. George school district superintendent with a long list of alleged human rights abuses commiteed by him and urging the Board to have Mr. Vaifanua banned from working with young children.


Dwayne Lee

Dwayne Lee was the Director of Paradise Cove until the facility closed in 2002. He apparently got the job due to his relation to Brian Vaifanua, namely, brother-in-law. After Paradice Cove closed, Dwayne went on to work for an arm of Teen Help called Parent Resources Hotline, where he served as Admissions Coordinator for High Impact. His current whereabouts and employment are unknown, although his wife Tala Lee (Vaifanua) works as a reporter for Fox in Salt Lake City, Utah using her maiden name.


Richard Darrington

Richard Darrington partnered with Dace Goulding, an old school buddy, to open Darrington Academy in 2004, the same year Casa By The Sea closed. In May 2009 and charged with battery on two students at the school. When Darrington Academy closed, he moved to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and got a job as the dean at a private school. His license to teach was subsequently suspended by the state of Nevada in relation to his pending charges in Georgia.


Dave Arslanian

Dave Arslanian is co-owner and formerly served as Admissions Director of Eagle Ranch Academy in St. George, Utah. Before opening that program he served as a football coach for several college and professional teams, including Weber State and Utah State..




Paul Arslanian

Paul Arslanian is co-owner of Eagle Ranch Academy in St. George, Utah, which he founded with his brother Dave. Paul serves as Executive Director for Eagle Ranch Academy. Before founding Eagle Ranch in 2005, Paul, like his brother Dave,  served as a college and professional football coach.




Cameron Pullan

Cameron Pullan first worked for WWASP at Cross Creek in 1991 and 1992. He next appears in the WWASP saga in 1996, when he bought and opened Spring Creek Academy along with his brother Chaffin and Dan Peart. Pullan served as owner and administrator of the facility until 2009, when he closed the school and sold the property. Pullan was also invloved in Camas Ranch, an apparent attempt to remake a portion of the facility into an 18+ program, which also failed.

Dan Peart

Dan Peart is Robert Browning Litchfield’s brother-in-law. He seems have first gotten involved in WWASP in 1996, when he opened Spring Creek Lodge with the Pullan brothers, serving as Vice President. He then went on to be the owner of Majestic Ranch, now operating as Old West Academy, where children as young as 7, and perhaps younger, were detained, abused, and used as forced labor.

Wayne Winder

Wayne Winder became Director of Majestic Ranch in 2001. In 2002, he was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting one girl, assaulting one boy, and threatening to kill another. He was also charged with showing a boy pornography and three misdemeanor counts of child abuse. Remember, Majestic Ranch treated children from 7 to 14., so all victims were under 15 for sure and possibly quite younger. Winder was ordered to not be alone with children in the school while he was facing charges, and the school was ordered to have two staff members present at all times with children. He resigned as Director in 2002 while serving a one year, probation-like pre-trial diversion. He served as Admissions Director until at least 2011. He currently lives in Evanston, Wyoming, but that is only a short drive to Randolph, so he may still be currently involved with the school, now known as Old West Academy. -Tony

Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson took over as Director of Majestic Ranch in July 2002, which was when Wayne Winder was arrested. She has served in this capacity ever since. (source: Official Majestic Ranch website -url withheld-)


This list is in no way complete. If you know of someone who needs to be added, please email admin@wwaspsurvivors.com and we will address the situation.

J. Ralph Atkin

J. Ralph Atkin is the owner of Skywest Airlines, Eurosky Airlines, and Jet Aquisitions Group. He is also a trustee of WWASP. He has an office in St. George, Utah, and is a Mormon. In 1998, he became majority owner of Morava Academy, which was shut down later that year. He also appears to be WWASP’s main legal counsel, serving as registered agent for many WWASP entities. In fact, in legal corporate documents and filings his name and address is second only to WWASP and their address in appearances. In order to shield WWASP, he relys on tactics such as shell companies, misspellings of names and addresses, and name changes. (sources: CAICA www.caica.org, Antiwwasp www.antiwwasp.us)

