Casa By the Sea

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Casa By the Sea

Casa By the Sea in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico was opened in 1998 by Dace Goulding (formerly of Paradise Cove).

Many allegations of physical abuse, maltreatment, sexual abuse and human rights violations have been reported by former students of Casa By the Sea.

CBS had significant ties to High Impact, in Tecate Mexico, routinely sending casa kids to High Impact and employing several former High Impact staff (including it’s owners) after it was raided and closed by Mexican authorities in 2002.

Casa By The Sea was raided and closed on September 10, 2004, in a joint action of Mexican Federale Police and the American FBI. At the time of closure there were 538 students enrolled. The official reason for closure was reported to be the illegal use of an illegitimate pharmacy and use of expired medications. After the closing, U.S. Congressional Rep. George Miller claimed the closure was the ninth-such closure of WWASP programs.

Never charged with any criminal action, later in 2004 Dace Goulding would move back to the U.S. and help open a facility in Georgia called Darrington Academy (now closed). Jason Finlinson, former director, moved to New York to open Academy at Ivy Ridge (now closed). Jade Robinson former administrator, moved to California to try to open a program named Bell Academy. Due to strict regulations in California, Bell Academy was denied licensing which forced Robinson to move the program to Amargosa Valley Nevada where he opened Horizon Academy. After an investigation by Nye County (Nevada) CPS in 2011, Horizon Academy was suddenly re-located to Utah and up until 2012 shared the same buildings as Cross Creek Manor/ Center. In 2012 Cross Creek and Horizon merged to create Youth Foundation Success Academy, which voluntarily closed in 2013.

The Casa By the Sea facility is currently for sale


Dace Goulding

Owner of Casa By The Sea and co-owner of High Impact. First worked for Paradise Cove in Samoa. After CBS was closed in 2004 Goulding along with an old High School buddy Rich Darrington, opened another program called Darrington Academy in Blue Ridge Georgia. Darrington Academy was closed and criminal charges were pressed against Rich Darrington, for assault and battery of a minor. At some point he was working in a public school, but currently Goulding reports to be coaching Little League ”Back in St. George”, which is only about 20 miles away from the Cross Creek Property in La Verkin.


Jason Finlinson

Jason Finlinson first became involved with WWASP when he served as Director of Casa By The Sea. During his tenures at both Casa and Ivy Ridge, Jason was known for his harsh, strict, disciplinarian style. As Administrator of the boys side of CBS, Finlinson was responsible for running a brutal program that systematically abused, deprived and tormented children. He has been accused of rape of a teenage girl and countless incidents of assault and battery. In 2001, he left CBS in order to move to New York and open the Academy at Ivy Ridge. Ivy Ridge was closed in 2009.



Jade Robinson

Jade Robinson started his career in behavior modification as a staff member of WWASP’s Cross Creek Manor in Utah and later  Spring Creek Lodge in Montana, until he left to help start Casa By the Sea in Ensenada, Mexico. As Administrator of both the girls and boys side of  Casa By the Sea, Robinson was in charge during the time period of several reported cases of  abuse and maltreatment of the students of CBS including violent restraints, rape and other forms of sexual abuse, refusing proper medical care and denying access to school by forcing kids to endure 8 hour stretches of detention for days, weeks, and even months in a row.  Jade was part of a staff team directly responsible for transferring kids from CBS to High Impact, a brutal boot camp co-owned by Dace Goulding. Around 2003 he attempted to open a program called Bell Academy in California which was swiftly shut down due to licensing issues. Casa by the Sea was shut down in 2004 citing issues with operating an illegitimate pharmacy. Robinson is the current owner and director of Horizon Academy, which was originally opened in the Amargosa Valley Nevada however is now re-opened on the Cross Creek Manor/ Cross Creek Center property, in La Verkin Utah (Owned by WWASP head, Robert Lichfield). In 2012 Horizon and Cross Creek merged and was renamed Youth Foundation Success Academy. Jade Robinson resigned from Youth Foundation shortly before it was closed in October of 2013.


