Another Lawsuit Filed Against Cross Creek Manor

August 20, 2013

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Cross Creek ManorSALT LAKE CITY (CN) – A “charlatan behavior modification facility” took a girl’s “desperate and deluded” mother for $100,000, made the girl a “mindless slave,” and forced her to listen to stories about rape and bestiality, she claims in court.
Sarah Artim and her mother, Nancy Artim, sued Cross Creek Manor, and its operator, the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs, in Federal Court. The seven causes of action include fraud and slavery.
“This case is about a 15-year-old girl’s being unlawfully locked up for 16 months in a private prison in Utah,” the lawsuit states. “Doing this to her daughter cost a desperate mother almost $100,000, paid to a charlatan behavior modification facility called Cross Creek Manor in St. George, Utah. It is part of a major Utah industry that preys on desperate parents and charges enormous fees to treat their children worse than any felon in a Utah correctional facility. When the parent runs out of money, and the child is released, she will be far worse off than when she was forcibly committed, and her developing adolescent mind will be forever impaired. The retribution she here seeks will not begin to repair the harm she has suffered, or the money spent by her mother to help her.”
The Artims say in the complaint that Sarah was sent to Cross Creek for treatment of anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety.
“On or about January 2007, Nancy Artim signed an enrollment agreement with Cross Creek Manor along with a demanded [sic] of $4,500 month for the 16 months that Sarah was at Cross Creek, and additional amounts totaling approximately $100,000, which eventually forced Nancy into bankruptcy. In consideration of the money paid, Nancy had to transfer to Cross Creek full and complete possession, custody, and control of her minor daughter, Sarah Artim.
“The written adhesion agreement provided that Nancy would sign a power of attorney transferring custody of Sarah for the duration of the agreement, and nevertheless accept responsibility for all expenses, damaged property, run away retrieval expenses, nursing and medical care, and release Cross Creek and its employees or contractors from any liability for injury to or death of Sarah.
“The agreement gave Cross Creek full authority to strip search Sarah by removing all of her clothing so as visually to inspect her person and body cavities. Cross Creek had the right to physically control and detain Sarah by any restraint deemed necessary, which it did. Should she escape, Cross Creek could enlist any and all enforcement agencies to capture and return her to Cross Creek at Nancy’s expense.
“Cross Creek was authorized to obtain medical care and records, and engage any medical, dental, psychiatric, and hospital, ambulance or other health related care at Nancy’s expense. Cross Creek agreed that it understood that Sarah was a minor placed in its custody and control without her consent. Sarah thus belonged to Cross Creek.”
Cross Creek is surrounded by tall fences and parents saw only what staff wanted them to see, the Artims say.
“Even in the outside area the parents were trapped into seeing only what the staff wanted them to see as the fences were 12 to 16 [feet] tall. They made the children do manual labor like washing the stairs with toothbrushes. There were isolation rooms for punishment,” the 34-page complaint states.
Sarah was not allowed to go to the bathroom without permission; she was allowed to call her parents only once a week, while a therapist listened; and was forced to listen to group members’ “unbearable” stories about “rape, bestiality, incest, molestation, drug use, death, abandonment and many other things,” she says in the complaint.
The lawsuit cites a letter from Sarah, now 22.
“I believe my 15-month stay has damaged me more than any event in my life thus far. I feel passionately that Cross Creek, and or places similar too it should be shut down so no other kid has to go through the things myself and fellow classmates were put through. Like I said it has been many years since my completion of Cross Creek and many events I have simply tucked away because they are painful, but I’m going to do my best to give examples of reasons why this place should no longer operate. It has taken me many years to heal, and get my life back on track. It honestly is still a work in progress to get over.”
Six pages later, the letter states: “One point in my therapy I was put on one month of silence where I could only speak to my therapist. I was put on it because my therapist said I didn’t share enough in group and I wasn’t working on my issues enough. This was one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever been put through. My freedom of choice was not only taken away but now my interaction with people and my voice. During this time was also my sixteenth birthday. I was eventually taken off when I started to give aggressive feedback to a girl in my group who was struggling to adopt the beliefs of the program.
“I believe through the group therapy the therapist was able to set up a dynamic that forced students to attack anyone not conforming and were rewarded by being told they are making changes and doing good. By doing this we all became brainwashed and adopting their beliefs. I learned to just go on autopilot and do whatever I was told so that I could return home. Therapist/staff constantly encouraged us to tell on others who weren’t following rules, and to almost shame people into conforming. Feedback was used not to help, but to destroy girls with already self-esteem that was on the floor. They wanted our self-esteem to be low so they could form us into what they wanted us to become, and so we wouldn’t question any other their methods.
“To graduate the program you must complete six levels and graduate at least 8 seminars. You must graduate each of the seminars to move up to the other. If you do not graduate your seminar you will be in the program at least another 2 months because they only take place every two months. They tell you to graduate these seminars is simple all you have to do is be honest and share. That was not my experience.
“The seminars consisted of strange, confusing rules to follow (that if you break one the facilitator will most likely eliminate you from the seminar).
“Exercises that consisted of things like beating chairs and screaming, being forced to share things you had done that were ‘bad’ in your past.
“Not being allowed to use the restroom under any circumstance unless on a break, which were few and far in between.
“The facilitators were always very strong, intimidating, loud, powerful speakers, who would constantly bring up how we had destroyed our families and were ungrateful. They would start the seminars out always bringing us down and forcing us into tears and stories giving us the hope of showing them we’ve changed and deserve to graduate and go back home. …
“Looking back and talking about my experiences makes me sad and sick. No matter what I say or how I described my stay there, I don’t feel anyone will ever understand. I was a robot for a long time I did as I was told and morphed into what a ‘good’ student was supposed to be. When I got home I couldn’t even go into public for long periods of time without crying. I was overwhelmed, anxious and scared to break nonexistent rules. I had nightmares about going back the first few months. I came back 40 pounds heavier from lack of exercise and constant manipulation through food and fatty snacks. My self-esteem was even lower then when I had been sent away. I dealt with constant shame that I wasn’t better and didn’t change enough for my family. We were constantly told if we did what the program said we would come back happy, healthy successful people and when I wasn’t I fell into a deep depression and felt I couldn’t relate to anyone anymore not even lifelong childhood friends, family or anyone. “Cross Creek took weak girls such as myself, filled our head with lies and manipulated us and our parent’s weakness because we were all in vulnerable situations. They made constant promises that if we graduated the program we would be most likely to succeed in life and told our parents if we left before we would just become worse off and they even threatened we’d die. I graduated and truly believe I am worse off for attending such a place. Anytime I look back on my time spent there I have a huge knot in my stomach that reminds me of all the pain. I don’t revisit my memories spent there because all it brings me back to what a sad, hurt, lonely and scared girl I was. I never want another girl to go through the emotional trials Cross Creek brings.”
Nancy Artim says in the lawsuit that she “bitterly regretted” sending Sarah to Cross Creek.
“The consequences of her stay there had a profound adverse effect upon her life and family, with which both mother and daughter are still struggling many years later,” the complaint states.
 Hundreds of parents sued the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools in 2011, claiming a group of boarding schools tortured their children by locking them in dog cages, forcing them to lie in feces and eat vomit, masturbating them and denying the troubled teens any religion “except for the Mormon faith.”
Sarah and Nancy Artim seek punitive damages for slavery, breach of contract, fraud and conspiracy.
They are represented by Thomas Burton.

