Eagle Ranch Academy

Eagle Ranch Academy

Eagle Ranch Academy was founded in 2005 by two brothers, Paul and Dave Arslanian. They were formerly college and professional football coaches, which appears to be their only experience working with children. Eagle Ranch is a co-ed facility with a stated capacity of 52 students. It is located in St. George, Utah, on the former campus of Brightway Adolescent Hospital.  The program accepts youth from 12-17. (sources: ww.wiki.fornits.comwww.programvisits.org, Eagle Ranch Official site -url withheld-) While the link to WWASP is subtle (mostly the fact that they operate on the former Brightway Hospital campus), and appearance would indicate that ERA is independently owned, the program model, jargon and methodology is very similar, if not identical in some ways to the WWASP Program model. Please see: What is a WWASP Program? and Red Flags


Paul Arslanian

Paul Arslanian is co-owner of Eagle Ranch Academy in St. George, Utah, which he founded with his brother Dave. Paul serves as Executive Director for Eagle Ranch Academy. Before founding Eagle Ranch in 2005, Paul, like his brother Dave,  served as a college and professional football coach. (source: Eagle Ranch Official site -url withheld-)



Dave Arslanian

Dave Arslanian is co-owner and formerly served as Admissions Director of Eagle Ranch Academy in St. George, Utah. Before opening that program he served as a football coach for several college and professional teams, including Weber State and Utah State. (source: Eagle Ranch Official site -url withheld-)



Survivor Testimony

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  1. Doesnt matter Says:

    Eagle Ranch Academy is inhumane and abusive. I should know, I was there for 7 months. Dont sent your children there.


    • Former Parent Says:

      My daughter was there and it saved her life. She is now attending college and being successful with a bright future. Before ERA she was headed down the path of self-destruction. I was there and for you to say it was inhuman and abusive is just a flat out lie. This program saves lives.


  2. Lillian S Says:

    Safe Teen Schools is looking for survivors of Eagle Ranch Academy to step forward and share their story! Were you abused? Neglected? Denied basic human rights such as food, water, bathroom, sleep, etc? Did you witness these things happening to others? share your story! you are not alone! Contact us at http://www.safeteenschools.org


    • matthew seliger Says:

      Back In 2011 I Was Sent To Eagle Ranch To Simulate Jail
      That Was The Point

      This Program Is Too Mean And Was
      It Made Me A Mean Person And Encouraged My Meanness
      Because I Also Decided To Embrace Sobriety
      And The Program
      When I First Got There I Sat At A Table
      where We Had What Was Called Last Ten
      Where Their Is A Required !0 minutes Of Silence After A Meal
      I Was With A Group At The Time Called Pod 3
      Sitting At A Table
      I Started Talking To A Girl
      The Staff Members Name Was Allen
      He Told Me To Be Queit I Said Fuck You
      He Ran Up And Grabed the Back Of My Neck
      Threaten To Make Me Eat Carpet
      Called Me Names
      While I was Walking Down The Hall
      He Made Sound Effects For My Footsteps
      Behind Me That Where To Make Me Literally
      Sound Like A Stupid Cartoon Character
      And Kept Calling Me Billy Badass

      The System used Here in 2011 Was A Packet System
      Each Packet Based On A Value

      The Discovery Packet I Was Given To Be Completed
      Had An Assignment Called An Amnesty
      Wich Was A Letter I Had To Read To
      My Parents On The phone
      That Was A Recount Of
      Not Only All The Drugs I Did
      But Also All My Sexual Expericnces
      Using The Words “ Intercourse, Or Heavy Petting “
      And Wether I Gaved Or Recived It,
      How Old I Was WHen It Happened
      And Where I Was When It Happened

      Only After I Completed That Assignment
      And Got My Packet Signed By All Nine
      Staff Members Could I Move On To The Next Packet
      And Get Shoes That wernt “bob Barker”
      Flip Flops And Socks