Luke Hallows

As Administrator at Casa by the Sea, Hallows participated in, ordered, endorsed, excused and covered up multiple incidents of abuse. Usually pitting upper levels against lower levels, he not only encouraged the violent ways of the program but he was also responsible for the abuse placed upon the whole facility in enacting “code red”, forcing all students to sit in stress positions, walk in circles and remain on complete code silence for weeks at a time. He is also responsible for upholding a facility in violation of many health codes and maintaining a lack of ethical standards of care for the students of CBS. He currently lives in Sahaurita, Arizona and works at a Arivaca Boys Ranch , an equine program for teen boys.


Miguel Rodriguez

Co-Owner and Director of High Impact. Originally worked at Casa by The Sea with his wife, Allie Hernandez. This man is a pedophile and a very violent individual, He is also the mastermind behind the infamous dog cages and the man who would sit on top of kids as they were being restrained in painful arm/ leg locks and stress positions. He has been accused of several major crimes against children at High Impact including assault, rape and attempted murder. Conditions at High Impact were said to be “deplorable” by the Mexican and American authorities that raided and shut down the compound in 2002. Survivors describe High Impact as a boot camp incorporating a  multitude of unreasonable restrictions, excessive exercise and a constant barrage of verbal, and physical attacks. After the closing both Miguel and his wife Ali Hernandez were invited to come back to work for Casa By the Sea, where Miguel was responsible for more assaults on students and Ali assisted in the admissions department. Miguel Rodriguez and Ali Hernandez currently live in Ensenada Mexico.

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75 Responses to “Casa By the Sea”

  1. Drew Says:

    Chelsea i love this site. I hope you are well!


  2. dan Says:

    You forgot mike chism


    • robert stanislowski Says:

      was there from march 10 2002 till may 8th 2003 never forget the hell i went through there i was in the boys group loyalty


  3. Kayla Says:

    Wow…does this bring me back memories of CASA. was there 98-99 hated the place. For years after being out of the programs I would have dreams of being there left by my family, dreams of never being able to leave….I hated those dreams.


    • Rob Says:

      I had the same kinds of dreams for years and years… Where you wake up heart pounding and realize you’re not there. I had dreams I was back, all kinds of nightmares after I got out.


    • Melissa Says:

      Kayla, weren’t you pulled out by your parents? If so, we were really good friends there. I think about you sometimes and wonder how you are doing.


  4. Freya Says:

    99-01…..frak my life the memories from this hell hole….I have nightmares of my torturous experiences there to this very day…


  5. wesley lay Says:

    I was threatned by Luke Hallows to be sent to High Impact. They say they had no relation to HI but I know first hand kids were sent from casa to HI. I was also threatned by him the first day I got there. He said something I cant remember but it was phsyical


  6. Alexis Says:

    I.hated.that place


  7. Anon Says:

    Who remembers the R & R room with the white tile floors. Hog tied the very first day in that room. Cried like a baby. Will never forget.


  8. Lacy Ballard Says:

    These photos make my stomach turn… so many unspeakable things happened behind those gates… I cired until I threw up so many times. I hope Integrity house woman are still strong… My parayers are with anyone who was ever behind those gates.


    • Heather Says:

      Hi Lacey, I just found this site today. I was in Integrity house with you. My name is Heather. I was there from 2001-2002.


    • Courtney Says:

      Lac you were one of my closest casa friends, I think of you a lot. Find me on FB or email me


    • Caiti Kingsbury Says:

      Lacey! I’m pretty sure I was there with you too. I just found this out today. Any survivors please find me on Facebook. My name is Caiti Kingsbury-Frew. There they annoyingly called me Katie-Elizabeth. I was in your house. There from 2000 to 2001. I remember you. They gave you a hard time about having tattooed eyeliner because they were too dumb to realize it wasn’t makeup.