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Bill Boyles is from Orlando, FL. At 14, he was forcibly escorted to WWASP's Brightway Adolescent Hospital in St. George, UT, where he stayed briefly before being sent to another WWASP facility, Paradise Cove in Western Samoa. After spending 22 months in Paradise Cove, he was transferred to yet another WWASP program, Casa By The Sea in Ensenada, Mexico. He spent 8 more months in Casa By The Sea before graduating days before his 17th birthday. He firmly believes all WWASP programs are abusive and that they all need to be shut down.

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44 Responses to “Another Lawsuit Filed Against Cross Creek Manor”

  1. Madison Forster Says:

    What an ENTIRE joke this whole article and lawsuit was/is. Not only was I, myself a student there, I spend 22 months enrolled in this program. Not ONCE was I brainwashed, beaten, abused, or tortured. And quite frankly, I’m appalled at the allegations being made by these select few kids. Who somehow find that their inability to confront, process and resolve whatever issues that Cross Creek CHALLENGED them to address, is worth revenging and threatening to shut down a facility that may not have been Disneyland, but also SAVED and assisted others to become the amazing individuals they are today. Im not one to sit here and lie to you in saying that it was something that i enjoyed, i hated it. Everyday. It took me away from my family, my ” friends”, and my life. But in turn, when i worked my ass off and did what i HAD to do…. I am now 6 years since gradating that facility, and am able to look back on my experience and know that every day, I hold my head high. With not only self respect, but dignity, compassion, ambition, and maturity that is wise beyond my years… And the confidence in knowing what i went through, has made me into someone who i am so incredibly PROUD of. And i know that despite my resistant attitude, and my indestructible mentality for portions of my visit there, I…. have been irrevocably changed by the experiences, lessons, relationships and most importantly, SELF WORTH that Cross Creek allowed me to see, and accept. And to: Ron Garrett, Garth, Ben, Ms. Jean, and the countless other staff who I will endlessly thank… Im sorry for the betrayals that you and all your beyond measurable efforts have somehow been handed. Know that i speak for myself, and the SEVERAL “program friends” that have been and still are very much active parts of my daily life, when i say that, it was you and the passion you put into believing i was better than the life i was settling for prior to attending your program.