      Some People Sat, It Was Called “Sitting”
      On Their Discovery Packet Like
      One Girl There Named Seneca
      Who Was Mentally Ill
      And May Actually Be Mentally Retarded
      But Despite That
      She Was There For More Than A Year
      On The First Packet
      The Staff Members Wouldn’t Sign Her Packet
      For Here To Move On To The Next One

      The Staff Was Abusive And Wong To Seneca
      Senca Was A !4 Year Old Mentally Disabled Girl
      And Ended Up On What Was Called Literally
      “ Hobo Assignment “
      She Was To Put All Her Belongings
      In A Large Trash Bag And Take It With Her
      Everywhere She Went
      If She Did Not The Staff Would Take Her Bag
      And Spill it On The Ground Or Poke Holes
      In Her bag Along With The Students
      And Myself One Time Too

      Seneca Was Clearly Actually Mentally Disabled
      Because She Stank Almost Always
      She Had Problems Speaking
      She Loved Micky Mouse
      She Had A Mickey Mouse Doll She Loved So Much
      One Of Her Punishments Was Having It Taken Away
      And She Told Us Storys Of Having Fell Down Stairs
      And We Heard Storys Of How Her Dad Would
      Beat Her Phisically When She Was A Baby

      Seneca Was Already Predisposed Enough To Homelessness
      For Homeless, The Acceptance And Practice Of it
      To Ever be An Acceptable Answer
      Especially At A Place Selling A Program To Save Lives
      I Don’t Understand How Not Even
      The Staff members I Made Friends With Saw
      And Understood How Wrong They Were To Her

      Eagle Ranch Reinforced The Lesson
      I Already Knew
      That That All Incarceration Is Horrific
      And Unnatural And Dirty
      And Many Horrors And Wrongs
      Exist Inside All Prisons And Our Society

      It May Be Positive Because
      It Reinforces Why I Don’t Want To
      Spend Time In Jail But
      The Only Thing That Really
      Made Me Understand Why I Don’t
      Want to Go To Jail Was Actually
      Going To Jail Later
      Not Going To Eagle Ranch

      All Rehabs And My Own Family
      Made Me Feel Like A Criminal
      Sense I Was A Little Kid People
      Have Been Telling Me I Was Bad
      And “Catching Me “ Doing Things
      Than Punishing Me

      Now I Don’t Believe Anybody
      About Anything And Feel
      That Most People Are Wrong
      And Society Is Wrong For Incarcerating People
      Ever For Using Drugs

      Its Hard To Imagine How To Teach
      Both The Kids And The Parents
      Because Their Parents Are Usually Both Wrong Too
      I Wish My Dad Would Have Inspired Me
      To Be More Interested In Activities
      And Taught Me Why Being Good Was Important
      But He Didn’t Really And Mom Sets Bad Examples
      And Has set Bad Examples For Me My Whole Life
      The Only Reason I Went To Eagle Ranch In The First Place
      Was Because My Aunt Told Her To Put Me There
      My Aunt Who To This Day Will Only Ask Me
      Inappropriately At Family Parties If Im On Drugs
      And Thats The Only Time We Speak And Thats Only
      Things She Asks Then She Looks At Me Like
      Im Lying .

      I Feel Like Eagle Ranch And AA After It Stole My
      Childhood In That It Encouraged Isolation From My Peers
      I Never Had A Girlfriend In High school Or Went To Party’s
      I Isolated To Stay Sober Because I Thought Smoking Weed Again
      Would Make Me Do Heroin

      Thats All Ive Got To Say Right Now


      • matthew seliger Says:

        Also Wish No Bad On Anyone
        Im Just Saying Its Was A Bad Thing
        I Was Bad Too And So Was My Family

        Their Was Alot Of People
        Mostly All Of The People Working There
        To Do Good
        that Would And Never Did Allow us
        To Be abused
        I Feel Like This Website uses A Abuse
        As A Vary Broad Term
        And Makes Me Want To Think I Was Abused
        But I Was Not Actually
        I Feel Like I Was Mislead