  9. Erica Dollins Says:

    I will write a book one day about the things that happened here. They are burned so vividly in my mind and will forever stay there. I was there when it got shut down, it was so amazing just to be able to talk with everyone that went threw it with me even though there was so much going on around us, all we felt was overwhelming joy just to know that it was over <3 The only good thing about this place was that moment where I got to talk to all of the souls without a third or a level attached to us.


    • Taylor Niskala Says:

      Erica, I was there too the night it got shut down, I was just talking to my dad and stepmom about it and what it was like that night. I too remembering being able to talk to whoever, it becoming a complete shit show and people slowly leaving as their parents got them. I was only there for 5 months and was in the Odysey.


  10. Eric Says:

    I was there from 2000 to 2002. I try to find old friends from time to time, but I cannot seem to find anyone. It’s scary to think about what that place did to us, what ways our personalities were altered. I’m sorry we had to go through it, feel free to contact me if you want to talk to someone who was there, just reply to this comment.


  11. miki Says:

    was there for its closing….. ill never forget…. i still dream about it…..


    • John Cooley Says:

      Was in honor family worst unit there but I low key had some fun other than poncho breaking my nose and scaring my body from slamming me on the assfault Jeff raney should be on here he was in honor with me and he is the one that got cps called down there he had a black eye for a month and was raped up in intervention I’ve never forgot the closing of casa and I will never forgot my brothers in honor family especially u Jeff raney I know ur moms sent u to a diff facilicity but u saved us bro I owe u so much my boy and got mad love and respect for u always and I got love for anyone that was there during the closing and before we all went thru hell and survived it God is good and we are survivors never forget that we are a part of history all of us


  12. Jerry kankelborg Says:

    Did over two years in that pit uh hell. Got out and got into drugs. The program made me into a self imploding ball of rage. It seems like my life has spiraled out of control since that fateful day in late October, 1998. If I could say one thing to parents considering the program it is this – run away.


  13. Judd Marmor Says:

    I was there. That place was terrible and so was every person who’s picture is on this article. True scumbags in every sense of the word.


  14. Will green Says:

    I was in prestige family. Did 16 months. Was a happy man when I left. Spent all 16 months level 2 couldent brain wash enogh I guess. Towards the end of my stay there I was placed in RnR for weeks for wishing to leave on my 18th birthday. Ruff times. Like prisoner of war stuff. I testified in court about what casa by the sea was up to in there. I like to think I helped close the place down. Every horror story I had was told in the court room.


    • dustin newman Says:

      i was there for quite awhile myself. i will never forget anything that happened there and having to lie about myself just to try and get through the levels. I mostly remained between 1 and 2 the entire time. It was definitely a giant nightmare, and I cannot honestly say it has ended.


  15. Whitney Saunders Says:

    I was there from 2001-2003 (20 months) they couldn’t brainwash me apparently. Most horrible time in my life. I still have nightmares and I just wish there was some way to stop these places. I am in the RCIA program to join the Catholic Church and there is a lady in it with me who just told me that she sent her daughter away in May to a boarding school (run by Mormons) in either CO or AZ – I don’t remember which – but it sounded exactly like a WWASP school. I told her to please pull her daughter now and she said “but she’s doing so good there” . It’s like parents just can’t believe that horrible places for kids exist!!! I just can’t keep seeing this woman every Sunday knowing that her poor daughter is suffering the way we all had. Any advice? I don’t want the woman to hate me for speaking up but I can’t just not do anything! is my email for anyone who needs to talk


    • Val Page Says:

      My son was in this program and at Casa for a year, 2003-2004. I asked him many times if he ever thought he was abused at this school and he never once said he was. He is doing so well today and has a son of his own. Everything I read in this forum talks bad about the staff and hasn’t got one positive thing to say. I believe this program saved my son’s life and he thanked me many times for placing him in this program. Nothing is perfect. If he kept on the path he was living at 17, and didn’t attend CASA and Spring Creek he may not be alive today. I am grateful that my son turned his life around with CASA as a stepping stone in the right direction.