    Maybe consider looking into some of the success stories??? Before believing such HORRIBLE and false claims from girls who obviously still are stuck in the same immature, attention seeking, and victim mentality they originally were that made their parents clearly desperate enough to become willing to ship off, and go bankrupt over. All for the mere HOPE of getting their kids back. Do you think Cross Creek is sitting here holding a gun to my head to write this in their defense? or maybe that they have money being written off to me to say these things? NO. Im now 23 years old and have a life im proud of and enjoy, but after reading this total garbage, felt morally obligated to take the time to speak my mind.
    PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this. As i will be more than happy to become directly involved as an advocate for this program.

    Madison Forster


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      Please remember that YOU gave out your email address on this site, OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL. I’m glad you chose to come here and be such a good example of the exact sort of brain-washing and ridiculous program jargon. When you do come to your senses and realize that what was done to you was NOT okay, we will be happy to help you process your feelings. I hope for your sake that day comes soon.


    • Michael Says:

      Your Wrong COMPLETELY. not only was i there too but i know exactly how everything works. i was what you call “level 6 Trainer” or i like to call it slave, before i gradruated. I DID HAVE TO PUT MY MIND ON AUTOPILOT FOR A YEAR AND A HALF TO GET OUT OF THERE. if you dont conform to their beliefs and what they say YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT. these facilities have no need being on earth.the only reason someone should be sent to a place like this is if they commited MURDERS, RAPES. people that suffer from drug abuse should go to REHAB. this is not rehab this is a facility run by ALL MORMONS. and if you call me out on being wrong by it being run by all mormons i want you to do a background check of all the poeple that work there. point blank end of story this is one of the most horrible things that i have had to experience of my life. funny to think one time i was a level 6 trainer. dont listen to what these people say. stay positive and follow your dreams you dont have to follow ANYONE elses morals and values but yours.


    • Victoria faur Says:

      I totally agree. This article and lawsuit is a ridiculous joke.

      “It is part of a major Utah industry that preys on desperate parents and charges enormous fees to treat their children worse than any felon in a Utah correctional facility”

      This is a complete lie, not once have I ever experienced any sort of abuse or bad treatment in the 14 months of being there.

      “They made the children do manual labor like washing the stairs with toothbrushes. There were isolation rooms for punishment,” the 34-page complaint states.
      Sarah was not allowed to go to the bathroom without permission; she was allowed to call her parents only once a week, while a therapist listened; and was forced to listen to group members’ “unbearable” stories about “rape, bestiality, incest, molestation, drug use, death, abandonment and many other things,” she says in the complaint.”

      I also never have seen any of the student ever scrubbing anything but their teeth, no one was ever given any “manual labor” like this says.
      Isolation rooms for punishment? I mean common, where is a person supposed to be placed when they are going totally insane and becoming a threat to people. In a room full of other kids? No, obviously not, it was an intervention room they would be placed in for a few hours to calm down. And oh, sorry is she too good to listen to other people’s horrible stories? Because that’s called therapy, you talk about your problems. Obviously this girl is twisting everything around making it seem horrible to the readers.

      “One point in my therapy I was put on one month of silence where I could only speak to my therapist. I was put on it because my therapist said I didn’t share enough in group and I wasn’t working on my issues enough. This was one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever been put through. My freedom of choice was not only taken away but now my interaction with people and my voice. ”

      A lot of people were placed on silence. And it was a part of the therapy, you get what you ask for, she didn’t want to speak in therapy so they took that privelage away from her ubtil she got the picture, abd obviously she didn’t.
      This entire article is just written by a girl that felt threatened talking about her past or her issues, whatever it was and still lives her life in denial. A lot of the thibgs written in this article is false and the few things that are true are just twisted around.


    • Ali Says:

      You must be JOKING.