        I Don’t Think The Right Lessons
        Where Tought To Me
        Its A Vary Complicated Thing
        I Cant Explain Simply
        But I Feel Like The
        Problem Lied More In My UpBringing,
        My Home Life, And The Attitude
        I Had That I Was Too Young
        To Have Actually Been Responsible
        For Myself
        But Am Responsible For Now That I’m Older

        I Was There For A Year No One There
        Was Actually Criminally Abusive
        NoBody Got Hit
        They Strictly Restrained People
        For Either Trying To Run Away
        Or Blatant Disrespect And Usually
        Refusal To Go With A Group If Somebody
        Decided They Wanted To Stay In The Rec Room
        And The Rest Of The Group Was Leaving
        They Would Restrain That Person
        But Never hit Them Or Do Anything
        Worse Than Restraining us With Wrestling Moves

        We Where Told That It Was One Of The Best Places
        Compared To The Other Schools And It Was And Probably is
        But The Only Way To Make Sure Your Child
        Is Learning The Lesson You Want Them To Is
        To Teach It Yourself Not Pay Someone Else To Do It For You

        If They Haven’t Learned Yet Maybe Your
        Teaching Them The Wrong Way
        If They Still Don’t Understand

        Its Probably More So Your Fault
        They Have Problems
        Than You Would Like To Accept
        And Are Blaming Your Child
        When Children Are Not To Be Blamed
        For Anything
        It Will Make Them
        Bad If You Are Only instilling Most In Them
        They Are Bad Or Wrong For Anything
        Because They Are Not

        They Are Mislead And Have Not
        Been Shown The Way
        Because They Lack Understanding


  3. Set the Record Straigth Says:

    Anyone who says Eagle Ranch Academy is a WWASP related program is absolutely wrong. Eagle Ranch Academy never has been, is not, and never will be related or affiliated with WWASP , or any WWASP related entity.

    Any website or person who says otherwise is intentionally lying or is grossly negligent in making false statements. Either way, such conduct should call into question that person or that website’s credibility.

    Advocate for Truth (Our name is withheld, fearing reprisals and harassment)


    • Bill Boyles Says:

      Maybe next time you should actually read that on which you are commenting:

      “While the link to WWASP is subtle (mostly the fact that they operate on the former Brightway Hospital campus), and appearance would indicate that ERA is independently owned, the program model, jargon and methodology is very similar, if not identical in some ways to the WWASP Program model.”

      also, you gave your name as “Advocate for Truth (Our name is withheld, fearing reprisals and harassment)”. that seems a bit dramatic, no? i have your email, and IP, ewe could easily find out who and where you are, but we don’t really need to do so. You are undoubtedly either a program shill or an employee or owner, and frankly not worth our time. Even if you were, we neither harass nor react against anyone for speaking their mind, unless you count also speaking OUR OWN minds, which of course all you yahoos with persecution complexes try and use as an excuse for a wide array of ridiculous and pitiful behavior. Remember, Mr. Jared of Salt Lake City, Utah…free speech works both ways. Now go shill elsewhere, and remember to wear your tinfoil hat.


  4. Former Student Says:

    To the former student that says this is an abusive program, I must call BS. I was there and I can tell you that this place is not abusive. Of course I didn’t want to be there, no teenager would, but it in part help save my life. After being there a few months I got word that a group of my friends were drinking and smoking weed, skipped school, and rolled the vehicle they were in. 2 of my friends were killed. I know I would have been in that vehicle if I had been home. That was my second wake up call… the first being sent to treatment. I am now enrolled in college and engaged to be married. The tools I learned there will be with me for life. The staff pushed and pushed but always in a respectful way. At times I hated all of them, but now as I look back I know they loved and cared about me. If anyone would like to talk to me about ERA I would be happy to.