      • Bill Boyles Says:

        So, you figure that you know all the facts and ALL the other people on here are lying? Typical program parent. There’s a seminar phrase that applies here (ironically): “Lying to yourself and believing it.”


  16. Joseph Says:

    I have nightmare about this place all the time myself. I was there 13 years ago for 14 months.

    This place is what you call hell on earth. Being there is worse than being a POW. They deprive you of all human rights, and strip all of your identity. A brainwashing facility that benefit no childhood growth. In fact it ruins them for life.

    This place surely traumatized me for life.


  17. cedric Says:

    i have mixed feelings on the place. i mean i hated the place itself but at the same time i think it helped me figure out the kind of person i wanted to be.


  18. James Z Says:

    I was once assaultes by Miguel Rodriguez when I was 15. After refusing to sit indian style in a corner in a corner any longer, (I had been in that position for three days at that point, stopping only to sleep) Miguel rushed me with the aid of three other apoyos, slammed my head into the ground repeatedly, and dislocated both of my shoulders. I remember moving my fingers and thinking I was touching his beard, before realizing my knuckles were actually touching the hair on back of my head. When I finally rejoined the main group four days later, I was still visibly beaten up. It may seem kind of silly, but before the four men completely overwhelmed me I did manage to actually land a single blow on Miguel. To this day one of my proudest memories is the fact that I actually punched Miguel Rodriguez in the face.


  19. Pooya john Moridi Says:

    I was level 5 and on the student council when this place shut down. I had a California warrant for my arrest and was arrested by the Mexican police the day it shut down. Lots of crazy bad memories I’ll never forget. if you wanna email me! Good Luck to everyone.


  20. Jessica McCauley Says:

    I am looking for any kind of information and help I can find in regards to Casa by the Sea. My boyfriend spent time there and in High Impact over 10 years ago and is still experiencing flashbacks among many other issues due to his treatment there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      I’d be happy to help in any way I can. If you’d like to know more about what casa was like on a day-to-day basis for those of us who lived through it, I would suggest reading through the links under the article to the submitted stories/testimonies of those who attended. You’ll find the links in orange. That may help you understand what your boyfriend went through. I’d also be willing to talk to either you or he about it. I went to casa from August 1999 to April 2000.


  21. Anon Says:

    I was a member of the original 10 kids to ever set foot in Casa By The Sea as a program. I had just endured 2 years in friggen hell from Paradise Cove in Samoa. I’m sure you all heard stories of what happened there. Only the boys from 95-99 will know what I mean. Imagine HIgh Impact for EVERYBODY. lol Every level one had to go to Latiara into the level one families. Brutal.

    Anyway, the first group of 10 at Casa was all upper levels from Samoa and Jamaica in transition. Dace was actually cool to us at Casa, probably because we were only there to help him do some bullshit to set shit up as part of “transition”. Basically another bullshit reason to extort more money from the parents. He was a dick in Samoa though. The whole place wasn’t even built yet so I have no clue what you guys had to go through once everything was set up. All we did was swim and workout and hang out with the girls all day. We didn’t do shit in transition except help Dace with random moving of boxes and other dumb stuff. Then we bounced before the lower levels got there.

    The pictures I see look completely different from when I got there in 98. Wow.


    • Rachelle Rosenthal Says:

      Hi. I would like to help. When I first visited this page I was hesitant to even write about my experience. The mere verbalization of it is extremely difficult. When we as human beings experience trama such as this, remembering it leaves us almost paralyzed in our own mind and to nervous to find the words to express the rapid imagry in our minds. To us this experience is reality, to others it may seem like a movie we once saw therefore leaving us doubted once again by those we love the most, displacing our sense of assurance. I guess the behavior modification worked. In conclusion, this was a shitty expirience, the nightmares pass. Just let him know you don’t doubt him and remind him that he is an individual and not to doubt himself.