  2. Felipe Says:

    Holy shit, this has left me breathless….. Wow… That’s a lot to go through… This need to be publicized more than just a website, this needs to be on the news. On Facebook holy shit.


    • tiffany Says:

      I went to cross creek and I can assure you this is a load of crap. I was there for almost 3 years. This girl and her mother just want money… wow ridiculous. We had plenty of good food we had bread bowl on certain days…. bagels other days, waffles etc…


      • WWASP Survivors Says:

        Yes, because waffles can make child abuse all better…


      • katie Says:

        I think it really depends on the time you attended the facility because there were many changes in ownership. I attended 2007-2009 I was there for 2 1/2 years. My dad died while I was there and cross creek withheld my mail from my attorney and after my dads death they gave me the letter that stated that my father had won his case against my mom and I could come home. I could have been home with my dad before he died. I was beaten and knocked out many times and put into a 6 by 9 concrete room for sometimes days at a time where they would put me in a full restraint under the command “make her uncomfortable” because I fell asleep after taking Seroquel a sleeping pill in worksheets. I later found out was also an antipsychotic drug which would screw with my head making me extremely depressed and agitated at all times. I was given control over my money after my dad died and I was forced literally forced to sign over my own money for this place. I am now working to obtain a PhD and I am going to be paying off student loans forever because cross creek stole over $150,000 of my money. Not to mention the priceless moments I could have spent with my dad.


      • bambi howe martinez Says:

        Okay. So i was there. 6 months. Ron garret was a dik i agree. I did think they were exstreme at tymes. I was held down. Wen i wouldnt comply. I felt the cold floors of iso. I was in worksheets all the dam tyme. From day one i was isolated . It was lonely. I still have dreams. But even thou i didnt graduate and the program didnt work for me. It helped alot of girls who allowed the program to help. Cory was my therepist he was awsome. I was 17 wen i went and in h group at ccm.went cause i ran away. Argued with parents. And was permiscouse I signed myself out. I regret it. Althou married 13 years with 3 girls. I wish i could of stayed and learned boundries. Coping skills. And more. I wasnt ready for the real world. I did have to get cold showers. And cryed at note in my bunk. Sorry to my bunkmates. Lol but there is gud too. Like the food! And laughs. And tears. And lasting frendships. As much as there was bad emotions. Remember the good memories as well. Sum allegations are on the exstreme side. I agree. But try to get past the crap from the past. If it doesnt apply….let it fly. Lol yes staff were hardasses. But were they honestly paid enuff. To handle emotionaly unstable. Hardheaded teens girls. That were all clusterf#cked in a building. As for the parents. How nice of them to ship us off. Cus they couldnt handle us. Sum do play victim. Or maybe our greedy to the fact. They want to sue to get quik money. Yes i did go thru shit emotionaly. But its in the past. Get over it. Make the rest of ur life meaningful. love ur family urself n god. It broke my heart saying goodbye to h group. But ill always remember ccm. The gud n bad. God bless.


  3. Douglas Morse Says:

    Lucky, only 16 months… try 28 months.

    I personally like the “concept” of these programs, but they way they are designed and enforced are mostly all idiotic.

    I consider it a good idea for an alternate place for convicted minors to go to rather than jail, therefore, the only way to be admitted is via court order and only under the minors agreement. Also, many of the rules, seminars, and level systems would need some revision, as well as no magnetic doors. If you are court ordered and you leave, that is grounds for arrest. The program would simply be a prettier prison with better food, education, and still have chance for sports scholarships.

    Now I went to Cross Creek and I can list everything that was done incorrectly.


  4. Makenna Says:

    I am a cross creek survivor, and every experience this woman went through and published is true, or at least my own as well. Many of the “therapists” are not licensed, the school was not accredited when I left. We were given care and hygiene items from the dollar store, food was poor (seriously, we all freaked out over peanut butter and jelly, it was the best slop we got. I still can’t eat oatmeal after eating the lumpy goop three times a week for nine months), uniforms did not fit, and the building was running down (A boy upstairs overflowed the toilet and water came in through my bathroom’s power outlet, once. It was not the first time, was probably not the last.). Our parents were paying $4,500/month and I cannot for the life of me figure out where that money went, because it didn’t go towards our well-being. My parents ran out of money after 9 months. I was there from March 22, 2007-December 22, 2007. It has been 7 years since my “termination” and I still have nightmares of my 17th birthday. I cannot look at adorable babies in Anne Geddes-esque pictures without a flashback of beige walls, barred windows, and a feeling of imprisonment. WWASP needs to be removed from this earth, in my opinion violently and quickly.


