Treatment at Midwest Academy

Treatment at Midwest Academy – By Shayla

I went into midwest academy four months from turning 18. I knew I was leaving then, therefore, I felt a lot more real with myself and detached myself away from their brainwash. I suggest you read this long report that a highly educated parent wrote in response to their realizations toward the seminars and treatment of individuality that these boarding schools offer.Breaking the Vow of Secrecy – By Karen Lile Bean

Can We Trust Them? – By Kendall Ross Bean

The staff at midwest academy are not these professionals that the pamphlets/ websites/ students or directors explain they are. They are either middle-aged burnouts who reek of cigarette smoke and have no real motivational wisdom to offer their “children” that they stay with all day, OR they are cute-college kids who drink and party outside of their silly job. As far as their medical system goes, it sucks. I got a yeast infection and did not get help for it for days. It was about three weeks until the yeast infection was finally gone because our five minute showers did not give me enough time to fully cleanse myself, and I don’t know if the nurses were too busy taking cigarette breaks, but they simply did not give attention to my numerous requests. For the amount of money that you are currently paying this school, you are recieving minimum service from the poorly trained staff.
When a group of girls and I went to get our gynocologist exams, the nurse left the vent open and was scolding my best friend about how she was not a virgin and she was lying to her. Everyone within fifteen feet of that vent heard her horrible talk of the way her vagina looked, and how there was not possible way she could be a virgin.

The reason why the directors/family reps (more low IQ burnouts with given status) predict you the reactions of your kids is because they do not want you to believe the fact that you child is extremely miserable and think so low of herself for being there. BRAIN WASH. Yes, it is true that once you move up in levels you do feel better because you are given privileges (such as taking 15 minute showers *OH MY GOSH*), but by then, your child will be brainwashed, her values altered, and her views changed for the views of the program. When you are on bottom levels, you have no say, no trust, no voice, no opinions, no soul. Upper level students can make up bogus lies about anything to get other lower status students in trouble and there are no questions asked. It is a ridiculous system that does not make room for justice or fairness.

The education is just terrible. no teachers-just desperate graduates in need for jobs. don’t be fooled by the pamphlet. I did not learn one thing from the classes i took off those horrible outdated schooling programs- except maybe that I will never send my child to one of these schools. Basically, you answer 10 questions and you move onto the next level. No projects, no speeches, no real world experiences. There are even chapters that incorporate the bible into them. Now, my religion is based on the bible and yours might be as well but think about this. What about those who do not believe that Jesus is our savior- Is it really fair for a schooling program to force a student to answer “Jesus is our savior” in order to pass a unit if they have different values and beliefs? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The food-Horrible quality, unhealthy and bad tasting. The money you are paying for food is ridiculous. it just packs bad pounds onto students and creates stretch marks, high cholersteral and other potential health problems (like diabetes). I have seen girls cry over the stretch marks that they gain going in that place. And yes, while their are going through their brainwashing stages by moving up levels, they live by their inner beauty and the stretch marks go away. But when your daughter comes home and if she is covered in stretch marks and excess weight, you can expect the tears to come again.

The threats. oh the threats. You are threatened with intervention constantly. If you don’t give information that you know-intervention. Don’t follow rules- intervention. I told my frineds that I was leaving and I was threatened with intervention.
Intervention is a pasty white room illuminated 24/7 by an unnaturally and unhealthy bright light. The walls contain scratchmarks from students who have tried to beat their ways out of it. The carpet is filthy and duct taped from other trapped students who go insane from staring at nothing. On the door is a square foot window where staff keeps an eye on you. there is also a camera. Yes, a camera- how degrading. This is your daughter, not a state prisoner. Basically you sit in there until they decide that you have served your time or behaved. That can be anywhere from five hours to a whole week.

I remember there was a girl who went crazy at the academy, took a picture off the wall and started beating anyone who was in her way with it. She broke it over a staff’s head and beat one of my frineds with it. Parents were not informed of this madness and infact, if any students were to discuss of it they were given a consequence. You see? Their threats keep their terrible treatments a secret.
My parents were not aware that the whole facility was infected with stomach flu and were up for three days straight throwing up. Parents do not realize that their child is no longer thiers anymore once they are in the facility. They no nothing that goes on accept what their family reps are saying. Your daughter is now owned by the state.

I have hundreds of horror stories from this place, but I spent too much time on here already but I thought I should skim the surface on why your daughter SHOULD NOT be in a boarding school. She is young and young girls make dumb decisions. I woould have preferred that my aprents sent me to a family member’s house for a couple months. The program helps for only so long. It institutionalizes students to believing that their little system is reality and that is why it seems to work while students are in there.

Think it over. I wish you the best!

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  1. Allison Sullivan. Says:

    This is all bullshit and completely not true


    • Alex Stark Says:

      So you’re saying hundreds of survivors are lying about their abuse and poor conditions? WWASP has been shutdown because of the constant abuse and you expect me and everyone else to believe that Midwest Academy, which has been previously affiliated with WWASP, is no different? Do not ridicule these survivor’s experiences.


  2. Lauren Snyder Says:

    I had a similar experience with the nurses and staff on many occasions when I was not getting my medication dispensed at the proper times specified by my doctor, and instances where I was not given the materials for my, yet again required, specified by doctors for my physical therapy. Then not allowed to wear my medical split for my finger which has pernmanetly scared my tissues hindering its proper abilities.


  3. John Rose Says:

    I was at Midwest academy 2003 to 2004. I don’t have enough space to type all of the abuse I endured there. What really sickens me is that this place is still OPEN…WHY?


  4. B Rock Says:

    Am completely heartbroken. Just read of all this soon after reading my beautiful nephew’s death notice a few days ago. A life once so full of brilliant potential too soon gone. Did not know about WWASP, but he is now no longer a survivor.
    It is now clear that the owners of these institutions were actual con men lacking in empathy and filled with cruel potential found in true sociopaths, who sold families hope for their loved ones with lies and inflicted torture that would leave permanent psychological if not also physical scars.
    Such criminality should be vigorously legislated against and the public further warned. No schools or institutions of any kind without oversight.


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this. What was your nephew’s name? Where did he attend? There are people who keep track of survivors who have died. We’d like to keep him in memory.



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