  22. Emily Says:

    My husband endured 3 years at high impact in tecate.
    He was forced to work out till he threw up then had to eat his throw up.
    Got stabbed in the jaw with a fork by a staff member.
    My husband suffers from ptsd due to the child abuse.
    He was sent at age 15.
    I would love to sue these people if they haven’t been murdered yet…


  23. Heather Fisher Says:

    @ CBS from April 1999 to August 2000…..I was an upper level when we were on lock down, and Courage became the “no-name” family. I am not going to respond to a lot of what I am reading here, but I would like to reconnect with some of the close friends that i did make.

    Life sure has taken us all in very different directions.


    • Melissa Says:

      Heather, we were in there together. My name is Melissa Baker. I graduated I think it was in May at PC18.


    • Melissa Says:

      Heather, we were in there together. My name is Melissa Baker. I graduated I think it was in May 2000 at PC18. Lower level esteem family and made it to level 6 right before graduation.


  24. Devin Miller Says:

    lol Casa by the Sea, I guess it basically goes like: this was not some random philosophical boarding school, i guess Ill lever know what it was all about?? Mexico is like a kingdom if you speak Spanish and you like it hot. Wow that was like 15 years ago I was there that’s so long. Yea well, I only wish the whole western world could understand the philosophy taught in there. Justice fam!!


    • aznbkoi Says:

      Casa sucked I was there Nov 1998 to April 2000..started diligent family then was made…to be honest the food was good…homemade tamales…soapes…homemade spaghetti with garlic bread….apple fritter doughnuts…fish tacos…there wasn’t a lot of food but it was good…I went in there a gang member…n left a angry gang member for years I blamed all my actions on casa n my parents for sending me there….now I’m 31 years old n gave been to prison for 12 years off and on…shot people…murder investigations…major drug traffucking… some point of my life I was considered a high violent dangerous career criminal…now I live legit n a good life…all in all when I was there no rapes or torches occurred..yes staff did r n r I got roughed up a couple times badly..had to shit n pee myself in r n r position but grow up that stuff happens in juvenile detention too …n adult prison way way worse I’ve seen men get raped n murdered in prison by prison guards!!! Point being is yea case sucked yea our parents should have never sent us there but man up get over it!! Everyone makes there own choices ..if u live a horrible life n Blane it on the past then ur letting the past control you…if u are an alcoholic n say it’s from casa..then ur in essence letting casa control you n win…beat casa n dace n Jason by succeeding don’t let them or the past control you…the past is nothing the past has no color size or shape or substabce..the past is only a big deal.if u make it a big deal..n still even if u make UT a big deal it isn’t it’s just a figment of ur imagination ….get over it …no one or nothing controls ur actions except urself… I said fir years I hated my family n casa n wanted to hurt them n believe me wuth the connections I gave it was one phone call away …but I’ve made peace with it…n them…my family loves me n it’s not their fault they fell manipulation tactics so don’t be mad at ur parents…they were scared n felt that was the best option to send us there…most of u sound like spoiled brats whining n complaining over exaggerating casa…maybe I realized this cus I’ve spent 12 years in maximum security prisons were real torches occurs..idk email if u want


      • kf Says:

        A lot of us entered in to casa by the sea as kids that were doing normal teenage stuff. It sounds like you made the choice to become a hardened criminal. If casa was marketed to parents as a therapeutic help center, then abuse should never have existed in a program like that. Yes, abuse happens in prisons and jails, which is expected. If your family shells out over 30K annually to go to a program like this, abuse shouldn’t be in the equation. There’s no justification.


      • Erik Says:

        Just because u went to prison don’t mean people went effected by the lrograms. It just means u went to prison.


  25. cameron Says:

    Was a member of the the boys group loyalty up until the raid where I ended up getting transferred to Midwest Academy in Iowa…hated everything about casa by the sea except friday night tortas and wed spaghetti with white sauce..every other day had to make sure to pick the rocks out of the beans….