Steve & Glenda Roach

Steve and Glenda Roach are from St. George, Utah, where they both worked as police officers. They got their start in the TTI owning an all-girl’s program called Sunrise Beach in Cancun, Mexico. It is unclear whether that facility was a WWASP program. It was closed in 1996 by Mexican authorities and the Roaches were arrested on charges of illegally detaining children and depriving them of their rights, and running an unlicensed and unsainitary facility. In 1998, they opened Morava Academy near Brce, Czech Republic with J. Ralph Atkin, with Glenda functioning as Director and Steve as Security Director. Morava Academy was raided by Czech police and shut dow after allegations of child abuse and illegelly detaining minors. The Roaches were arrested and charged, but escaped the country and have never faced trial. ISAC reports the couple is living in the Bahamas under assumed names, but they have a facebook page under their real names, although it does not give a location



39 Responses to “WWASP – Owners & Staff”

  1. amy Says:

    I was at cross creek manor for girls in the late 80’s early 90’s. I am not sure about all that has transpired with these programs. It saddened to read the things said about Brian Vaifanua. When I was at Cross Creek, he was one of the good guys. He and his wife were house parents and I later lived with them. They were kind loving people who truly cared about the kids that went through the program. He was never unkind. I hope that this place never changed him, and I will always remember he and his wife as individuals who helped me get through a very tough program and a tough time in my life.I hated Cross Creek, I have nightmares of going back and my parents never getting me out but never of the Vaifanua’s who were good people!


    • BillBoyles Says:

      i knew Brian when he ran Paradise Cove, debatably the worst WWASP program of a. You can read my blog, Notes From Tha Cove, for more about Paradise Cove, but let me tell you, however Brian was at CCM he took a decided turn for the worst. And things did not change when he opened Midwest. See my survivor testimony and that of Daniel Mauerer for more info as to conditions at these two programs.


    • Amy McCullough Says:

      I was there too in the late 80’s. I remember Brian too. He definitely helped ease my time there. I too have nightmares about that place…living in the basement. It was awful.


  2. remember Says:

    I was there when the Ron Meetings first started. The description of Ron Garrott is spot on. The most intimidating men i have ever met. That stupid smile peeking through those hate filled eyes.


  3. Jenny Says:

    Jade Robinson also assisted with his wife at Morava Academy in 1998.


  4. Anthony Kahwaji Says:

    why isn’t respect camp or aka bethel boy christian academy on here. Ran by the Herman Fountain in lucedale, mississippi. There are crazy people that put trash bags over childrens heads until they couldn’t breath. people that bent us over and spanked us with rulers about to rape us. people who are angry when they come into work and take it out on children by throwing them up against the wall and slapping the crap out of them when they did nothing wrong; and even if they did, they deserve to be beaten.


  5. Daria Brockliss Says:

    Cameron Pullan had way more to do with the program. He was the main guy for Spring Creek lodge with Jade Robinson – when I went there, after CCM and Sunrise Beach.


  6. Far from anywhere Says:

    I was at TB and Cross Creek. The explanation of Ron Garret is 100% true. He screamed at me, spoke down to me, insulted me, tried to physically intimidate me, and sentenced me to 30 days in complete isolation for my non violent refusal to fallow program rules. His meetings, to a child, were a terrifying thing to endure.

    Ron Garret deserves to endure the horrible things hes done to his victims.


    • Brad Larsen Says:

      I know exactly what you mean. I hope that asshole is dead. I’ve been trying to find him and can’t seem to. So he must be


      • Willy Says:

        Ron Garrett is a horrible human being. I also remember being forced to “choose out” of a seminar because I wouldn’t admit to being a slut. I had NEVER had sex before I went there. Those people are deranged at best. They drained my college fund and I was way worse off after going to CCM. I was one of the lucky ones who’s parents pulled them out after 14 months.


      • dan Says:

        Keep looking…


        • dan Says:

          Gp to #opstopinabuse and look at his profile there.You can track down his family too.
          These guys are like hiding Nazi SS rats, just follow the smell, and the exterminate.


    • dan Says:

      Suffered Ron Garrotts abuse too.
      I am not a little boy anymore.
      Got something special for Garrott in the works…
      Be seeing you Ron.