  5. Tanner Says:

    I stayed at this place for over a year… Never, i repeat NEVER has this place been abusive! In fact this place had some of the best people Iv been ever around. By the time I was ready to leave I had amazing strong bonds with not only the other students, but the staff as well. No place is perfect, and we were all stupid troubled teenagers at the time. So when the staff needed to do what had to be done, they did. Anyone who says otherwise brought it on themselves. I plan on visiting ERA soon to tell my story and to express the opportunity they have before them.

    Solders of Hope!!!!


    • Amanda hudson Says:

      I have a daughter at Eagle Ranch right now. Would you be willing to talk to me?
      My email is amandaghudson@yahoo.com


    • The Truth Says:

      tanner we both went to era at the same time. if you r who i think u are how can you say this. i saw staff abuse you as well as other kids. ???????


      • Hoff Says:

        I was there at the same time as y’all too and they were NOT abusive. Restraints only happened when someone would try to run away or get violent, at that point there’s no other option. There were some staff that were too strict/tactless but it never crossed the line into abuse. It was a good, safe place for many kids who would otherwise be homeless or incarcerated. Without ERA a lot of us would be dead, and a lot of our former drug friends are dead. Which side would you rather be on?


        • Bill Boyles Says:

          What a charming excusal/apologia of abuse. Love the false dichotomy, too. Nice touch. This is perfectly executed program jargon. No matter what the program is, the first thing they teach you to spout off is “I would be DEAD without XYZ-whatever-the-fuck-program-name!!!”
          This is because the valuable commodity that programs are designed to produce is not “fixed” children, but positive testimony from students and parents. Without it, they literally cannot continue to operate as a business; everything they do is specifically designed to make it.


  6. not important Says:

    I’m a former student here and I would definitely say not to send your child here there are better ways of handling the problems that you are facing trust me. Many but not all the things said about this place are true. The accusations of verbal abuse drugging children and social isolation are very real. Not all the people here are bad or out to hurt people, I think they sincerely believe in what they are doing. But all to often do frustrations,bias, and judgement cloud the decisions these staff make. These people would literally tell me they had me all figured out and told me they new things about me better than I did myself. I would be denied the right to talk to my parents in the beginning AND EVEN WEAR SHOES! as you can imagine this is not easy for one to handle.especially because we were given prison sandals, and forced to do calisthenics in the cold and wet grass in the early morning. While mind you wearing nothing but these sandals and a pear of socks, which get wet and cold in no time, as well as just a t shirt and thin basketball shorts.(we were also given one change of clothes for the cold.) They shave your head if you’re a boy and give you no clothes except for the same grey or red shirts day in and day out.(just one green orange or purple shirt for a certain day of the week.) They take away your individuality and make you part of a “family”. (They actually call them pods for some reason) the staff (and even kids) would be verbally abusive to me and pretty much every one at some point in their stay. Some more than others, depending if you were willing to fall in line. I remember at one point in my stay I was made to stand up in front of a room full of people and be verbally dismantled, being told I don’t love my family and I was selfish and a brat for my choices I had made in the past. (I’m not saying I’ve never done any thing wrong we’ve all made our mistakes before.) The sad thing is I was so mentally broken down at the time I literally believed it all. I was made to believe that I was all my mistakes that I had made. I stood in front of about 20 people and cried for hours. (This was part of one of their seminars), I also couldn’t respond or defend myself against this justified form of name calling and slander. (Which happened to people almost daily in our twice a day sessions of “group therapy”)while I was there I was put on various medications including anti phsycotics and anti depressants. Medications I had no choice in taking,I quickly became a very different person turning to things I had never done before like self harm and needing to lie constantly about my true feelings. I hated it. I hated my life. I couldn’t stand it.I fantasized constantly about running away or getting “pulled” (being allowed to leave) with my peers. I noticed that the girls especially were what I would think of as brain washed. We were forced to talk about things that happened to us in our lives even if we weren’t comfortable with it, mind you they expected us to do so in front of two dozen or so people. Please think twice about this place and DON’T BELIEVE THE WEB SITE!!!! They lie about almost everything. I don’t believe they even have an updated list of the staff. The site is almost a complete lie its almost funny how stupidly absurd the lies are. I could go on about the things that happened there.and can only imagine what’s going on now. I feel for those kids I really do, the living conditions in our “cottages” were disgusting if we complained they got mad at us. You can’t really clean up after the 13 other people that live there but they would say it was up to us to keep it clean. And believe it or not some kids were used to it and just made it worse when you did clean. So doing so was pointless. But they always made sure of having every thing in order when parents were visiting. But I’m just going to stop here, I’ve spent the last 45 mins on my phone typing this up and I could still go on. If you have any questions please email me,I probably will not get on this site again. To any defenders of this place please don’t contact me in search of an argument. They go no where ive done it hundreds of times before while there and I don’t care to any more.you can think or say what you want If it worked for you that’s great. I’m just saying what I saw and what happend to me.
    My email is ggghg6223@gmail.com
    Thank you for your time.