  26. A_Mom Says:

    I have a question for those of you who were sent to Casa. I took my daughter there. She was skipping school, had gotten into legal trouble, wouldn’t work, stole from everyone in the household including the family vehicles. Drugs and boys etc. I thought the Casa program was a way for her to learn that she wasn’t entitled to whatever she wanted. Not a military school. Obviously that was not the case but I want to know from those of you who were sent, what other option do parents have? What do you think we should/could have done?


    • Survivor's friend Says:

      Are you kidding, “mom”? Do you endorse the abuse and torture of a child? Your child? If a teen is caught breaking the law, there are consequences within the law. But places like casa are unregulated torture chambers that do near permanent damage to a person for life. I say “near” because, with counseling and love, there is hope and healing for the survivors. I’m not sure about the emotional/psychological damage to those parents that made the mistake allowing their children to undergo this abuse.


    • Erik Says:

      I was there for 27 months. I was smoking pot and failing school before I went. If u personally went yourself maybe you would know why there are so many fucked up survivors. U could have done lots of things you just are most likely square.


  27. Ricardo Flores Says:

    Was there from 1999-2002. Never reached level three. Lol I always thought the shit they tried to teach was bullshit. I’m sure all the staff remember me. I was a pain in the ass and I didn’t give a fuck how long I had to be there. Sat on level one majority of the time. Wendy was my group therapist and she wasn’t educated for shit. Not to mention she always came in with no panties and a dress on lol. Arturo was a pic of shit. Daze was a clown I hope the worse for him and his family. Luke wasn’t that bad to me he was pretty cool. Jason was a muscle head bitch who always tried to scare the little ones. Nothing they could do to me could break me. Years later I live in D.C. More successful then any of those fucking clowns.


  28. aznbkoi Says:

    Ridiculous. people are ridiculous. ..NO RAPES OR TOrcHER OCCURRED AT CASA…u guys n girls r spoiled brats..pussys…whining about shit that never happened.’s a shame to see how irresponsible u all r


    • WWASP Survivors Says:

      Obviously I don’t have to tell you how disrespectful this is. I’m sure you know, and I’m sure that’s why you said it. But I will tell you, these things did occur. I as well as several other members of this site know from personal experience. Just because you didn’t see it, or may somehow justify it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


  29. aznbkoi Says:

    I was there 2 years 98 to 2000 N NONE OF DAT SHIT HAPPENED…quit whining…what mommy n daddy sent u to casa from your suburban home n handwashing clothes was to much for you…waaa waaa. Get over it…food was good n life lessons taught were good too.. u kids r just spoiled rich kids


    • Erik Says:

      Is this Scott uchida?? Derek chu??


    • Buddha Says:

      I was in Valor same time you were there i think most times we kicked it was in sick bed (room) and yea ppl got their ass whooped but none of that torture shit went on and reason late ass reply had a dream bout the place. But the place was haunted that was the only thing that was scary other then that shit was easy gotta learn the system


  30. Erik Says:

    They wouldn’t let me into sick bay once because they had a full room and didn’t want to open another even though all they would have to do is have two upper levels watch it. I had a fever of 102. Hell.


  31. Nameless Says:

    My fiance suffered 8 years in prison because of this nightmare. He is now diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and severe depression. He was there between 2001-2003. I was told by him all about R&R , listening to crazy tapes, laying on the floor in urine and feces. Is there still a lawsuit for this piece of shit place? Almost everyone who has been there seemed to have severe trauma after and horrible life experiences. My fiancé is a good person, with a huge heart and he has suffered tremendously then was told to “get over it”. How can you harbor these traumas with no one who cares to listen…

    If anyone has information, I’d like to know if legal action could be pursued?


  32. Yolis Says:

    So guys, why you arrived to that place?…
    Casa by the Sea was an inferno! it was something like a prison

    But in same way, this guys were an inferno to their parents and families!

    I heard some cases of guys that were in the Casa by the Sea, and really were scary stories…all very hard to believe.

    Is bad that so young guys had to pass for this traumatic experience but for something were there..