  5. Lauren Says:

    My child was sent to. CCM for 2 1/2 years. I liked it. Parents attended the seminars as well and yes, the speakers were loud… they’re motivational speakers. We had the follow the same rules as he kids regarding the exercises, bathroom, etc, The exercise with the screaming and banging of chairs was one of the most emotional and gratifying experiences I have ever had. In complete darkness with approximately 150-200 other parents, I was able to release a lifetime full of emotions that need o let go of!
    As far as leaving the program with the same mentality level, most kids do. I’m sure the program has something to do with it, however, the majority of the kids in the program use drugs and most commonly their mental grow is halted or slower from the time they began using.
    As parents, our kids were sent to the program because our lives, and theirs, had become unmanageable. I have no regrets.
    The only negative I can say, other than cost, is that I don’t believe they prepared them socially for the real world….interacting withe the opposite sex.
    Regarding religion, not only was I allowed to send and her to eat the appropriate food during the Jewish holidays, her therapist, Mormon too bought her a rubber bracelet with Hebrew written on it.


  6. Ashley Says:

    As a Cross Creek Manor alum, I must say that these stories are extremely exaggerated & falsified. I was in CCM for 11 months & if it wasn’t for this place I have no clue where I would be. Of course at the time I hated it but looking back now, I am eternally grateful. It’s very clear that this mother is bitter bc she went into bankruptcy trying to save her daughters life & now wants to blame the program for her financial struggles. Let me point out that the only reason this student wasn’t allowed to use the restroom without permission is due to the mere fact that she was on “bathroom watch” due to having an eating disorder. Out of the thousands of girls I was in CCM with there are very very few that aren’t so happy & grateful for this experience. If this mother was against the program as she states- why did she leave her daughter there for 16 months? She could have picked up her daughter any day any time- it was that simple. All of the therapists are licensed to practice counseling and please inform me of the issue with 15-18 year olds doing manual labor? It’s very clear why this girl was there & she clearly wasted every dime of her mothers money by not being open to the program & all of the help it provides families.


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      I don’t understand your assumptions here… You assume this lawsuit is only motivated because the mother went bankrupt… Yet you ignore all the quotes where the girl mentioned specific incidents of abuse and maltreatment.

      You also state that kids are not allowed to use the bathroom because they have eating disorders. Nowhere in this document does it mention that she was put on “bathroom watch” for such a reason, as well, anyone who went to the program knows that your bathroom breaks were restricted as long as you were on lower levels because you had to wait to be escorted and monitored in the bathroom. This often led to girls soiling themselves. This happened in my program in Mexico and all the other WWASP programs all over the world. It is a specific WWASP policy to deny reasonable access to the bathroom as an added measure of control. Furthermore, regardless if a child is known to have an eating disorder, that should not allow anyone to restrict their ability to use the restroom when needed. The fact that this policy even exists is proof enough that they use punishment in place of treatment for such disorders.

      You say you hated CCM when you were there yet, you don’t know where you would be had you not gone there… Well, do you know for a fact you would have been in a worse place by now? Do you really think you would have never grown out of your teenage behavior? Seems to me that you are still carrying around all that “Dead, insane or in jail” BS that CCM shoved down everyone’s throat. But even if that is true for you, doesn’t mean it was true for anyone else… You might want to consider how others might have had a more difficult time, and their parents didn’t appreciate their money being wasted on an abusive program.

      This isn’t about money, it’s about holding WWASP accountable for the crimes they committed against children. It’s about making a statement to other parents looking into these programs that this is simply not a viable option to treat struggling teenagers.

      Also, contrary to your assumption… the majority of the Cross Creek alum that I have come in contact with believe that their experience was mostly negative. Only a few I have met deny that they or anyone else was abused, and usually their excuses refer to children deserving to be abused… This mentality, which was required to make it through CCM, is not a healthy one… and in my opinion, any person still believing that children deserve abuse, should be evaluated by mental health professionals immediately.


      • Madison Forster Says:

        Whoever this is, speaking as the “voice” for this organization… Do you realize the lack of credibility you have? Were you there? Did you live among all of us? Did you personally experience the day to day life we did? Im assuming no. So unless you would like to put forth the effort in engaging in a FAIR debate.. One in which is willing to seeing BOTH sides of the story, before acting as an advocate for the “victims”, why wouldn’t you be willing to at least be open to gaining a personal perspective on allowing yourself to speak with those who disagree with the statements made by your ONE, or couple victimized girls… To me, that only seems fair if you are going to be such a diehard anti-program figure.


