Paradise Cove


Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove was an all-male facility opened in the early 90’s in the island nation of Western Samoa. It operated up to 5 campuses (Le Tiara, Sinalele Beach, Faga Beach, Fagatele Beach, and Vavau Beach.) At peak the facility housed up to 450 boys. The facility has been reported to have closed in 1998 by the U.S. State Department, but this is untrue. The truth is the State Department merely investigated the facility and issued a statement advising parents not to send thier children there; the Sate Department has no power to regulate or close overseas schools. This author was held there until 08/04/1999, and has personal knowledge the facility operated at least into 2000. Eventually Paradise Cove was closed by the Samaon government, which cited child abuse including a pronounced number of hospitalized food poisoning cases from the school, which is what prompted the investigation. All remaining children were sent to other WWASP facilities. Paradise Cove was famous amongst WWASP schools for the extremely primitive conditions and the harshness and brutality of the school. Paradise Cove was owned by Brian Vaifanua (pictured below) and directed by Duane Lee, Vaifanua’s brother-in-law. Dace Goulding, owner of Casa By The Sea, High Impact, and Darrington Academy, originally served as Educational Director for Paradise Cove.



Brian Vaifanua

As owner and director, this man ran one of the most notorious WWASP programs, Paradise Cove in Samoa. Where children were subject to miserable conditions, denied proper food and medical care and systematically tortured, assaulted and sexually abused.  Vaifanua started his career with WWASP at Cross Creek, La Verkin Utah, Then in 1994 he opened Paradise Cove. After Paradise Cove was shut down he moved back to Cross Creek and then went on to become director of Midwest Academy, in Keokuk Illinois. In 2009 Vaifanua was reported to the St. George school district superintendent with a long list of human rights abuses urging to have Mr. Vaifanua banned from working with young children.

Dace Goulding

First worked for Paradise Cove in Samoa, then went on to become the owner of Casa By The Sea and co-owner of High Impact. After CBS was closed in 2004 Goulding along with an old High School buddy Rich Darrington, opened another program called Darrington Academy in Blue Ridge Georgia. Darrington Academy was closed and criminal charges were pressed against Rich Darrington, for assault and battery of a minor. At some point he was working in a public school, but currently Goulding reports to be coaching Little League “Back in St. George”, which is only about 20 miles away from the Cross Creek Property in La Verkin.

Duane Lee

Dwayne Lee was the Director of Paradise Cove until the facility closed in 2002. He apparently got the job due to his relation to Brian Vaifanua, namely, brother-in-law. After Paradice Cove closed, Dwayne went on to work for an arm of Teen Help called Parent Resources Hotline, where he served as Admissions Coordinator for High Impact. His current whereabouts and employment are unknown, although his wife Tala Lee (Vaifanua) works as a reporter for Fox in Salt Lake City, Utah using her maiden name..



Survivor Testimony

Trouble in Paradise – By Bill Boyles

Read Bill Boyles’ blog about life in Paradise Cove, “Notes From Tha Cove”, here.



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  1. Randy Rogers Says:

    Thank you for this memorial of samoa. The strong relationships forged there as survivors serve to bring some of us closer. However, one shouldn’t allow this experience of friendship and brotherhood never to ever denigrate the memories of the completely despicable way in which we were treated and scarred both emotionally and physically. I hope one day mr. vaifanua his cohorts sit In a boxes as they placed me for weeks… Wwasp is evil and I’m glad that your helping expose them.
    To the fallen brothers and to the survivors.


  2. J Blackburn Says:

    I located the Facebook page of the Fox Anchor in Salt Lake City, Tamara Vaifanua, I currently writing on her Facebook page to have her open an investigation into her BROTHER for the abuse and neglect that occurred under his care. Should be fun to see what happens with that one!


    • susan Says:


      Just wanted to tell you that the Fox Reporter’s Husband was also a director at Paradise Cove; he got his job being the brother-in-law of the owner-director. I cannot believe anyone normal could stay married to such a horrible person; how can Fox hire such a sick enabler?


    • DINO Says:

      Reading all of this brings back a lot of memories both good and bad. If anyone wants any pictures I have about 20 from up there I took them secretly right before we flew out of the shit hole. Hit me up Dino.


  3. moses ogara Says:



    • Rich Says:

      I visited Samoa in xmas 98-99 and knew nothing about this. I’m half Samoan and don’t tolerate violence or any type of abuse against kids. My advice sue these bastards and if you ever see any of these idiots now you’re older – Fasi them (smack them) over. That’s what any well meaning Samoan would do. They hide behind there bullshit religious ideals.


  4. marjorie waterman Says:

    My name is Marjorie Waterman. I am a friend and advocate for Christopher Sutton who spent 2 1/2 years at P. C.
    Chriss is in prison now convicted of conspiring to commit murder. His mother was shot and killed and his father shot and blinded. The case received national media attention on 48 Hours and Dateline.
    I believe Chriss is innocent and he is now in the process of appealing this verdict.
    He would like to hear from other PC survivors. If you’d like to contact Chriss please e-mail me at and I will provide his contact information.