    I hope that the people that made so much damage to the guys, have paid for that, but i think the mexican authorities received some bribe and nothing happened.

    The important thing is that this guys that lived in that center, could learned the lesson, that is better to be good, respectful than doing troubles… the respect have the be gained….. is a bad, and hard way to get matured… i have learned that lesson in my own head too when i was young…not hearing my parents…



  33. greenleafcrew Says:

    hey guys. I had a friend who went to Casa. some of the stories are fucking crazy and sad. I feel for yall man. listen I am trying to get as much info as I can about this place. I want to ask so many questions. the reason is I am trying to get a script that actually works. I want to expose WWASP for what it is and does. I know its painful for you guys but if you can help me out I would really fucking appreciate it. I just got lots of questions to make this work the way I want. I will give yall credit if you want. Let me know ok?
    email me if you’re interested,


  34. Rachelle Rosenthal Says:

    I was a survivor. The program was closed while I was still there. I told them it was illegal to harbor a us citizen beyond their consent. They replied “your parents don’t want you” I said no shut…” So I was locked in a small dark room for days freezing with no food water or blanket. Finally someone from casa came said get your stuff we are dropping you at the border. The man who drove me began to place his hand on my thigh. He rubbed up my leg. Frozen in terror I attempted to ask questions to distract him until I could jump out of the van…. When I was there I would hear screaming each night from other girls. Worst of all I was a very good teenager . I never did a drug or anything illegal. My mother had a drug problem . My father the lawyer convinced me that my home was unstable which it was, and he could get me in to a nice birding school. Obviously a criminal client recommend it and since he could do it for free due to his job he had no problem convincing me it was a beautiful school in California. From there I was very intelligent . I had a scholarship to usf. I went to school since I was accepted at 17 prior to casa by the sea. I played pool for funds to survive. No one deserves this treatment regardless of their past. Non the less hang in their fellow soldiers since most of us don’t have family,you must see who you are believe in yourself know you are good and just accept the bad and make the good.


    • Danielle Says:

      I honestly didn’t know there were this many kids who ensured the abuse that I did when I was there. I was beat up, sat on, food was so chewed up and spit in my mouth, etc. Luke was the worse when it came to abuse. After taking my exit plan, I was literally left at the border wI think $25 and the bage of clothes I came in with. I was homeless for a year and had nightmares for years!! Psychologically this place really screwed me up!! My mother is still in denial, and swears this place was worth her money.. now that I’m a mother of 3 I couldn’t imagine sending my children to a place like this. What’s really sad about this place is I learned nothing. If it wasn’t for my amazing husband now, it would’ve taken longer for me to start recovery. I still to this day suffer with nightmares/night terrors about this place. I wasn’t even a bad child. I was actually on the honor roll, varsity tennis player, I played piano, flute, and cello and did many more productive things. My mom was just pissed her husband had raped and molested me and blamed me for everything! So in order to hide this secret she hid me in Mexico. So I went from one type of abuse to another!!
      I hate to hear that others endured as much if not more abuse than me at this place. I’m very thankful it is closed down. Please email me if anyone has any questions or comments!!


  35. Jeremy downs Says:

    My names jeremy downs i was at casa by the sea for 19 months. After they closed one of my close friends killed himself while still in the programs care in Mexico. The abuse was torture, i think of this place and what happend alot. email me if u were in journey or was there from march 2003-closed


  36. Andrew Moser Says:

    I was there,my father tricked me into thinking I was going to a resort and left me in the lobby with Miguel. Hardest time of my life.


  37. Lynne Says:

    Did anyone know Michael Perry?



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  3. Share this link! We need to get the word out to parents desperate for help for their teens! | Challenger: Summer 1989 - December 3, 2013

    […] and sent to rehabilitation. I found one story on a legal website that led me to another site about Casa By the Sea (WWASP program – now closed) after news of  abuse was too much to ignore. I then scrolled down and searched a few of the […]

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