        • Bill Boyles Says:

          Maybe you ought to check out our section of survivor stories from Cross Creek (hint- there are more than “a couple” of stories there). I’m glad you -apparently- had a good experience there, but the sheer numbers of kids saying differently points out a serious flaw in your logic. You’re the one speaking from a singular viewpoint. We have loads of testimony (and personal experience) that says differently.


        • paige Says:

          Madison you are completely programmed. You talk exactly like they do. In jargon. You are a joke. An indoctrinated sheep. You are less credible than anyone because you are reciting your brainwashed jargon. It’s not real. You are taking sides with a VERY EVIL ENTITY. You are a fucking robot. One of their robots. You talk exactly how they want you to talk. Calling people liars who are courageous enough to share their testimony of being abused at the hands of people who were suppose to be caring for and protecting us? You are pathetic. Absolutely fucking pathetic.


          • Tiffany Says:

            Wow Paige really. Who are you to talk shit about someone else’s opinion? You sure don’t like it when she does it to you but go ahead and do it to her. You are a textbook example of a hippocrate and have less “credibility” than you claim she has.

        • cogr Says:

          You speak of this place with obvious contempt that is being contradicted by an undertone of respect for this place and what they did too you. You are very supportive of this program and as I am reading through your responses as well as others inputs and opinion, I have to ask. Would you want to go back? I mean today. Just for the trip down memory lane even. Maybe to go visit, even do a few refresher exercises?


  7. Courtney Says:

    I attended CC for almost 3 years. I completely believe CC was correctly charged. It was hell being there and we were definitely mind washed. I would not wish being sent here on my worst enemy. It needs to be stopped, and I am glad Sarah finally did something.


  8. Holly Says:

    I agree that the place was sick! I now have children and can not leave them with babysitters due to my fear of them getting hurt. I had trouble being in public, being around friends, family, myself! I was scared of some of the staff members especially when the program director was gone, I felt so unprotected! I hated the place! And pray they lose far more money than they ever made!


  9. valerie Says:

    Well…..its obvious to those who think it “helped” them….were brainwashed good.. This place was nothing but pure hell for me…I deffinitely faked my way through everything just so I could leave that dreadful place and go home. And the same happend to me I came out worse then how I was before…..and the saddest part is majority of the money that went to cross creek was actualy money that my deceased mother had left for me for other uses such as college tuition, or other expenses I would need. Now I have nothing. I can barely afford to take basic classes at a local school in my town just so i could find a job.. and I know that’s NOT what my mother wanted for me. I hope this place gets shut down…..I really do …..n yeah the nightmares suck…..I get them atleast once a week still.


  10. valerie Says:

    Oh and ONE more thing I think is really important people should know!!!! This makes me very angry just to think about it!! Many people MAY remember, I’m valerie and I was in M group then moved to D ……about 6 months before I left cross creek, I had a seizure right in the math class. Well, when I was shipped to the hospital, they said it was because all the medications that I was put on was damaging yny brain tissue, which caused me to almost be in risk of my brain shutting down, then of course death. I was close to loosing my life in there for being on all types of meds I didn’t need!! Complete bullshit people! That’s a lawsuit right there!! But ron garret, HA!, he knew I was angry about the situation, so he pretty much told me when I was alone with him in a therapist room of I were to speak about what happened to anybody AT ALL, he would drop me and put me on silence. I was on level 5 at the time. And yeah ronnie boy I told like 8 people u scumbag I broke all the rules there n didn’t write myself up haha!


    • casey Says:

      I was in the room when you had your seizure, it was definitely a full grand mal seizure, and it lasted more than 30 seconds for sure. It was pretty scary, i was really worried about you. They ushered everyone out of the room immediately, while it was still happening, and then we were all told that no one was allowed to talk about it, and we were all put on silence for quite awhile. It was all very hush hush. Is that the only one youve ever had? What kind of medications did they have you on? I always had questions, but again, we werent allowed to talk about it.