    • shavon Says:

      I believe he did conspire to do it, but is not at fault. I believe he suffers from PTSD and needs medical care not more imprisonment. He was tortured, he told his parents and they kept him there anyway as far as he was concerned at that point they too were his enemy. As far as im concerned they were, if you pay people to tortured and abused your son then who is really the monster?


    • mane Says:

      I know Chris in another way. He did not do this, He is not made up of that kind of person. Not in him.


  5. eliza Says:

    seeking for old videos teuila or independent day perfomance by paradise cove in western samoa. Don’t know the names?


  6. Joseph McQuiston Says:

    FYI The picture of Bill Boyles was not taken on August 5, 1999…but rather taken on or about August 23, 1999. Minor detail but accuracy is everything. I know this because I was with him up until we got to Los Angeles. I graduated High School on the day that I left. I had Sim Tiatia, then education director give me my High School Diploma which has passed muster for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and also Lincoln College of Technology in Grand Prairie. Not that it means anything…the Cove was worth crap. Hopefully Windle Turley and company will avail.


    • Mo Says:

      is that him


      • Mike Stoltz Says:

        Simanua Tia Tia.


        • Mike Stoltz Says:

          Sim ran the “Other” boys camp on the Island. It started off as Robert Louis Stevenson Youth Academy. Then it changed to A better way youth academy, finally when I left in 1997 it was called Coral Reef Academy. Sim was actually one of the “Good Guys”.


          • Kelley McNaughton Says:

            Sim was one of the good guys. How are you doing Mike? I remember you used to sign your name Stoltz with a $ sign. I hope all is well.

  7. Corey Schafer Says:

    I was there in 97 and 98 what a fucked up place I have been screwed up ever since I went there we need to see justice done to all of those sob my head all fucked up still if anybody was there in 97 contact me we need to see justice and get a law suit going to pay for everything that was done to me and everybody else and to everybody that look out for me while I was there thank you very much… much love to you all I was in peace family we cant let theses ass hole get away with this I was there to get help not to get messed up for the rest of my life aka they called me track star because I ran away after they beat me so bad I thought I was going to die and thanks to you all for giving me food while they put me iso for 3 weeks at a time they would come in and beat me like a dog while I was in solation or iso and they did worse that why I am all fucked up ever since I got out of there they need to pay for everything they did to us all I WAS ONLY 13 AND 14 WHEN THEY ALL DID THIS TO ME physicaly mentally it was just in humane what they did and illegal what they did touching me like a did
    contact me
    contact me on my uncle email
    ps I hope you all are doing ok


  8. Miles. Says:

    It never fails to amuse me how a thing like this is always turned into a racist thread where people come to debate which ethnicity is superior. I don’t usually comment as it’s usually a waste my time but I thought to go against my better judgement and do it. This is really disappointing on so many levels. The greedy pigs who started and made money from this program and the parents who fail to raise their children properly and ended up paying someone else to do it for them as well the ‘do gooder’ reporter on this video.
    Parents got rid of their out of control kids and pigs made their money.
    Don’t forget people, this will be the same reporter that would have reported on the documentary about an out of control kid with mental problems who took drugs and ended up killing their parents or going to jail and so on. It sounds like a career enhancing move to me.
    It angers me that the losing party here are the kids as well as the reputation of a country and people that has nothing to do with it which moved in and closed this school.
    I hope one day the survivors will be able to move past it and show these pigs of abusers that they are better than them and better than they ever will be. That’s the best revenge to me. Write and talk about the pain and brag about your success and your rise.


  9. Troy Says:

    I was there 96 and 97. Le Tiara was a mild concentration camp, my father told me that if he had known this place was there when he came to get me, he would have never sent me here. Love to all my boys I lived with Troy J. loves you all..miss you guys. I am interested in a lawsuit justice needs to be served.


  10. Jacob Says:

    I was here around 1995 at the age of 15. I still tell stories of this place. I had my nose broke from the forced confrontation groups and I had to tell another boy how he was evil and bad.

    I was brained washed by some week long Seminar. I do not remember much of the details but I can not listen to the song true colors any more after that.

    I was beaten for not raising my hand once.I was also forced to work in raw sewage with cuts on my feet fixing the toilets. I came home with jaundice and was rush to ER directly after I got off the plane in Houston.

    We had it really rough there.

    I wonder if we can all get together for a class action suit.


    • luke bugge Says:

      i was there with you. i was 13 and the youngest kid in paridise cove at the time. i was there 4 months i seen the confrontation.


    • Luke Says:

      i was there with you Jacob. i remember the seminar and when the big dude broke you’re nose. i was the youngest kid there at that time, i was 13. i tied to reply once already but for some reason it wont work.