    • joshyboy Says:

      not important my friend just got sent here and i was wondering if he will be alright i heard things about this placed and im in shock. what kind of low life parent would send your family here instead of dealing with the problems yourself and manning up and being the better person. PARENTS DONT EXPECT TO EVER TALK TO YOUR KID AGAIN YOUR HALF THE PROBLEM IF YOUR GOING TO SEND YOUR KID HERE YOU GO YOURSELF TOO.


      • Hoff Says:

        joshyboy don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I was there at the same time as this girl and a lot of what she’s saying isn’t true. There was no drugging of children, there weren’t even consequences if you refused to take your meds. There was no verbal abuse on the part of the staff, & while l can’t quite say the same about the students, they’re there for a reason. They were probably abusing their families and peers on the outside, so naturally they do so in treatment too, but that’s WHY THEY’RE THERE! To work on those abusive behaviors. Social Isolation was only used for limited amounts of time in extreme cases of attention seeking / obstinate defiant behavior, and even then they’d usually be allowed to vent to staff when they really needed it.


    • Rachel York Says:

      If you’re really complaining about having to exercise outside for 30 minutes a day, then I don’t think you should wonder why you were sent to treatment. There is a reason they strip you of your material poccessions and cut you off from the outside world- so you can focus solely on healing and fixing yourself. This is intervention and it’s for those who can’t/won’t help themselves get out of destructive behaviors. So basically, the only people that left ERA without accomplishment and a sense of satisfaction and thankfulness are those who were never willing to help themselves once they entered the program. I’m thankful everyday for the day I walked through those doors and met the most amazing people in my life, my guardian angels I call them. Im thankful everyday for the values they taught me (integrity, trust, respect, honesty, etc) because I see people living without these values struggling everyday and hurting others and themselves as a result. There will never come a day that I am not grateful for my time there and the people I met, and what I learned. And there will never be a day I don’t miss it. Eagle Ranch Academy was the only place I ever felt at home. You sound incredibly ungrateful by stating that being “forced” to exercise for 30 minutes a day outside was one of your top complaints. And by the way, if you were respectful and sincere in your program the most you went without shoes was one month. The people and the program at Eagle Ranch Academy saved my life and many of the relationships in my life because I was willing to work for it.
      Sincerely, A former Eagle Ranch Academy graduate who was a high school drop out living in a truck stop motel before ERA, abusive, destructive, depressed and wanting to die by the age of thirty. Now, about to graduate college, working two jobs, and wanting to grow old and happy experiencing all of life through a sober lense.
      Our experiences are based on our attitudes. You can say you didn’t enjoy ERA. But don’t you dare ever say the staff and the program was abusive and cruel.


  7. The Truth Says:

    This place is a lie. Any parent that sent their child the was lied to. living there for over 1 years i saw many kids picked on and abused by staff.