      • valerie Says:

        Casey-I know this sounds a bit dramatic, and maybe even a little crazy, lol, but I felt my body leave here ……and all I remember is crying to my motber who had already passed away to let me stay with her and I didn’t wanna come back here then that split moment I saw staff standing everywhere. It was deff more life changing then anything I’ve ever been though. The medication they had me on was a muscle relaxer-something I deff. Did not need!! But as you all know if you don’t take your meds its a cat 4!! I remember!! And I had 4 episodes after cross creek, from other different medications……….I am now diagnosed with epilepsy, because of cross creek. The medications, even though I do not take them anymore, caused different chemicals in my brain to react non properly, and caused permanent damage……not saying I’m slow…..or retarded……..but I have episodes every other year or so now………. It sucks…….it really does. ……..the fact that cross creek caused me in jeopardy of my life…………but I know god is with me and walking me through this path of darkness……….I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


  11. Gabby Hooper Says:

    I agree with Madison Forster, Cross Creek was nothing like these people are making it to seem. Garth was an amazing therapist and I am so thankful for everything he did for me and my family. It’s sad what people do now a days for money.


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      It’s sad what people do now a days for money.

      I agree. Abusing kids in the name of pure avarice is despicable.


  12. Bryhanna Says:

    Valerie I miss you!
    The only thing good about this program are the friends I made there.
    My Papa passed away about 4-6 months into the program and they
    would not let me come home for his funeral because they “didn’t think I was
    far enough along in the program and that it wouldn’t be good for me”
    Its been 7 years and I still will never forget being told my Grandpa had
    died but that I was not allowed to go home to say goodbye. My family rep
    also repeatedly told my Mom that I was “a hypocondreact” when I would
    bring up any medical issues. I was given an “allergy shot” while there
    and they didnt even bother to ask my mom before giving me it. Turns out
    I had an allergic reaction to the shot and my skin grew attached to my muscle
    leaving an indent and scar on my arm that was about the size of the top
    of a pop can and about an inch and a half deep.! Through out this
    program I developed bulimia due to the fact
    I didnt feel the food being given to me was doing my body any good if anything
    the food was filling my body with fat, my eating disorder got brought
    up to my therapist, and I was called a liar because “if I’d been making
    myself throw up the drains in my room would have backed up due to
    the screens being blocked by the waste” I started getting really bad depression,/anxiety, and willl never be the same due to my experience at CCM.
    I will also add that my Mom and Dad are separated but CCM would not even
    let my biological father get ahold of me while in the program. No calls or letters
    from my own father! I was at CCM for 11 months before my Mom seen that
    the program was actually damaging me and I was developing more problems than
    I had been sent with! This program needs to be shut down.


  13. Drake Shafer Says:

    With doug Morse comment. I have been looking for you for years Doug. this is drake. please email me. miss you man.


  14. Jordan sweet Says:

    Not only did all these things happen, there is simply true misconduct involved here. My mom got really sick from cancer and because they lost important statements and paper work I was punished for something I had already got punished for when I first arrived at ccm I lost my level 6 status and my chance to get home to my dying mom. I am torn between the bad and the good here. I feel there is a better way to run these facilities that do not include the abuse that truly happened here at cross creek manor . My own father hates the lies they told him and all the lies that covered up what I was going through. He will be the first to explain how they lie to parents about what they are doing to their children.


  15. Jordan sweet Says:

    I was refuses bathroom on many occupations for many different excuses why I had to urinate and pass bowel movements on myself and forced to clean up only hours later. I was given unprerscribed medication on other times other girls medications as a mistake. I was refused medical treatment when I was passing out due to loss of menstrual blood which they where told on my anemia conditions. This is hard for me because I do believe strongly in these programs and feel it did save my life. I am the good person I am today because of value based programs but I cannot deny the abuse that had occurred I feel terrible that I stood by and participated so I could go home. Which they make all higher level girls do. I appreciate the people defending these programs but you need to understand that there is serious abuse involved here. You cannot ignore it just because it helped to your advantage. There are children hurt here no matter what they did they do not deserve the abuse that happened where they were treated worse than murderers and rapist. You need to open your eyes to the real abuse tactics used and the red flags that are presently clear.


  16. Kristi Says:

    This girl had it easy. Those of us there in the mid 90s can validate these accusations and add more horrific facts.


  17. bambi howe martinez Says:

    I was in h group for 6 months. Hated it. yes iso was cold. Sum staff used punishment to the exstreme. I was so called restrained… just a fat guy sittn on meh. Even thou ron garret was a dick. He did tell staff a cold shower wasnt rite. Yes the program didnt work for me. Because i didnt allow it to.i was sent for permiscouse. Running away. And argueing with parents I signed out at 18. I do regret it. Cus i coulda learned more. Instead i got a taste of the real world. Lol but im happy. Married 13 years with 3 little girls. Honestly yes some of the allegations are like mind blowing. I didnt see abuse. I do remember the lonliness i felt cconfusing emotions. And the rebel behavior i put the staff thru hell. But amongst neg crap i remember the soup bowls. Laughs cries and lasting frendships. Just think. About it. What kind of parents shipp there kids to a place like that. Because there too hard to handle. Yah last resort maybe. But was the ccm honestly ready to handle emotionaly unstable hard headed teens. No i guerantee they wernt paid enuff. But theyre human beings. We all are. Get over the past and live for today. Love family and god y rehash the past. it didnt help me. But too many girls it did. To those who didnt work it the program like me.i can tell u this. Yes maybe easy to sue n get quik money. But ull have that on ur concience.get over the hurt. And rejection dont retaliate. Move on. God bless