    • Mary ortega Says:

      Hi I don’t know if you know me I was in samoa working with my husband Ed the kids Mostly called me miss. Ed we we were sent there to help I kids and help Brian fix some of the problems he had.. we did our best to make him understand things had to change we fell for you boys that were miss treated when we left there we took Abdi home with us if u remmber him…we have quite a bit of info on that place if u would like u can contact me at or we knew many of you all there and wish you guys the very best….thank you


  11. Jeremy Andrews Says:

    We were all hurt in W.Samoa. It is still the worst memory of my life. As a parent now, I cannot imagine sending my children anywhere without me and can’t understand how my parents could have ever believed that this was the answer to my ADHD.
    Is there any information about a lawsuit or any legal avenue to seek justice or compensation for our abuse and neglect?
    Email me at jaydrew12@gmail


  12. Robert g Says:

    I spent 11.5 months on one of these beaches and was choked out by a stause ff for refusing to run up and down the beach with another kid on my back while suffering from a broken foot I was also thrown in the box for 3 days for this where I had to miss in the same space because I wasn’t allowed to use the restroom during the day beca


  13. Brieanne Says:

    I don’t know which is worse, being treated like shit in the states or being sent to western samoa. My brother attempted suicide so my parents sent him there for 16 months or so. I lost my brother because by the time he returned, I was ready to go to college. My parents made me go to all the seminars while my brother was in Paradise Cove. In the seminars, the people there managed to tell me what a screwed up person I was, and my parents agreed. Meanwhile, my parents did not live in the same house and I suffered verbal, physical, and emotional abuse from my mother. I remember John Sutton coming over to the house because he handled the legal aspect of my brother being allowed to be in Samoa. At the age of 12, I saved him from suicide and then this Paradise Cove place caused him to have ptsd, anxiety, and constant fear as do I. I am currently writing a book on my experience as this Paradise Cove concept caused greater problems. Who in their right mind would send their child to Samoa to have other people abuse their child? Please email me at as any more information or facts would be ideal for my book.


  14. Brieanne Says:

    Oh and by the way, I visited Samoa while my bro was there. I suffered from Samoan stomach ( food poisoning) and severe sunburns. These boys were treated inhumane. Why wasn’t this issue highlighted on human rights day? It needs to be unswept from out of that old rug and brought to the surface. Too many people were hurt and it seems nobody was penalized or jailed for child abuse? If anyone is taking this a step further, please include me:


  15. Fatima Eguez Says:

    Why you all victims contact HBO or any network to expose this people they should be in jail 😡😡😡


  16. marie hodson Says:

    I have just been watching the murder case on Christopher Sutton and believe that when the parents wouldn’t take christopher out of the camp when he turned 18 and got a court order to keep his there one more year, sealed there fate. when he asked his parents to take him out and they didnt believe his claims of abuse, was the most tragic of all a parent could do.. as for you all that have suffered from this camp, im so sorry for your abuse.. as to why parents would send there children around the world for hardcore help as they put it, is beyond me! I would never ever as a parent do this.. yes to finding you help for your problems, be it aggression, addiction, but to only have you near by me for visits would do.. Im just so sorry for you all. I hope that you gain the justice you so rightly deserve.


  17. Kelley McNaughton Says:

    I was at the “other” one, RLS (changed to A Better Way Youth Academy)the first month it opened in ’96 for almost a year. It was horrible and I still hold this place responsible for ruining my life. It changed me for the worse and I too would like to see justice.


  18. Brieanne Says:

    Hello, I just wrote a book on child abuse and referenced Paradise Cove. Please like my page and check out my book. Thanks, Brieanne


  19. andrew swenson Says:

    hello, i am trapped in a stupid boarding school called Ranch View Adventure Camp its obviously not as bad as this place but they are planning to send me here i dont mind but i just want to know how this place is actually change me.


  20. Byron Says:

    Was talking about this place with someone today, and decided to look it up to see if I could find that video the caught Stevie getting whooped by that Samoan. Found a couple other videos, and this site. How I hated that place, but it still sticks in my mind.


  21. UK in vein Says:

    I met a guy who was in there 96-97. He called himself Shane I dont know if it was his real name but he went by it. He did some disturbing acts and talked about this paradise cove. Reading this it makes sense. Anyone know of him? He vanished 6 yrs ago


  22. Daniel park Says:

    I can’t believe It’s been 20 years. I was there for early 96 to mid 97. I vividly remember all the things that went on there but for the life of me I can’t recall names or even faces of the guys I was there with. Maybe it’s my way of blocking out some of the pain. If any of you remember me my email is hit me up


  23. Rob Says:

    I was there in 1994-95 and I was the 27th kid to show up in paradise cove. The beach was called Lalu Manu, and what everyone is saying is true. It was the worst thing any child could ever have to go through. My heart goes out to anyone who was there and had to experience what I believe is something very similar to a prisoner of war but that’s just my opinion. Much love to all my brothers who were there.


  24. Terrie Says:

    He was talking about killing his parents when he was 15 years old. that’s why they sent him there. he already had mental issues when he arrived at PC.


  25. Chris Gates Says:

    I was there for 13 months between 1996 and 1997. I got sick with what turned out to be linear IGA which caused severe blistering of the skin over my entire body. 20 years later I still carry the scars. I’ve managed to carve out a productive life for myself since then but it is no surprise to me that so many others were unable to cope with life after the hellish experience of “Paradise Cove.”



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