  8. Jared Wilson Says:

    I was at ERA for over a year and I read all the stuff “former” students post on sites like these. In fact, I don’t even know if former students, especially those that hide behind fake names, are really former students because they talk about a different ERA that I know. I must have walked around for over a year with my eyes and ears closed because I never saw any abuse. I saw staff that cared about students that would push us to reach our potential. They didn’t allow us to get away with much crap and if you call that abuse you’re in for a long hard life. For those “former” students making all these accusations that abuse was occurring on a regular basis you should contact ERA and tell them times, places, and staff names. I know they will be concerned enough to investigate. You can call ERA a lot of things, but the owner is honest and you can trust him to do the right thing. Well said Rachel. You sound like an awesome person who’s going to be successful throughout your life. Keep it up.


    • Dj hansen Says:

      Jared I lived at ERA for 1 years in 2006. If you think taking away shoes and socks making kids walk on hot pavement to eat every meal to where me and others had blister on our feet is right. Or letting kids sleep in a bed with no sheets and no pillows for months is helping kids learn the ways of life? I hope you never have children. I was Forcefully taken in the middle of the night handcuffed and put on a plain and mind you i had never even gone to jail or had problems with law. After i was abused and dumb at ERA for the first 3 months i had no contact with anyone in my family parents or friends. Why do they do things like that its a tact so you cant explain what really happens on a daily at era. After three months of being brainwashed and they are sure you wont bad mouth the program then you get a supervised 10 min call. Not even in jail do they not allow you a phone call for this amount of time. AS for the owners of this place that you trusted so much i maybe talked to them 2 or three times the entire time i live there saw a therapist 4 or 5. For every 1 kid this place thinks it helps there are 10 more out there it has made life pretty difficult for. People that say abuse does not go on here anger me. If you think its right to isolate kids in room alone for days or “ghost” kids for months with no contact to anyone but staff. Or that its right to restrain kid to the ground till their rest and arms bleed, tackle and presure point 12 to 17 year old children till they eat what you want them to eat or walk where you want them too. This place and any place like it are wrong in so many ways. I could write a book with all the abuse, taunting, and brainwashing i saw at era. Get real!!!! Me and 90% of the kids sent to ERA dont need treatment they need LOVE to be showed they are cared about not shipped of to people who’s true intention is to make a buck.


      • Sister of ERA student Says:

        I appreciate your post. Whether or not you want to call it “abusive”, taking away basic human rights, such as clothing/footwear, is completely unethical. These are rights that prisoners receive. What’s scary is that all letters are read by staff before they’re sent and phone calls are monitored. So if something bad has actually happened, the student wouldn’t be able to communicate that to anyone outside of ERA. Also, why are the progress reports completed by staff handwritten but the ones completed by students are typed? How do we know the students are actually the ones typing?


      • Brooklerbones Says:

        Are letters home read by staff? Why would I send my son there if he is forced to walk barefoot outside and cut his hair short or have limited time with me. It certainly doesn’t sounfd like a form of confidence building. I was about to send him but it sounds like a terrible place to send a broken person.


