WWASP’s Lies to Parents Revealed

January 26, 2014

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WWASP's Paradise Cove, Samoa - One of the most notorious and abusive behavior modification programs

WWASP’s Paradise Cove, Samoa – One of the most notorious and abusive behavior modification programs

Thanks to a friend of the page Mike Sanford, who is a Paradise Cove survivor, we here at WWASP Survivors have obtained a copy of the WWASP Paradise Cove Parent Manual from the mid-90s. This manual is basically spin made by WWASP to parents to head off the inevitable complaints of abuse and mistreatment that they knew were going to be coming from the children.

WWASP knew that if they could warn parents these complaints were coming ahead of time, they could paint these legitimate grievances as lies and manipulation. You really have to read this to believe it. The level these child abusers were capable of sinking to in order to drive a wedge between parents and children is amazing and unconscionable, and unfortunately for many survivors and their families, this wedge remains to this day.

On another note, this document contains a good biography of Brain Vaifanua. Details of his past association with WWASP have been difficult to fully nail down. More subtly, this document contains proof that Paradise Cove was indeed a WWASP program, since Brian states he “accepted the position of Director of Paradise Cove.” If he owned the program, that statement doesn’t make any sense. Instead, it’s clear from that admission that Paradise Cove was owned by someone else, at least initially, probably WWASP or the Lichfields. ┬áThis documents serves to further cement the connection between Paradise Cove, Brian Vaifanua, and WWASP, and eternally ties all three to the horrific human rights abuses of children that occurred there.
Check the whole document out for yourself.

WWASP – Paradise Cove Parent Manual

Please feel free to download and distribute freely, but also please credit us appropriately. Thanks.

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Bill Boyles is from Orlando, FL. At 14, he was forcibly escorted to WWASP’s Brightway Adolescent Hospital in St. George, UT, where he stayed briefly before being sent to another WWASP facility, Paradise Cove in Western Samoa. After spending 22 months in Paradise Cove, he was transferred to yet another WWASP program, Casa By The Sea in Ensenada, Mexico. He spent 8 more months in Casa By The Sea before graduating days before his 17th birthday. He firmly believes all WWASP programs are abusive and that they all need to be shut down.

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4 Responses to “WWASP’s Lies to Parents Revealed”

  1. Liz Ditz Says:

    Thanks to you and to Mike Sanford for sharing this. I will be sharing this in the weeks to come.


  2. Mark Says:

    While there is a lot of good information contained in this attachment, it is about half the size of the full parent manual that was given to parents who enrolled their children in Paradise Cove. The full manual also includes the contract that parents sign and the detailed provisions of that contract, many of which are both shocking and revealing. I have a copy of the original full manual and I intend to make it available.


  3. nikki Says:

    My husband was sent/kidnapped and taken to paradise cove when he was a child. He has unbelievable issues due to the abuse that he was subjected to. I noticed that your site as well as the WWASPA program site accept donations for the victims of these types of institutions. My question is- How would he go about asking for help from one of the programs or groups listed? Although he is an adult now he constantly suffers from the effects the abuse had on him. It affects every aspect of his life. In as much as he is unable to maintain employment, has the most severe night terrors I’ve ever seen, and is constantly going through a revolving door; straight into jail and/or prison. The list of issues is great but he is has a brilliant mind and a wonderful heart. If I Could help him find the funding to rent an apartment or house and/or perhaps a vehicle I believe it would help stop that door leading back to prison. He really has no one but myself. His mother died in his arms a few years after his return from Samoa. Any ideas, help, or advice is greatly appreciated.


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