  7. cassandra strong Says:

    all of you disgust me especially the ones whose programs I stayed in I don’t know how you look yourselves in the mirror each day


  8. UtahExposed Says:

    To All Who are a Party to any Case involving WWASP, investigate why Ken Kay’s former Administrative Assistant Jeanene Hawley, is working as the Judicial Assistant at 5th District Court, Washington County, St. George Utah. Who would have hired her knowing (or should have known) her employment past!

    As a Judicial Assistant, she has authorized access to all court records, and could very well manipulate or what if she has already manipulated files.

    On page 4 of :www.fornits.com/WWASP/office_phone_list_4-20-07.pdf


  9. Catnorrell Says:

    It was Brno Czech Republic.


  10. jeff caves Says:

    Any idea who we could contact to get a high school transcript for work done in 2007 by my son?


    • Tracey Says:

      There is no way to get transcripts from them. I needed the same thing & was told they don’t have them. The school is bogus there anyway & not really accredited, so anything he did, he will have to do over. Sorry. 🙁


  11. kenny Says:

    Dan Kay, related to Ken Kay Owns RedCliff Ascent, a wilderness program designed to detain children into long term boarding schools under same ownership


  12. Melissa Says:

    Hi, I cant find your phone. What is your# ?

    Many Thanks!



  13. Trish Says:

    I attended and graduated highschool while at Casa by the Sea in early 2000s. How do I get a copy of my diploma? Does any one know. I need it for college. Any information at all please!!


  14. Sean Knauer Says:

    I Graduated from tranquility bay and am trying to get my transcripts. Can anyone help please I need them for a new job.


  15. Thomas Davenport Says:

    Do you have any information on the “US Youth ServicesNon-Profit, Inc.” in Lecompte Louisiana? It was previously named the Red River Academy. I am a lawyer in Alexandria Louisiana and I have been contacted by a family, whose son was possibly abused at this facility. I would like to learn more about this organization and hope that you will share any information. Thank you. You may call me at (318) 445-9696


    • Layne White Says:

      I went to that school. From August 4th 2013 – August 16th 2014. I can tell you all about it, if you are still needing to know? Red River was its own kind of hell.


  16. Michele Says:

    I have to respond differently from most of you above. Both Cameron and chaffin Pullan were nothing but wonderful to me and everyone else from what I saw. Even after I turned 18 they supported me and I was the main reason for starting an 18yr old program. Cameron even taught me to drive! When my own family was not around for me they both were. 2 wonderful people who made a very positive impact on my life. A lot of these abuse allegations are just total bullshit and I hope they know they what a positive impact they had not only on my life but the lives of many others.


  17. Josh Says:

    I also went to red river/ USYouth Services. That place is a hell hole and it needs to be shutdown and all of the staff their know that


  18. Seek Says:

    Were it up to me, I would put every one of these concentration camps out of business and criminally indict all those involved in the abuse. LDS Church members must have the honesty to speak out against these atrocities or they will be repeated elsewhere.


  19. Connor Says:

    Love this site, it is so nice to be amongst friends. I would only say that the info on Ron is not quite correct. He was still the boss there until 2011 I believe. Right before I walked in 2011, he was replaced by Chaffin after the Horizon merger.


  20. Julie Says:

    Steve and Glenda Roach were my kidnappers in mid 1994, so they were working with the WWASP programs at that time. I will never forget being a 17 year old girl and having a man come into my room and literally haul me out of bed…..as a sexual abuse survivor, it was terrifying


  21. TJ Says:

    Mighty nice list of people to execute. Gosh, where to start. I can remember seeing jay Kay and Randall Hinton at Tranquility Bay, they broke bones. Just ask Justin. Needless to say, I think I’d torture them all, for 16 months straight, feed them just enough to see the next day. Oh where oh where are these shitbags now…I’d love to sew their eyelids shut, spin them around…and stalk them an aluminum baseball bat…my nightmares tell me to


  22. TJ Says:

    *with…that’s, WITH an aluminum baseball bat.


  23. Monica Says:

    I want to know was there or is there a lawsuit against them and who do i need to contact please


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      There have been several. I only know of one that is currently ongoing, against Midwest Academy.



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