  9. Former student Says:

    At ERA I was told to believe and trust in my peers. I would like to point out that 90% of those peers that I was told to trust in and use the advice they gave me have relapsed and are just better at covering their mischief up. I was verbally abused on the daily by my peers, in fact I still have nightmares and anxiety attacks over the tramma I experienced their. They would play favorites with kids with well to do parents. Who they knew could afford to pay or kids who would non stop talk about their feelings. I on the other hand was left with the short end of the stick, being an introvert by nature and coming from a middle class family. I ha a very difficult time expressing my feelings, from watching a girl be cut down and told she was an idiot for feeling the way she did. I was terrified. I was then put on a project where I had to express every period of the day. After every expression I was called a liar and unbelievable because it was difficult for me talk to these people. I was brought to tears everyday. I began to believe even more that I was my “illness”. The whole reason I was sent there was for the lack of trust I had with my parents. And the suicidal outcomes that came from locking up my feelings. I wanted so badly to talk to a professional, and even sent letters home asking for the ability to talk with my counsilor on site. In the six months I was there I had three one on one meetings with my counsilor. And each one ended with her saying something along the lines of me needing to admit to all the drugs I did. This was confusing to me. I wasn’t there for drugs, in fact I had never smoked or drank at all in high school, my parents knew that too, being from Utah and LDS. It wasn’t something I desired to ever do. So that ruled out ever telling her what was going on in my heart. She denied me any interaction with my parents although I earned phone calls home. The three times I got to talk to my parents during my stay were with my amnesty reading, one therapy call and a visit that was unexpected by everybody. The unexpected visit was when I was finally able to talk to my parent one on one with out Shannon breathing down my neck. Telling me what I should and shouldn’t say. And boy when I was finally able to tell my parents about the two abusive relationships and 3 separate rape incidents without being interrupted, my parents were furious. Not with me but the program, for my therapist was telling them complete lies of what I was telling peers and what I was doing. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was so close to the end of the school year, and I being a senior who still needed to graduate. I would have been pulled that day. I left about three weeks later. ERA badgered my parents on the daily to pay them money for things that I never got, (I.e 17 therapy sessions, immunizations, and medications and also off campus trips.) ERA is a waste of money, they administration are liars and will try to scam you out of money. The abuse is real. It may not be all physical but it is mental and emotional. If you want your child to get help I would send them to a prison before I would send them here. They get the same level of treatment and it would probably cost you less.


  10. Concerned Parent Says:

    The way abusive organizations work (called “High-Demand Groups”), is that they get certain people to buy into the program. Those people become supporters or even abusers. Everyone else who does not conform gets abuse. Those who conform never see the abuse, or if they do they see it as “discipline” not abuse. So to different people the exact same group can look completely different. There are countless books on these topics, written by both quacks and solid professors of psychology and sociology. (Consider skimming book “The Lucifer Effect” or reading a little on group psychology, the Phillip Zimbardo Standford Prison study or Stanley Milgrim authority experiments. And be sure you understand the Stockholm Syndrome and the extreme loyalty that high-demand groups create in people.)

    My point is that ERA could be extremely abusive without many of the members seeing it. It could be good for some and highly destructive for others.

    The key indicator of a High-Demand Group is not that they have obvious negative effects for all or even most of the people who go there, but that the negative effects are extremely negative and the positive effects also create other mental health issues for those who’ve come through it, that are often hard to define.

    Often people who’ve been through a high-demand group won’t even realize the extent that they were abused until years later. Often they won’t realize they were seriously harmed until they are married or have children and their spouse, children, friends or the authorities tell them that their behavior toward their spouse or kids abusive and must stop. Then they realize that what they were taught at the high-demand group was used to control them and did get them in-line but that those techniques are not generally healthy or even generally destructive.

    Keep an open mind. ERA may be good and it may be very bad and the only way to know is to do your research, talk to people. Parents must demand the ability to drop in any time unannounced and see their child and tour the facilities. If they don’t find anything and the kids don’t report anything then that’s good.

    It’s tough because kids that go to places like this go because people already think of them as deceptive and manipulative, so when such a kid says, “Mom, Dad, this place is horrible! Please, I’ve got to get out!” they may not even believe them, causing further destruction of trust and health of the child.

    Think carefully folks! I know I will be.


  11. Former Student Says:

    I am a former student from ERA. I was picked up in the middle of the night by 2 strangers and flown across the country without any explanation. I was a decent kid, i had a solid friend group, good grades in school, a job, and played on the soccer team. My parents were going through a divorce and as a last ditch effort to save their marriage they decided to put the blame for their marital issues on me. So i got sent away.