  18. Tyler Barker Says:

    My girlfriend went to another academy ran by this same director. Jade Robinson. It is true that they have to sit in a circle and listen to crazy stories from other kids. Their deepest darkest and inappropriate stories. One girl told a story about how she molested a toddler. One girl had graphic details about how she was a gang member who lured girls over to be gang raped. She said the worst part about the rapes was not the actual rape itself. But the smell. The girl told the story with no remorse. That is nothing that any child should have to sit and listen to. This isn’t effective therapy. She also has a lot more stories. She heard from a boy there in group. (The only time you can talk one on one to any of your classmates or “family” as they refered to each other that the boys would hold down other boys and sadomize them. Masturbate on them. And even urinate on them.

    Many more stories also but these are the main ones that I want to write about. These are true facts.


  19. Sarah Says:

    Cross creek and all these programs are a SCAM, they milk the parents for money, try to brainwash the kids and the parents and treat all the kids like prisoners and like trash. These programs are the worst thing any parent can do for their child. I cannot describe to you the horrors. Mental abuse is an UNDERSTATEMENT! These “SEMINARS” are nothing more than Psychosocial brainwashing techniques used to imprint their thoughts and beliefs on you and begin to WORSHIP “the program” and forget about who you really are and who GOD really is. Even if you don’t believe in a God, this program is pure EVIL!!! For the amount of money the parents spend, they also have to sign over their parental rights, they are just taking total advantage of these families in turmoil. The girls are treated horribly! The worst unhealthy foods and cheapest food you can find over processed and fatty. 15 min showers so they don’t have to pay high water bills, the kids do all the cleaning, even using hazardous chemicals to wax the floors, because they are too cheap to get cleaners in there or do anything! It is a big money making SCANDAL! All the staff and therapists are strict MORMONS! They want everyone to be Mormon and probably want some of the girls as their wife #5! They deprive the kids of sleep and use cruel and unusual punishments as part of the brainwashing. I am also positive this branch of “boarding schools”, more like prisons, or brainwashing facilities, are run by the Freemasons. It is a cash crop for them and they want to test their mind control techniques on these vulnerable teens and their parents. It is sick and twisted. Turn back!!!! Do not, EVER, even THINK about sending your kids here, please!!! Turn away!!! Warning!!!!!!!!!!! Your child will NEVER be the same!!!!! I was sent here at 14 years old and it has scarred me psychologically. That place is so horrid and a place of nightmares. Nothing but a big SCAM and brain-washing facility. Definitely do not take care of the children, just mentally torture and abuse them as they milk the money from the parents. Sick and twisted! Wrong! Turn back!!!!!


  20. Josh Says:

    I was there in 2002 and can relate to the girls post here. I gained a lot of weight and still had nightmares for years of going back there even now that I’m 31 I still occasionally have a dream of going back. I got dropped back to Level 1 for asking a friend getting pulled for his number to contact in future which they claimed was my attempt of “run plans”. I intentionally wanted to get hurt to see a doctor to be able to see the outside world for a mere 10 minute car ride to a doctors office. This place was a prison and constantly failed seminars for not “being open enough”. I had social issues for years and also couldn’t relate to old friends. I do feel this place has made me a better person though thinking of how much worse life can be when you are in a place like this or jail! I did find most staff to be nice though and was never physically harmed. Ron the manager was a scum bag P.O.S. And my parents saw through it and pulled me after 12 months… I prob would of ever left otherwise.


  21. Laura Says:

    I agree, I was there. Please shut it down! I have many horror stories I could tell. Cross Creek was hell on earth. I can relate to and agree with almost everything she says. I was there many years ago. Sounds like it hasn’t changed a bit. This place should not be allowed to exist. I too felt like it did more harm than good.


    • Savannah Says:

      My parents want to send my sister to Second Chances in Utah. Can anyone provide any negative or positive feedback about this place. My parents have lost their mind. I feel like its a scam.


  22. Anonymous Says:

    Fake news



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