Morava Academy

Morava Academy 

Morava Academy was founded in early 1998 by Steve and Glenda Roach and majority owner Ralph Atkin, WWASP Trustee and owner of Skywest Airlines. Morava Academy was located in the Czech village of Jelenice, near Brno. Glenda Roach served as Director while Steve was Security Director. The facility was investigated and closed in November 1998 after allegations of child abuse surfaced. Steve and Glenda were both arrested and charged with child abuse. The charges they faced carried a 2-8 year prison sentence. They escaped the country, however, to avoid charges and have never been brought to justice. (sources: Forniits Wiki, No Spank


J. Ralph Atkin

J. Ralph Atkin is the owner of Skywest Airlines, Eurosky Airlines, and Jet Aquisitions Group. He is also a trustee of WWASP. He has an office in St. George, Utah, and is a Mormon. In 1998, he became majority owner of Morava Academy, which was shut down later that year. He also appears to be WWASP’s main legal counsel, serving as registered agent for many WWASP entities. In fact, in legal corporate documents and filings his name and address is second only to WWASP and their address in appearances. In order to shield WWASP, he relys on tactics such as shell companies, misspellings of names and addresses, and name changes. (sources: CAICA, Antiwwasp

Steve & Glenda Roach

Steve and Glenda Roach are from St. George, Utah, where they both worked as police officers. They got their start in the TTI owning an all-girl’s program called Sunrise Beach in Cancun, Mexico. It is unclear whether that facility was a WWASP program. It was closed in 1996 by Mexican authorities and the Roaches were arrested on charges of illegally detaining children and depriving them of their rights, and running an unlicensed and unsainitary facility. In 1998, they opened Morava Academy near Brce, Czech Republic with J. Ralph Atkin, with Glenda functioning as Director and Steve as Security Director. Morava Academy was raided by Czech police and shut down after allegations of child abuse and illegally detaining minors. The Roaches were arrested and charged, but escaped the country and have never faced trial. ISAC reports the couple is living in the Bahamas under assumed names, but they have a facebook page under their real names, although it does not give a location. (sources: CAICA, Antiwwasp


Survivor Testimony


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12 Responses to “Morava Academy”

  1. Eric Says:

    I was here at Morava from June, 1998 to it’s closing 5 months later. I was 15, drinking alcohol, and already had a tough life ahead of me. My parents found out about Morava Academy in the Czech Republic, and I really wanted to go because I always wanted to be in Europe.

    However, when I got there, it was a mass disappointment. First off, the food there was terrible. Second, I was abused pretty much everyday by the teachers (I do not know who the teachers names were). Lastly, it was unsanitary. Thankfully, it closed down after 5 months of hell. I eventually promised to stopped drinking and go back to normal school.

    I am now 30, I have a wife and kid, and I still keep thinking about it everyday. I wish the Roaches were shot and would burn in hell.


    • DIANA Says:

      @eric …. I was there from open to close of program and never experienced abuse . I also never saw any abuse and I saw it all and knew everyone . I also know the staff and actually liked most of them . I adored Glenn .. just curious what kind of abuse ?? Jennifer was in solitary confinement for a long time and was made to sit in a room with maybe nothing …as punishment … is this what you are speaking of ?


  2. Peter Says:

    Hello Eric, I would like to get in touch with you and ask you some questions about Morava Academy. My e-mail address is


  3. Satan Says:

    Two disgusting pigs abused children!


    • Distressed Says:

      I can give you the where abouts of the sob Steve Roach


      • John B. Says:

        Please do. I’d like to attempt to interview him for a Morava Retrospect I’m working on.


        • Marie Says:

          Hi, I used to work there – if you can call it that. I had just started uni – English and educational science – and was looking for a job, preferably irregular nights as the study programme was rather time-comnsuming. The ad claimed to be looking for night wardens at an international educational facility so I and two of my friends went for it hoping for not only money but also work experience. We were fully trained as staff together with the day staff but then we didn’t really encounter the kids as we were supposed to come at 10pm and leave before they woke up.
          Despite the limited encounters, we only did about 7 shifts and then the three of us reported the facility to social welfare services, the police and TV news (just to make sure it went public in case the authorities were reluctant to act). Because yes, the abuse was going on, the Roaches were half-illiterate psychopats with messiah complex. It was horrific, I’d never witnessed anything like that. We provided lengthy statements to the police and some of the Czech staff really did go to court although I don’t know how they ended up. The Roaches escaped, unfortunately. I’ve only come accross these pages because I was watching Leah Remini’s Aftermath and suddenly remembered this short episode of my life, I started putting pieces together. It’s unbelievable that a programme like that can be legal in the States.
          By the way, one more aspect of this programme that you guys, as the victims, might not have noticed: it was a total rip off – the whole system of the so-called “consequences” was designed in order to pull more money out of the parents’ pockets.
          I am sorry you had to go through this and really hope the Roaches will burn in hell.


  4. Jenny Kueng Says:

    I as well as attended morava academy starting the middle of may 98 until it was shut down. I got left for dead alone with nothing to eat or money at the airport u can reach me at



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