    I was forced to wear prison sandals. They only gave you 5 pars of underwear and you were only allowed to do laundry once a week. You do the math. The interventions were nuts. Kids would have to carry around backpacks full of rocks or sand, they practiced isolation and seclusion, and upon intake they make you do a cavity check.. I was denied the use of the bathroom one day and ended up peeing my pants after being denied for 4 hours. I wasn’t allowed communication with my parents and when I finally was allowed to talk to them (6 weeks after arriving) i was monitored so closely i couldn’t say anything. These are just some of the things that went on while i was there.

    Today I have my masters degree and just got licensed (LCSW)! I work very closely with government funded residential programs. I know what is legal and what is not. ERA is very much abusive. Parents: PLEASE do research before sending your child to a residential treatment center. When i was finally able to tell my parents what was happening I was pulled immediately. It was a mistake that I have gotten over and accepted as a speed bump in my life. I have built upon my horrible experience and made a career out of making sure that what happened to me does not happen again.

    To the people that think ERA was a good experience: maybe it was for you, and I’m not trying to discredit your opinion or your experience but I promise you this, there are better options. Some kids do need a wake up call and the “tough love” approach, but it shouldn’t come with the price that it does. No child should be denied shoes, or the bathroom, or communication with their parents. There are better options, PLEASE consider them before sending you kid to ERA.


  12. Pissed off Says:

    I had a relative, a close relative sent here. She was taken in the middle of the night from her bed, handcuffed,put in a car and driven to another state by 2 strangers (traumatic for a 14 year old). She was not allowed shoes, in the winter, she had to earn them. She was duct taped to another student for a day. She was also “ghosted” for a month (ghosting is when nobody talks to you, you are completely ignored by everyone). She was finally released because the insurance company realizded she had no business being there. She now has sleep issue’s and needs medication and trust’s absolutely no one. Tell me this is not abusive. BTW, ERA IS NOT A LICENSED FACILITY. The only license they hold is a daycare facility. The 2 owner’s are former football coaches that were fired. Anybody who say’s this is a great place is either brainwashed, related to staff or just plain stupid. These schools should be banned and it makes me wonder why Utah is the only state allowed to do this.


  13. Julia Says:

    Eagle Ranch Academy not only has MULTIPLE police reports, but is known for brain washing and sexual abuse. DO NOT send your children here!


    • Former Parent Says:

      This false. I enrolled my daughter into Eagle Ranch Academy and before I did I contacted the St. George Police Department, the State of Utah, the Washington County Sheriff’s Dept, Child Protective Services, and Eagle Ranch has never had a complaint filed against them. So anyone that says it is abusive (sexual or physical) is lying. They are accredited through the state of Utah and CARF, which is a nationally recognized accreditation commission.


      • Bill Boyles Says:

        Just because a complaint hasn’t been filed doesn’t mean they haven’t abused anyone. To claim otherwise is utterly nonsensical and disingenuous at best.


        • Bill Boyles Says:

          But as a parent who put their child through this, I can certainly understand your strong instinct or imperative towards total denial. I would feel pretty guilty, too. I know my parents have expressed to me that they feel guilty


  14. Claudia Hoffman Says:

    I have a daughter presently at daughter at Eagle Ranch Academy.
    As her Mother and all of Katy, Texas community, we all are very disturbed by no communication or contact with her.

    I have only spoken to here for 5 minutes on skype for 5 minutes in 5 months. She became hysterical and hateful had to be returned to her pod “family “. She just wrote me a beautiful Mother’s day card.

    This came out of nowhere.

    I am very frightened for her and her wellbeing.

    I gave custody to her father 7 months ago thinking she would have a 2 parent family, her 6 year old brother from the new marriage with sit down dinners nightly and an environment that provides her stability.

    I have made a horrible mistake….

    Could someone please email or call me and let know how I get her out of this facility????

    Claudia Hoffman
    Cell 2817015656
    Email: hoffman30@gmail.com


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